A blink of dust, my grandfather was shooting because he had to defend a homeland.

I have not been in battle but I have fought many wars.
Black crosses on the heart and mud on the hands.

My grandfather was in the trenches, risking his life to defend our nation from the Nazis.

I did not know that there were men exterminating children.

Last beats for wars that have begun and never ended. Flowers on the graves of friends and girlfriends, stars fallen in the desert sunlight.

Rivers that fill the houses with tears, honors without choice, a deserted pit.
Children who scream and have no guilt.

War kills whoever decides it but whoever makes it is still dying.

( To all the dead sons, to all the dead fathers, to all the dead daughters and the dead mothers. To all the people who died from causes decided by other people. R.I.P) 

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  1. Giannis Pit
    Jan 13, 2022 @ 11:32:09

    I leave my full respect to this post of yours. The land of my homeland, Greece, is full of those killed by the Nazis and their collaborators. War is always a disaster. Eternal memory to those who were lost.
    Have a nice day Fairy Queen.


  2. LAMarcom
    Jan 13, 2022 @ 14:07:03

    Not sure I concur, but
    but I do respect your opinion

    (And u know I a U.S. Navy Veteran
    I served my country.
    Proud of it
    Was honoured to serve


    • Fairy Queen
      Jan 17, 2022 @ 14:41:47

      I am very sad for all the mothers who have lost their children in these wars decided by other people. In many cases these very young children do not know what they are facing and then remain traumatized. I am sad for all the mothers in the world who mourn children who died in wars. Wars are never a good thing. 😞


  3. LAMarcom
    Jan 13, 2022 @ 14:10:16

    P.S. I never shot no one
    Even tho that was my main job
    As a gunner’s mate
    To protect my ship


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