Tonight while grounding I felt the chthonic and dark side of the earth again. During the meditation, deepening its meaning, contemplating it, this once again proposed / answered me with chthonic images. This time I tried not to shy away from them. Suddenly I find myself in a swampy, muddy clearing at night. I have my arms outstretched to show my palms to that dark ground, almost to touch it, kneeling. When that mud comes alive, it takes the form of many hands that cling to me: I was dragged down. I tried to free myself, with the light, from that darkness, pushing from the arms and with the mouth (not making sounds). The threat appears to have vanished. I find myself, however, as “partially rooted to the ground! As in part sunk, as if buried (this sensation was however perceived as stronger on the back. Meanwhile there is nothing around me, I am thoughtless: finding a very brief moment of stillness, I am able to let go of fear. I let myself go, almost amused by the thought of finding myself so planted, similar to what would happen to a carrot. I let myself go to that sensation, I let the whole earth swallow me up and perhaps invoking sacred geometries I become from a “carrot” to a wedge, which as big as the mantle hits the core of the planet, as the firing pin does with the bullet. What follows is … Peace of being bathed in light and beams of dense plasma, like being in the center of a SUPERnova.

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  1. Ray Van Horn, Jr.
    Feb 09, 2022 @ 14:53:03

    Quite a grounding and visualization session. Blessed be…


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