There are different types of pains and injuries. And each has its own treatment … I can only clean up, disinfect and suture a wound .. But the price and the memory of how we fell or who caused it will always remain. Then I will certainly kiss every night, marks points now almost invisible but well aware of being there …. I am a small medal of valor .. “Love, everything is fine .. Silently ..” On my side, too, I have a heart torn without anesthesia … And it took time … even just to get back to breathing … or worse, just being alive … When I practically died in the same day and instant. . Like having broken ribs .. Out of breath and constant sharp pain .. And worse you put on a face mask when your whole being is constantly crying out in pain .. Consequently, my heart too must be handled with extreme care … But everything heals … Friend some time ago rest .. With that absolutely does not make you forget .. there is no cure for this .. Neither Fall nor burning nor abyss despair .. One day then comes a sound … imperceptible … That distracts us .. And there really goes a special person .. With 3000 Shades .. And All the Colors of the Aurora Borealis .. That you not only accept us with all our war wounds but that at the same time only by resting your head on Heart at night, You graze the Peace of the Soul .. Here .. They are different traumas but unfortunately the treatment remains the same .. And if you are lucky enough to find someone who not only made our heart beat again but at the same time is its constant balm .. And well .. It’s called cowardice and stupidity to keep away .. When we would not only be the One the constant balm of the Other but in addition with all the heartbeats from accelerated to normal of the case .. It’s called Vita .. Breathe deeply my love .. The falling snow is so beautiful .. And I Am Beside You …

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