I would say to those who are dear to me
I am not with you
if I try to smile at you
it's just to delude you
there was a big party
a drug of smiles
I saw a long dance
but the meaning was not there
no one can save me
my world is not here
I dream of finding you
but I don't even know if you're there

when I find someone
i saw a ghost
every eye I kiss
it is an already empty room

I put two glasses
for when I drink with you
I keep waiting for you
and for now everything stays here
I'll tell you about my nightmares
when I fell down
and the surprise is waking up
here for a little while longer
autumn I would like to ask you
if in the end it's not really you
you who make me wither today
that you want me down here with you

when I find someone
I chased a ghost
every eye i love
it is an already dark room
when I hold something
it's a piece of paper
everything I touch
(everything I feel)
it is a fragment of glass

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Olivia
    Oct 20, 2021 @ 15:18:24

    Thank you for sharing!


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