My mother told me that I filled the house with stones, shells, feathers, dead insects found around, dried lizards, beetles, … I could be a naturalist but I didn’t like it. I found those things and thought them beautiful and put them in boxes and our salon looked like a museum. My mother prefers knick-knacks and porcelain objects. She wanted me to paint pictures for the living room and she wanted them dark. It was always an argument with her because she didn’t like what I did. She wanted “still lifes” but I painted living things. Then I put the rolled up painted fabrics, sometimes I threw them away, when he criticized me and made me angry. I threw a lot of things that I kept in my room. I then took some of them to my house afterwards. But then I burned it all because they were bad memories of anger experienced because of him. When I was sick I painted. It wasn’t therapeutic. After that I felt drained and weak. My energy was all gone into the painted canvas.

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  1. seekingdivineperspective
    Feb 03, 2022 @ 15:34:11

    Life is too short to spend trying to please people who don’t like you, especially when there are plenty of people who do like you and that you can bless while being yourself. Sometimes you can bless them by letting them know THEY bless YOU, that they’re important, because they’re there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to laugh at your silly jokes.
    Your Creator made you the way you are for a reason, so if something about you isn’t sin, don’t try to change it, just see how it can be a positive force in the world.
    My granddaughter is into a series (sci-fi?) about a world where everyone is born with a unique superpower. In this series the official name for these superpowers is “quirks.” ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘


    • Fairy Queen
      Feb 06, 2022 @ 14:30:41

      I believe that each of us has a superpower, the superpower to do good but we often imagine other superpowers that give strength, speed and power in combat. The film industry has greatly influenced young people by making them believe that those powers are better. Unfortunately, young people now follow Marvel more than Good. They have been manipulated by the cinema and have forgotten all that is the true Good.


  2. Giannis Pit
    Feb 03, 2022 @ 16:37:34

    I like all these beautiful items Fairy Queen. One by one. And,also i prefer to collect them for several purposes.


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