Nostradamus seems to have predicted many things that later came true. The well-known French astrologer, known throughout the world and famous for his prophecies, which for years have been analyzed and interpreted by astrologers in order to predict the contemporary future, wrote a book with predictions for many years to come, and here is what could be happen in 2022.

In the six quatrains concerning the coming year, the experts interpreted various scenarios. In the first it reads "Of blood and hunger greater calamity / Seven times ready for the marine beach / Monech of hunger, place taken, imprisonment". Therefore, wars and armed conflicts in the world will probably only increase hunger and increase migratory flows. Specifically, Nostradamus refers to the beaches, to say that seven times more migrants will arrive on the beaches of Europe than normal.
Another prophecy for 2022, announced by Nostradamus, concerns the European Union and was expressed with these words:

"The sacred temples of the early Roman style / They will reject the foundations of the Goddess".

The reference of this prophecy for 2022 is aimed at a possible fall of the European Union, which has its origin in the Treaty of Rome, ratified in 1957. Therefore, according to the astrologer's predictions, Brexit would be the event that anticipates the collapse of the EU, expected for 2022.
The quatrains of Nostradamus are imbued with religious concepts, with very positive prophecies about the future of humanity and even references to Padre Pio.
As an example we cite the Prophecy / Dedication to Padre Pio, the Saint and Prophet of the Gargano who loves the sick, indicated in C. IX Q. 62 with the anagram of "OPPI" (for transposition P. Pio) ".

There are in fact other Prophecies, unrelated to catastrophes, wars, conflicts, epidemics and mournful facts, which demonstrate Nostradamus' profound "profession of faith". In fact, the Word of God appears in one of his prophetic compositions.

The Word / Verb is what gives existence to Man, because Man lives by the word, the word is Light in every man.

In fact in C. III Q. 2

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  1. imperscrutabile
    Dec 03, 2021 @ 16:38:23

    Si alcune cose sono conseguenza altre meno, in italia esiste l’esegeta di Nostradamus Lui è il notaio delle centurie il riordinatore…si chiama Renucio Boscolo ha scritto libri già dal 1975, è arrivato in anticipo sui tre papi, sul ferimento di papa Woitila, sulla defenestrazione di Gorbaciov.
    Ha un blog, è ancora vivo ci sono video in italiano su youtube . chi cerca trova.
    Per tradurre nostradamus bisogna aver la chiave interpretativa che si chiama “cronosemantica”


    • Fairy Queen
      Dec 03, 2021 @ 18:07:48

      Grazie delle tue informazioni ma io so già chi è il Prof, l’esperto, infatti stavo scrivendo nel suo blog. Io non sono un’esperta ma solo un’intuitiva e non avevo alcuna intenzione di mettermi al suo posto ma firse son stata fraintesa. Ho visto i suoi lavori e anche i video. È un personaggio noto, ok, lo so benissimo.
      Però se mi permetti io credo che non esista solo una chiave per svelare dei segreti e a volte si può arrivare a certe cose anche in altro modo. Non esiste un’unica strada per arrivare alla verità. Io sono arrivata al suo blog per caso e non stavo cercando niente che riguardasse Nostradamus. Se il suo blog è pubblico allora vuol dire che può commentare chiunque. Se poi è solo per un’elite di persone va bene, rispetto questa cosa. Lui stesso mi ha invitato, in un suo commento, ad andare a leggere gli altri post, e io l’ho fatto e ho commentato. Tu sei suo portavoce?


  2. abvr
    Dec 03, 2021 @ 17:55:03

    🕊There are in fact other Prophecies, unrelated to catastrophes, wars, conflicts, epidemics and mournful facts, which demonstrate Nostradamus’ profound “profession of faith”.🕊

    I’d love to hear more about these prophecies.

    So 2022 is the fall of the EU. Shall keep my ears open


    • Fairy Queen
      Dec 03, 2021 @ 18:20:42

      Thanks for reading about this great wise man. I will talk about his prophecies again in the next few days. I believe that the gift of “prophesying” is a precious gift. I also believe that it is very important to reflect on certain situations and learn to choose the right path for our future.


      • abvr
        Dec 03, 2021 @ 18:39:24

        Yes, i entered carefully into your space because of the title.
        Would be fascinating to get to know his more inspiring prophecies.
        It sure is. Although prophesying has become a weapon of abuse and also to inculcate fear. We have a classic situation in my country at the moment, an ongoing one since over a decade now. There are people standing behind this ‘prophesy’ to ensure its fulfillment.
        Therefore learning the right path is my main interest.
        Thank you for your response i look forward to your next word on this matter.

      • abvr
        Dec 03, 2021 @ 18:39:56

        Such a pity i cant follow the conversation in Italian here.

      • Fairy Queen
        Dec 04, 2021 @ 11:11:43

        The conversation is all in english. Only the subtitles are in italian. Try to listen to it. 😉

      • abvr
        Dec 04, 2021 @ 11:58:28

        Oh sorry i never made myself clearer. I was referring to the conversation between you and imperscrutabile.

        I will view the video when we have a stronger intetnet connection. Currently it is crawling. Could be due to the heavy rains. I’m not complaining at least we have electricity.
        Happy Saturday to you.

      • Fairy Queen
        Dec 05, 2021 @ 11:39:54

        Oh, don’t worry, take your time 😉😁

      • abvr
        Dec 05, 2021 @ 11:49:21

        ☺, I can’t otherwise, it is a terribly slow internet day.

      • Fairy Queen
        Dec 04, 2021 @ 11:12:57

        I choose an english language video to let all people here understand it. 😄

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