These days I have realized that I am tired. Not just physically, I mean. I am tired of seeing people reaping fruits that they do not deserve, tired of seeing those who make others despair rejoice, tired of having to see how no one with the qualifications to do so ever wants to intervene. I am sick and tired of watching while mediocrity is rewarded, I am now disgusted by having to witness the painful spectacle of “you will see that things will work out”, I vomit when I hear that somewhere there is justice. The truth is that I have the balls full of how things are going and the absolute impossibility of changing them. I’m tired of deluding myself that something can improve when reality suggests the exact opposite. Who knows how to fool others, who knows how to take advantage of opportunities without merit, who knows how to smile at the right people and in the right moments in this world is fine. To the others, a pat on the back and the same old and sadly worn promise of a “sooner or later” that never comes.

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  1. seekingdivineperspective
    Nov 11, 2021 @ 18:46:11

    I share your frustration. There have been a few shining moments when justice was done for all the world to see – the post-war trials for “crimes against humanity,” and other instances where the guilty were punished and the innocent rescued. (Just recently there was an arrest of human traffickers and their victims set free.)
    Other instances are less known, more private. But sadly, these are few and far between, and if it weren’t for my faith I would be discouraged, too. But the God who has never let me down in my life (although I have let myself down plenty of times) has promised full justice in the end. That could scare me, because it means MY sins, MY crimes will not go unpunished, either! Then I remember that my sins have already been paid for by the Son of God Himself, when He died on the cross. My crimes are paid for in full, and I am free to live for my Redeemer. This is why I can look around without sticking my head in the sand, and still have hope.


    • Fairy Queen
      Nov 12, 2021 @ 14:30:03

      I believe that there is such a great energy that after so much darkness it must necessarily come out. I hope so and I am praying because I see that things are getting worse and I feel I am praying and I don’t know why but deep down I know that it is the right thing to do. I don’t believe in violence, I believe that our heart can change everything and love can triumph.


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