I don't like Loki, I don't like Thor either. I like Captain America and Ironman. I don't like psychopaths, I dealt with a psychopath years ago and that was enough for me. Eliminated. So whoever goes after assholes and gets treated as a doormat is a masochist. And I'm not just referring to women, since there are so many "assholes" who get whipped, trampled and even sodomized. So these assholes, who play the part of the asshole, in a perfect way, keeping many desperate and in love women on the wire, in their privacy they are on their knees and are used by paying Mistresses who humiliate and torture them in a thousand ways. But these things cannot be written in the official newspapers. These things girlfriends don't have to know. They all have to think they are dealing with asshole men. But when they don't spin you it's not because they don't like you but because they want perverse erotic practices. So they go to pay professional sadistic prostitutes who do painful things to them that satisfy them. So while many of you girls sigh and dream of romantic loves, meanwhile they are there with the one who whips them and tramples them and makes them pay huge sums to have the pain that they are experiencing. So they are not assholes but just worms and should be treated as such.

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