If you are a woman you know it very well. How many women are raped every day? Lots of them. How many women are killed? Lots of them. Who does this? The men. How many men attack and offend women on social media? Too many. How much violence exists in groups of men who make fun of women? Too much. So why do men behave so badly and then wish women were willing to go out with them? What sees a woman around are violent, bullying, angry, aggressive, dangerous men. So why should a woman choose to risk her life with one of these dangerous subjects for her?
Love brings a lot of violence and in fact many women are killed by jealous men, angry boyfriends, betrayed husbands. So if a woman thinks of a man she imagines him sweet, caring, affectionate, kind, good. But then maybe he knows someone and what does he perceive from them? Anger, hatred, resentment, revenge, violence. So why on earth would he put his life on the line? Especially if a woman has children she does not want to bring home a probable offender or an alcoholic. So many women now don't want to go out with men anymore because they fear the worst and are afraid.

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  1. Ashley
    Jan 24, 2022 @ 13:18:02

    Agree with you and I’m a man! The world seems to have become worse in this respect. For all humanity’s progress, the tensions between genders appear to be worse than ever.


    • Fairy Queen
      Jan 25, 2022 @ 16:46:13

      I have known many men who claimed to love women and then secretly attacked them. Psychological violence is also a lot and often women are unable to get out of toxic relationships because since childhood they are used to being treated badly. For example, if a woman was abused as a child then as an adult she will find it difficult to fight against violence against her because she often believes she deserves those punishments. I have lived through this situation and it is an experience that destroys the inner world.


  2. Giannis Pit
    Jan 24, 2022 @ 18:32:11

    Yes indeed! Everything you mention is true and tragic. But it is the one side. The face of a social system that deifies exactly this model man. But there are also men who fight alongside women against capitalism as it, exclusively, cultivates this abomination and deifies it.
    Have a good night dear friend.


    • Fairy Queen
      Jan 25, 2022 @ 16:40:16

      Yes, there are also men who collaborate with women to fight this capitalist system. This capitalist system continues to show men full of power and women sex objects. Unfortunately, many accept this and this is making relationships impossible. Women are very afraid and do not want to risk anymore because there are too many victims of violence and men are not even punished in the right way.


      • Giannis Pit
        Jan 25, 2022 @ 16:42:43

        I, undersign, all of your above words Fairy Queen! You are absolutely right! I I strongly hate this kind of men. Have a good night dear friend.

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