Our mind, in dreamlike freedom, is able to process the facts and give them a consequentiality that sometimes even reaches precognition. Unfortunately, these dreams are not always remembered and when it also happens they are often confused due to the symbolism with which they are expressed. Furthermore, they must be interpreted with all the necessary prudence not to confuse our fears or our hopes as a paranormal or precognitive fact. In fact we know that in the dream our unconscious emerges which, through its symbolic language, highlights our intimate nature: the ones we really are with all our fears and our repressed desires. So it is a dialogue in us and for us. This does not mean that even more profound aspects of our nature may emerge, albeit rarely; thus a wider world of perceptions and intuitions could show itself to our awareness. It is an opening of the soul with all its sensitivity no longer conditioned by the censorship of the ego, and free to range as far as its potential allows it. Thus one can have visions of extraordinary worlds, transcendental sensations and even insights into the future. Psychoanalysis calls them “big dreams”, and parapsychology studies them in various ways. The limit and the ways remain a mystery. I believe that they are part of our ability to finally free ourselves from those heavier superstructures of our behavioral conditioning and show the noblest part of our self.
During your sleep, your unconscious has expanded the possibility of investigating and representing (often symbolically) the logical consequences that are marked by the determinism of your thought and your actions, even those that could refer to one or more previous lives. The premonitory dreams have the characteristic of bringing out what is deposited in the deep nature of your soul (psyche), which has matured the sensitivity to grasp it and show it in that particular state of consciousness that is precisely, the dream. In dreams there are symbolisms that can be identified as “signs”. It is not said that they are premonitory or simply fears or aspirations that acquire that kind of symbolism in dreams.
I’m an emotional, sensitive, a fan of Star Trek and Science, including quantum theories, the Higgs boson and everything in between. But sometimes I wake up after a bad dream with the feeling that something very specific will happen. Because that very precise fact presented itself in the dream as a premonition. And it’s feeling is more real than reality. In fact, it’s not even a sensation. It is an awareness. It is an unshakable certainty. That thing will happen in the exact ways that I have seen in my mind and nothing can prevent it, not even the proponents of Galilean empiricism. I know it may seem strange to you, that all of this contrasts with what they have taught you. And in fact you are right because I get dressed, I leave the house and something bad happens on time.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ashley
    Dec 05, 2021 @ 13:27:36

    This is a complicated matter 🤔🌹🙋‍♂️


  2. dumbestblogger
    Dec 05, 2021 @ 15:36:59

    Interesting. It seems plausible.


  3. jminx94
    Dec 05, 2021 @ 17:52:13

    Wonderful read. man i wish i remembered more of my dreams too


  4. JanBeek
    Dec 06, 2021 @ 00:41:44

    Dreams sometimes are precognitions, yes. But other times they are just plain weird. I think I’m glad I don’t remember them all!!


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