The world we live in is a truly wonderful place. It has a lot of positives and negatives, of course, and that's exactly what makes it beautiful.
Human life is an eternal adventure.
Although we may encounter difficulties and obstacles, even disasters and great failures, there are still many things to love, admire and enjoy. People are fragile and bearable beings at the same time.
Each person has their own story and character which is intriguing and interesting.
Many people believe that we are alone in this universe, while others suggest that there are other fascinating life forms, yet to be discovered.
In modern times, there are many theories about aliens and the like, but we most forget about spiritual forces that help this world turn. Religious people believe in God, while spiritualists have a more flexible idea of ​​that heavenly force. However, the result of their belief is similar.
Some people believe that we are guided and protected by the guardians from the skies above.
These strange intangible beings are called guardian angels.
Angels are pure and untainted by earthly sin; these forces of divine light are unable to think badly or produce bad things.
They are completely selfless and available to humanity. Guardian angels observe us from above and send their support in times of need.
You could always ask your heavenly guardians for help and they will listen. Even if you don't pray to heaven, these amazing spirits can still feel your need. Angels exist only to help humanity.
Each person has their own guardian angels who take care of them. When we feel sad, depressed and lost in this world, even in the face of great obstacles, challenges and situations that are difficult to deal with, our heavenly guardians jump in to help us.

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  1. Giannis Pit
    Jan 23, 2022 @ 12:01:09

    So let’s wish for the presence of all these sweet creatures in our lives.Have a nice day.


  2. Wisdomintheclouds
    Jan 23, 2022 @ 15:17:27

    Great subject.


  3. ecohorizons
    Jan 23, 2022 @ 16:16:10

    God may seem far
    Shining like a star ,
    God is so near ,
    In the very now here …
    For all do dear ,
    Guidance can be clear ,
    Blessings come to appear


    • Fairy Queen
      Jan 25, 2022 @ 17:01:44



      • mosckerr
        Feb 28, 2022 @ 13:31:21

        Leo Trepp a German-born American rabbi, the last surviving rabbi who had led a congregation in Nazi Germany during the early days of The Holocaust. [Shavelson, Lonny. “Nazi Germany’s Last Surviving Rabbi Marks Passover Seder: Leo Trepp sees modern message of freedom in ritual]” Trepp spent 20 years teaching Jewish religion, Jewish mysticism and Talmud to students at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz.

        Guardian angel – 1864 – hymnsandchants.com https://www.hymnsandchants.com/Texts/Fiat/Saints/1002GuardianAngel.pdf

        [[[“””The belief that angels can be guides and intercessors for men can be found in Job 33:23-6, and in the Daniel 10:13 angels seem to be assigned to certain countries. In this latter case, the “prince of the Persian kingdom” contends with Gabriel. The same verse mentions “Michael, one of the chief princes”….”””]]]

        The latter Holy Writings bases itself upon HaShem, who issued a command to Moshe the prophet, by the command of HaShem – that the “angel” Moshe travel to Egypt and Par’o to free Israel from bondage. Another early Prophetic source, the Book of Yehoshua, at the oath sworn brit cut @ Gilgal, conducted in the presence of an “Angel”; the oath sworn unto the revealed Name – the first Sinai commandment – that רוח הקודש tohor middot would for ever live within the hearts of the People, who just sanctified tohor middot dedicated through the mitzvah of brit melah unto HaShem. Specifically that HaShem war against the Gods\Guardian Angels/ worshiped by the kingdoms of Canaan; just as did HaShem war, through the plagues, which judged the Gods\Guardian Angels/ worshiped by Egypt and Par’o.

        The fathers of the early Church chose to divorce the Xtian faith from Judaism. Throughout this period and beyond, the Church condemned Jews as cursed Christ Killers. What Guardian Angel did Lord JeZeus assign to fallen Israel – other than Satan himself?

        [[[“””Thomas Aquinas agreed with Honorius and believed that it was the lowest order of angels who served as guardians, and his view was most successful in popular thought, but Duns Scotus said that any angel is bound by duty, authority and obedience to the Divine Authority to accept the mission to which that angel is assigned. In the 15th century, the Feast of the Guardian Angels was added to the official calendar of Catholic holidays.”””]]]

        Known as the paschal mystery, this theology argues that JeZeus saves the church from the “fires of hell”. This bi-polar faith very much compares to Zoroastrianism. It seems to me that the משל of Angels, requires its necessary נמשל דיוק. The inference drawn, HaShem affixes a destiny path walk unto the people of the Cohen nation by means of Angelic ambassadors. Something like Yaacov sending “Angels” unto his brother Esua. (דברים לב:ח) seems to support this premise.

        Mohammad based the revelation of the Koran upon the interaction of a ‘Guardian Angel’. Xtian mysticism too tells of mystics who conducted protracted dialogues with their respective guardian angle(s). Alas, reliance upon ‘guardian angels’, just an excuse for sloppy scholarship. The scholarship of the assimilated kabbalist Yosef Karo, it stands at the top of this list. The sages permanently sealed the T’NaCH\Talmud/Siddur to prevent this ‘appeal to some unknown higher authority’ – narisheit. The sealed Masoret in Bava Metzia 59א-ב, includes an Aggadic mussar story, known as the Oven of Akhnai. According to the Talmud, a heavenly voice, a tree, a nearby stream, and the walls of the house of study all agreed with Eliezer’s interpretation. The sages responded by placing the ban of charem upon Eliezer ben Hurcanus, one of the great instructors of Rabbi Akiva.

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  5. c.a.
    Feb 03, 2022 @ 13:49:34

    “However, the result of their belief is similar.” How absurd. Spoken like so many who do not know the Scriptures nor the power of YHWH.
    And why ask angels when you can go to the Top, The God Who Is?


    • Fairy Queen
      Feb 05, 2022 @ 12:08:18

      I know the Scriptures, Old and Old Testament, Apocryphal Gospels, Thorah, Kabbalah, and many other texts, Veda, Unpanishad, Koran, etc … If you look at the religious peoples what do you see? Do you see peaceful nations and happy people? No. Throughout the centuries of history, human beings, both religious and non-religious, have shown themselves to be selfish, violent and greedy. This composition that you have read is poetic. What can be defined as an “angel” for you is something quite different. It is not a religious composition, I do not follow any religion, I only believe in the luminous energy within us. I have met so many people of different religions and none of them ever told me that their nation was full of happy people. All their “Gods” or “Gods” allowed poverty, suffering and violence. Therefore the observation that having a divine entity present in a certain religious group does not result in the peace and happiness of these peoples. I write poems that may be spiritual but they are not religious, I have specified it more than once. I am Italian and I grew up in a Catholic family but I don’t follow any religion. I have respect for all people, religious and non-religious, and I believe in peace and non-violence. But I believe that the human being is not capable of having it because his nature is often violent and selfish.


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  7. SIBYL C.Anne
    May 31, 2022 @ 14:47:52

    Nothing in this world is without substance and that includes a person’s identity.

    Only the self-righteous are without armor.

    Only honesty gets good people a bad name dear SPIRITUALITY.


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