An Indian legend says that the eagle lives up to 70 years. But for that to happen, around the age of 40, he will have to make a difficult decision. At this age, its claws are long and flexible, and are no longer able to grasp the prey it feeds on. Its beak, elongated and pointed, curves. The wings, aged and weighed down by very swollen feathers, point against the chest. Flying is now difficult. The eagle has only two alternatives: to let itself die, or to face a painful process of renewal, lasting 150 days. It will then fly to the top of a mountain, retire to an inaccessible nest, leaning against a rocky wall, a place from which it can return with a plane and safe flight. Having found this place, the eagle will begin to bang its beak on the wall until it detaches, bravely facing the pain of this operation. After a few weeks, a new beak will grow back. With this, he will tear one by one, regardless of pain, the old claws. When the new claws grow back, with these and with the beak, it will pluck all the feathers from its body, one by one. When the new feathers are reborn, the new eagle will launch itself safely into the flight of renewal and will begin to live again for another 30 years. “The legend of the Eagle has many connections with our life. We too, very often, in the course of our life, find ourselves having to face hard but necessary decisions that lead us to the need to make a process of rebirth. Undertaking challenges and changes is never an easy task. The transition from one state to another is rarely effortless and sometimes very painful. But without this change, we could not grow and become what we intend to be.

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