If a virus mutates, as many have explained in several interviews, how soon do you think an effective vaccine can be made for a mutated form of the virus? The mutation of a virus is faster than any drug invented, which is why these "vaccines" are not effective. Also because they are not vaccines but test drugs. In addition, there are many cases of infections at school and all teachers are now vaccinated, including school staff, and therefore who do we blame, those in the canteen? Soon there will be another lockdown, for Christmas, and the fault lies with the unvaccinated (including so many sick people who cannot get the vaccine, let's not forget these people too) who go around partying? It seems to me that the parties have so far been vaccinated and infected with each other (the vaccinated go to pubs, cinemas, theaters, indoors. I know many of them and after celebrating now they are all in hospital. vaccinated people are in the square, outdoors, wearing a mask. So let's stop waging war on others and let's make war on a government that has failed, because it is continuing to use a method that still fails. Vaccines are not needed. , Draghi's policy has failed and who are you picking on? Exactly, where is the common sense? A little respect for people would not hurt.
Respect is shown without judging others on the basis of one's own ideas, nor is one reproached for anything. Respect means showing that we accept the individualities of others, accepting them for what they are and not as we would like them to be or behave. But freedom of expression is a very different concept from the vague "respect for the opinions of others". Freedom of expression means that you are free to criticize the ideas of others very harshly. For this reason, in countries like the United States, which are founded on a principle of freedom, it is very difficult to accuse someone of defamation. The very idea of ​​the 'crime of defamation' is questionable from a libertarian point of view. And here I am talking about defamation, not criticism of ideas.

Every day we are in the presence of episodes of bad education, from the motorist who totally ignores the presence of pedestrians who try in vain to cross the road, the gentleman who walks the dog avoiding to collect his needs, who shouts into his cell phone thinking that the whole world should be interested in their own affairs, those who throw papers and litter out of the window, those who park on the strips or on the sidewalk preventing pedestrians from passing, those who walk on the sidewalk among the comings and goings of the crowd come at you and don't even apologize because evidently he thinks that the space is his only, or worse, those who do not allow the older ones to pass by forcing them to stop in a corner… the list could be very long.

Good education is something internal, a grammar, transmitted by the family and unlimited, you never stop learning.

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  1. Superduque
    Dec 20, 2021 @ 16:24:53

    Lies from paid stupids


  2. giacomoasinello
    Dec 21, 2021 @ 11:55:57

    I would not say that the Draghi government is failing. I believe it is achieving exactly what it set out to do. That is the problem.


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