When they tell you that you are bloody cold, distant, suspicious, bitch .. when they tell you that you never fall in love, that you don't give what you get, that you never trust anyone .. When they tell you that around you you have created a barrier and do not let anyone get near you .. Do not get angry, they can't know. They can't know that you created that barrier with the bricks they threw at you. They don't know how long you had to go through before being who you are. They don't know how much love you gave before you didn't have any more. They don't know how many times you've always fallen in love with the same person, and how many times you've said to yourself "this is the right time" and instead each time it was always the same story. They do not know that you loved that person so much that you compensated "his non-love" for your "too much love". They do not know that that "too much love" has often given others a way to trample you, put you in the background, take advantage of your good faith. They don't know that love was your destruction. They don't know you had the damn habit of putting heart and soul into everything you did. They don't know that you have given your loving heart into the wrong hands. They don't know that every person you let into your life for an excuse or another has found a way to leave, and every time they left they carried a piece of your heart. . They don't know how long it took you to collect each piece of that heart and try to put it together. Piece by piece, step by step .. And if I could show it, it would be exactly like that. Wounded, bruised, destroyed, broken, attached by a thread to keep him together .. Yet looking at him, despite everything he has not stopped beating. Do not apologize, do not be ashamed if you are no longer the person you were, if now you have more scars than ever, if now before trusting it takes a long time, if you no longer give that love, if you are suspicious and many times even a bitch .. scolding yourself for all this you have only learned to protect that heart that too many times you have allowed to hurt.


No puedo ver la luz

dónde está mi cabeza

no a la vista

simple y desnudo. 

Todo mi mayo

mayo primavera

que los perdidos. 

Algunos dicen que el gobierno se lo comió. 

Como un niño traicionado. 

Algunos dicen que es tu culpa

Como un cielo sin viento. 

Que un niño ha perdido su cometa

socavar la vida. 

Vuela cerca del máximo

Al subir su precio

Solo por sus vidas de mentiras

un dia come

Alguien agarre esas aletas

Detrás de la nuca

Dar mi vida brillante a través de la brecha

Por el mapa de la justicia. 

He estado sangrando todo el día,

mi pecho estaba inyectado en sangre,

mi cara no sonreía.

No sé si mi alma estaba ahí pero me la sacaron

y me dejaron solo a la vera del camino,

detrás de paredes oscuras.

Como un esclavo de la vida

que elevó su alma por ellos.

 Resulta que no tenía nada, ni siquiera un alma.

Pero encontré a Dios en mis plumas rojas como la sangre.



Día perfecto
tus ojos y el universo
Sigo siendo bella y triste.
¿Dónde estás?
me estas diciendo?
Soy tu alter ego.
¡Ven aquí!
Te necesito.
Necesito estar cerca de ti.
Necesito tus ojos, tus manos... que me tomen con dulzura y fuerza.
Se rompen.
Tus manos me elevan al cielo y yo también, quiero volar.
Luego me acaricias, me besas, me miras a los ojos... me abrazas.
Y por eso yo también quiero volar.
Contigo el sueño es una fiesta llena de muertos.
El pasado de esta casa baila en mis sueños.
Volando más y más alto, tocando el universo dentro de nosotros con un dedo.
Ahora sé volar..
Tú me enseñaste eso.


It's a cold day inside of me today, I realized when I woke up, and the first thing I did was pull back the curtains and admire that beautiful sun.

He tried to warm me with his powerful rays but failed.

Today is one of those days where I think everything I do is in vain.

I've spent the last few years working on myself. To protect me from everyone.

And if I had opened that window some time ago, that sun would have warmed my heart, I would have noticed the lady who lives right in front of me, I would have noticed every detail. Like her blonde hair always in warp even after she just woke up. The way she observed passers-by but suddenly turned behind her and went away, I would have seen her go away to enter the kitchen, to help her husband who was asking for "help" for a failure in the TV remote control.

And I would have smiled.

I would have noticed the bits of dust floating in those bright bands of sun.

But I didn't see any of that this morning.

All I saw was my empty bed, worn out by a devastating night.

The pillow wet from the dramas, the sheets impregnated with mistakes, the book reread a hundred times on the bedside table full of burnt hopes.

I close my eyes for a moment and I see him, I see someone on my bed asking me to lie down with him, who between one caress and the next, every drama goes into paranoia and leaves the room. That between a kiss and a look, given this way, almost without thinking about it, I see a rose blossom on that bedside table, making that cigarette that stinks of regrets and wasted efforts disappear.

But then I open them again, look down and see only those tattoos on my arms that are there to never make me forget that certain battles are too difficult to win.

And I also smile, yes, because sometimes I really believe in the bullshit I say to myself to cheer myself up, that after three minutes, it has the same effectiveness as a television teleshopping, one of those with low budget.

That you see them, and you think “do they really think they make me believe that those knives are capable of cutting even a diamond?”.

And you believe it, you fake it.

Finally, I make my bed, change the sheets, arrange the books under the bed.

I dress.

And I wear it. In all its beauty.

With all its sweetness.

I wear a smile, and even for today, the outfit has been decided.

Embellished with uncertainties and mistakes, persistent paranoia and perennial anxiety that I carry with me as if it were my favorite necklace.


How people change when faced with the truth. To a smile that nails them. To a silence that strips them of their falseness. Their. Those of the nights spent chatting. The ones you trusted. You have lost faith in so many people. and because of your eternal trust, you have lost important days. A few smiles went out. Some dreams have been lost. You have even come to lose yourself. Don’t worry, it happens. First we learn to select who deserves to be close to us and the sooner we learn to love each other. You have lost faith in so many people. And today you know that too many know how to make promises. But few are able to keep them. There are those who stay close to you when the forces are at zero. When you have nothing left to offer. There. Who stays close to you in those moments. It is a safe haven for dark days. You have lost faith in so many people. You who have always loved people who feel empty after a hug. Who have nothing more to say. Because that’s where they recognize each other. Because it is when the silence begins that they begin to speak. And for this I tell you learn to observe who is in front of you, keep at bay those who insist too much in looking for you and be wary of those who need your hello to greet you. You have lost faith in so many people and now it will take a while to get back to who you were to accept the truth. That sincerity does not reward. To be able to rely less on others and more on you.


You understand that you have reached the limit when you start to change, you start to bring out everything that you have been holding back for years, you bring it out with all the anger in your body and then you feel the peace … the stillness, the world is silent, you feel free, that feeling of enormous weight that you have finally taken off. Only the power and warmth of your grasp could be able to calm the desperate scream that I hear rising from within. I hope You will understand this as soon as Your eyes rest on Mine.


You have defined yourself as a coward, a liar, a waste not of society but of your own will; consenting prisoner of a transcendent, liquid, euphoric sleep that you have sarcastically called Ophelia.

Me: Why Ofelia?

You: For the innocence! because it originally comes from a flower! The flowers are innocent, then the man with the processes of manipulation makes them hallucinatory, crazy death! .. (laughs) ... and I with him calling him insane!

In the silence I look at him, his fragile body a withered petal so dry that I can see the pulse of his blood in his veins.

He looks at me, asks me to hug him and always smiling he says: You know, my lame Alice I'm still here because inside me there is a sadistic tyrant, schizophrenic omnipotent over him I have no fucking control, tenacious as an ivy in his cling to life! And that's what I feel in you now! for how many bites I have given him, often desired in each of his beats, I feel a unique creed that only now, lucidly, I understand.

I hold him tight to me! because I want to feel that heart that brought him back to life.

Returning to a lame Alice her Mad Hatter.


When I asked you to unite to unite our energy and shed the light of the heart, you did not listen to me.
I had made an appeal, it was necessary to do something very specific, but I explain many things and no one follows the speech.
Our souls are divided by the sea, by the mountains, by km of lives.
But we must unite them in a circle of light to avoid the worst.
I told you that if we didn't do that something bad would happen and it did.
I had made an appeal to all the shamans but no one answered.
Now here we are with the war that started a month ago.
I have explained to you that energy must be united in the same timeline to reach its destination, like an arrow pointing towards Good.
But you don't understand, you don't listen and I am alone doing all this and I see a void of people who do not participate.
I had made an appeal to help me stop this evil but I cannot make myself heard from you.
All my strength will wane if you do not help me to invoke the good.
There is a definite way, and the shamans know it, and I need you, because they are preparing the worst.
The dance for human life. The dance to save human life.
We have to dance together and connect, it is vital, we have to do it or this planet will go ash under the bombs.
Please listen to me.
We must participate all of us who emanate light, all of us who ride the sea of ​​the mind, please connect with me, through the shamanic dance, please run this post. It takes a lot of energy, and I'm losing all strength because I always do it alone. If you know someone who knows how to cross the seas, the distances, please tell him that we must make the circle of fire to prevent another death from falling on mankind. This is yet another appeal. No matter what language you speak, translate it into your native language and send it to everyone. Please do it now or it will be too late.


Cuando les pedí unirnos para unir nuestra energía y derramar la luz del corazón, no me escucharon.
Había hecho un llamamiento, había que hacer algo muy concreto, pero explico muchas cosas y nadie sigue el discurso.
Nuestras almas están divididas por el mar, por las montañas, por km de vidas.
Pero debemos unirlos en un círculo de luz para evitar lo peor.
Te dije que si no hacíamos eso algo malo pasaría y pasó.
Hice un llamamiento a todos los chamanes pero nadie respondió.
Ahora aquí estamos con la guerra que comenzó hace un mes.
Les he explicado que la energía tiene que estar unida en una misma línea de tiempo para llegar a su destino, como una flecha que apunta hacia el Bien.
Pero no entiendes, no escuchas y estoy solo haciendo todo esto y veo un vacío de gente que no participa.
Hice un llamamiento para que me ayudaran a detener este mal, pero no puedo hacer que me escuchen.
Todas mis fuerzas se desvanecerán si no me ayudas a invocar el bien.
Hay un camino definido, y los chamanes lo saben, y te necesito, porque están preparando lo peor.
La danza por la vida humana. La danza para salvar la vida humana.
Tenemos que bailar juntos y conectarnos, es vital, tenemos que hacerlo o este planeta se convertirá en cenizas bajo las bombas.
Por favor escuchame.
Debemos participar todos los que emanamos luz, todos los que navegamos en el mar de la mente, por favor conéctate conmigo, a través de la danza chamánica, por favor corre este post. Se necesita mucha energía y estoy perdiendo todas las fuerzas porque siempre lo hago solo. Si conoces a alguien que sepa cruzar los mares, las distancias, por favor dile que debemos hacer el círculo de fuego para evitar que otra muerte caiga sobre la humanidad. Este es otro llamado más. No importa el idioma que hable, tradúzcalo a su idioma nativo y envíelo a todos. Por favor, hazlo ahora o será demasiado tarde.

Quand je vous ai demandé de vous unir pour unir nos énergies et répandre la lumière du cœur, vous ne m'avez pas écouté.
J'avais lancé un appel, il fallait faire quelque chose de très précis, mais j'explique beaucoup de choses et personne ne suit le discours.
Nos âmes sont divisées par la mer, par les montagnes, par km de vies.
Mais nous devons les unir dans un cercle de lumière pour éviter le pire.
Je vous ai dit que si nous ne le faisions pas, quelque chose de grave arriverait et c'est arrivé.
J'avais lancé un appel à tous les chamans mais personne n'a répondu.
Maintenant, nous voici avec la guerre qui a commencé il y a un mois.
Je vous ai expliqué que l'énergie doit être jointe dans la même chronologie afin d'atteindre sa destination, comme une flèche pointant vers le Bien.
Mais vous ne comprenez pas, vous n'écoutez pas et je suis seul à faire tout cela et je vois un vide de personnes qui ne participent pas.
J'avais lancé un appel pour m'aider à arrêter ce mal mais je ne peux pas me faire entendre de vous.
Toutes mes forces s'amenuiseront si vous ne m'aidez pas à invoquer le bien.
Il y a un chemin bien défini, et les chamans le savent, et j'ai besoin de vous, car ils préparent le pire.
La danse pour la vie humaine. La danse pour sauver la vie humaine.
Nous devons danser ensemble et nous connecter, c'est vital, nous devons le faire ou cette planète ira en cendres sous les bombes.
S'il te plait écoute moi.
Nous devons participer, nous tous qui émanons de la lumière, nous tous qui chevauchons la mer de l'esprit, veuillez vous connecter avec moi, à travers la danse chamanique, veuillez publier ce message. Cela demande beaucoup d'énergie et je perds toute force car je le fais toujours seul. Si vous connaissez quelqu'un qui sait traverser les mers, les distances, dites-lui s'il vous plaît qu'il faut faire le cercle de feu pour éviter qu'une autre mort ne tombe sur l'humanité. C'est encore un autre appel. Quelle que soit la langue que vous parlez, traduisez-la dans votre langue maternelle et envoyez-la à tout le monde. Veuillez le faire maintenant ou il sera trop tard.


Als ich dich bat, dich zu vereinen, um unsere Energie zu vereinen und das Licht des Herzens auszustrahlen, hast du nicht auf mich gehört.Ich hatte einen Appell gemacht, es war notwendig, etwas ganz Bestimmtes zu tun, aber ich erkläre viele Dinge und niemand folgt der Rede.Unsere Seelen sind durch das Meer, durch die Berge, durch Kilometer des Lebens getrennt.Aber wir müssen sie in einem Lichtkreis vereinen, um das Schlimmste zu vermeiden.Ich habe dir gesagt, dass etwas Schlimmes passieren würde, wenn wir das nicht tun würden, und das ist passiert.Ich hatte an alle Schamanen appelliert, aber niemand antwortete.Jetzt sind wir hier bei dem Krieg, der vor einem Monat begonnen hat.Ich habe dir erklärt, dass Energie in der gleichen Zeitlinie verbunden werden muss, um ihr Ziel zu erreichen, wie ein Pfeil, der zum Guten zeigt.Aber du verstehst nicht, du hörst nicht zu, und ich mache das alles allein, und ich sehe eine Leere von Menschen, die nicht mitmachen.Ich hatte einen Appell gemacht, mir zu helfen, dieses Übel zu stoppen, aber ich kann mich nicht von Ihnen hören lassen.All meine Kraft wird schwinden, wenn du mir nicht hilfst, das Gute zu beschwören.Es gibt einen bestimmten Weg, und die Schamanen wissen ihn, und ich brauche dich, denn sie bereiten sich auf das Schlimmste vor.Der Tanz um das menschliche Leben. Der Tanz um Menschenleben zu retten.Wir müssen zusammen tanzen und uns verbinden, es ist lebenswichtig, wir müssen es tun oder dieser Planet wird unter den Bomben zu Asche vergehen.Bitte hör mir zu.Wir müssen teilnehmen, wir alle, die Licht ausstrahlen, wir alle, die wir auf dem Meer des Geistes reiten, bitte verbinde dich mit mir, durch den schamanischen Tanz, bitte betreibe diesen Beitrag. Es kostet viel Energie, und ich verliere alle Kraft, weil ich es immer alleine mache. Wenn Sie jemanden kennen, der weiß, wie man die Meere und Entfernungen überwindet, sagen Sie ihm bitte, dass wir den Feuerkreis bilden müssen, um zu verhindern, dass ein weiterer Tod über die Menschheit hereinbricht. Dies ist ein weiterer Appell. Egal welche Sprache Sie sprechen, übersetzen Sie es in Ihre Muttersprache und senden Sie es an alle. Bitte tun Sie es jetzt oder es wird zu spät sein.



We all say "Not all men". Or, to be more precise, we all have something we feel we need to justify even though no one has asked. And we often and willingly do it, here and elsewhere.

Then. You. And the roses.

The straw tail. An old wound. The Achilles heel. Something that embarrasses us deep down, makes us uncomfortable. Rightly or not it doesn't matter. A chip on our shoulder. And I could go on.

I always see it in others. And in me. That's the way life goes.

I remain of the opinion that pain is useless, however much we try to make it romantic. As much as you justify it as MAX XP. "Now that I've suffered enough, I can go and fight the Demon King!"

The important thing is to recognize when it is the pain that speaks.

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