Kira is the name by which the killer who kills criminals is recognized all over the world in the famous anime: DEATH NOTE . It corresponds to the Japanese transliteration of the English word "killer" (murderer). Behind this identity hides Light Yagami, a Japanese model student, who dreams of creating a world without wars, inhabited only by good people. Recognized as a criminal at first, and wanted by police around the world, Kira will later gain the support of many people and many states will recognize Kira's work and support him. Besides Light Yagami, other people also kill criminals, always by order of Light: Misa Amane, who after being mistaken for the original, is recognized as according to Kira, and Teru Mikami, who acts on behalf of Light, and whose operated is recognized as that of the original Kira.
The story of Light Yagami in Death Note began with obtaining the notebook of death, a lethal weapon given to the human world by the shinigami Ryuk. The dark creature was only meant to have fun, and luckily for him, the human who got the notebook managed to live up to the expectations. Unfortunately for him, Light Yagami's life ended in a tragic way. What was your biggest mistake that could have completely changed your path in Death Note? Probably, the moment that established his path was inserted at the very beginning of the manga. After collecting the Death Note, he decided to face the mysterious detective L by taking his bait on live television. If Light Yagami had decided to ignore the detective's provocations by continuing on his way, ignoring FBI and cops or Interpol, he would never have been traceable and could have continued his work without too many worries.
His desire to face L and to get involved against this invisible opponent, however, made him derailed from the original plan, even if all this was the fulcrum of the story of Death Note, based precisely on the psychological and strategic clashes between Kira and the detective.
Watching a documentary on Nazi Germany I could not help but notice, if you will, a certain analogy with Death Note's "kingdom of Kira". I therefore arrived, following a series of considerations and the conclusion that this soul subtly wants to admonish dictatorships, idealisms and excessive utopias. And, above all, about how a sudden and unlimited power can divert the human mind, irreversibly, to the point of losing sight of all morals, or creating one's own, completely distorted by madness.
Kira becomes more and more ruthless and self-confident as her power increases, at first she is little more than a little boy having fun with something like a diabolical toy. At the end of the anime, he is just a deviant madman and ends up in the same way as his "corresponding" real dictators. But Kira also loved power, concentrated in her hands. Only in his. He acts alone, aiming to realize the dream he had been unconsciously harboring for a long time, trusting in his own intelligence and abilities as a strategist, something that, as far as possible, Hitler and Mussolini also did, seizing on the fly an opportunity provided to them. to come to power and carry out their plans and forging purely strategic alliances to harness the capabilities of their new allies. Which Light did for example with Misa for the power of the Shinigami's eyes, heedless of her sincere love for him.

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