Still old friends on the horizon, where I left them. One day I will not see them again - and the bitter satisfaction of the increasing distance will be replaced by the euphoria of a world of my own that extends as far as the eye can see, where only I will be able to find warmth and shelter.
Someday I'll get to where the ghosts of those I've known would be terrified of being - that will be my home.
my grandparents' town was so small that, when the ambulance went by, my grandfather ran after her in the car to see what had happened and my grandmother waited anxiously for gossip.
I am happy, happy to see that the people I know grow up and wear ties, evening dresses. They settle their heads, get serious, give firm handshakes.

Training completed - congratulations gear!
I am happy to see that I have not yet become what the TV suggests, that I still have the instinct to escape. What I have always summarily labeled "inadequacy" of myself begins to take on more defined contours, sharp edges, timid fangs and claws to be sharpened.
Choke on your ties, I want to run, roar, live.

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