I have something to say again, my soul has moved after a period of peace. No, love has nothing to do with it, it's the world that pisses me off. Since my dawn I have been a rebel, I also had my Punk period, then I calmed down even if deep down, the World has always made me sick, and no, I'm certainly not a leader who wants to change society, I don't give a fuck, I've always wanted to make MY LIFE better. I'm a shit selfish.
Classic rock, that of the 70s to be clear, then Blues, Jazz and Classical Music, I go to periods. Lately I often dream of zombie apocalypses, natural disasters, atomic wars and I am there, alone, in the midst of destruction with my inevitable backpack aware of the fact that I have lost everything and everyone and that I have to start from scratch: new life in a new world. In the dream I am afraid but also strongly alive, to see every fucking human value, every prejudice, every brick, every morality, the whole society decayed, makes me feel reborn, makes me feel like the first man of a new system that is not necessarily better.

But on the other hand I know myself, every now and then I feel the need to rebel against the World, I feel chained by written and unwritten laws, which I have neither wanted nor asked for, I was born in the middle and my cocks. Adaptation. I have been doing this for years, not without effort, but by now I have taken my hand, I have control and peace. But if there was ever this apocalypse at the bottom I would not mind that much, I would lose many of those around me, I would feel like shit, and I would put myself there, in a house torn apart by death found after an eternal wandering with a broke vinyl of STYLOPHONIC in my shoulder bag. 

Then in the morning I would take my stuff, I would burn those 4 bricks of shit and I would go back to wandering in search of something that makes me say "what a beautiful place the world".

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