How many times have you heard of a husband or boyfriend who sacrificed his career for his partner? How many times have you heard that a man copied his wife’s stories or poems at night? How many men do you know who have helped a woman to make a career, to get to the top, to become someone? Tell me one name of a man! Who are these men who gave up their lives to make her take flight? Could she make it to the finish line? please give me some names. Because there are thousands and millions of women who have done this, but no one comes to mind. Indeed, men are usually the ones who hate that women can go ahead and do something for themselves. Men want them and their family and children and the house and the kitchen to be first and then more. Who are these men who said to their partners: “Leave everything alone and go, I’ll take care of it here”? Have you read it in what blog? Let me know. Women have always sacrificed themselves in everything for men, in the name of love, and they should kill this love, since in the end they do not get anywhere and often remain fooled by that feeling It is said that behind a great man there is a great woman. But behind a great woman there is no one because no man ever renounces himself, neither for love nor for anything else. And tell me some names that prove the opposite!

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  1. Giannis Pit
    Jan 08, 2022 @ 16:05:47

    Dear Fairy Queen,
    My respect for women is my firm view. But this issue is not solved by statistics or measurements. Without questioning in the slightest the practice of the woman you mention, I think you are a little unfair to the man.
    My best regards to you.


  2. Giannis Pit
    Jan 10, 2022 @ 11:16:26

    Dear Fairy Queen,the history of mankind is not written by surnames and big names. The history of man is written by the ordinary everyday man. Our neighbor, our friend. So do not ask me to give you such names. And if I had I would not do it.
    I do not like leveling people’s behaviors. Leads to the acceptance of stereotypes. Every man and every woman is a different personality. The point is to give quality to quantity. To raise the right attitudes of life. If we start zeroing in on everything then we are out of touch with reality.
    Sorry for the big comment, have a good week.


  3. Fairy Queen
    Jan 10, 2022 @ 19:59:23

    In Italy we have never had a female President of the Republic. There is no female president in the United States either. In many powerful nations, there are no female presidents. Yes, ok, many ordinary people in the private sector contribute to the historical construction of a country but I believe that even having the possibility of being able to reach certain positions of power can show that women have equality but there is a group of traditionalist men. in politics, science and economics, which do not allow a woman to reach certain levels. Even in universities, especially in certain faculties, they often boycott women to keep them from reaching certain careers. I personally have had negative experiences in the professional and personal fields and I am sorry but many women are still hindered and until I see a female President of the Republic and until I see justice for all women harassed at work and raped by husbands then I will talk about this . All together we build a future but there are many men who hate women and show this hatred on many sites, chats and forums. You know it’s not nice to read certain things and it’s not nice to experience them on your own skin. Somehow a man is always afraid that a woman will succeed, or that she will make a career, or that she might have power. I’m not talking about all men but a part of men who talk about certain things on social networks, secretly and even publicly or who subtly try to sabotage the jobs that women do. I am very sad about these things and I hope that men like you can understand that it is right that a woman should have the same chances as a man.


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