Will they ever apologize to the conspiracy theorists?

No, of course not.

If you understand something about the cycles of history, you will also know that you shouldn't care. You don't do what you do to get thanks or be reevaluated by a herd of sheep. Nobody who has seen anything beyond their nose cares much more than who believes or does not believe his words. And anyway, even when they realize that they have been maneuvered like balls hanging on the hook, they will shout that it was the fault of the rebels.

After all, it is normal that if you don't let yourself be checked, they MUST check you, for everyone's safety.
I heard this too.

However, while they enjoy watching humanity slaughter between vax and no vax, the agenda goes on.

Always remember the magician's trick: with one hand he attracts your attention and with the other he has already deceived you. What you have in front of your eyes is the smoke that serves to cover the real maneuver.

All time.

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