Walk inside

What had he said?
«Only I can love you. Those who keep repeating you they cannot love you, because love is not something you can do: it is a quality of being. ”
Love happens when you have reached a crystallized soul, a self. In the presence of the ego it never happens; the ego wants to be loved, because it is food it needs. You love to become a necessary person. You produce children not because you love them, but to become necessary and go around saying:
«Look at how many responsibilities I have, how many obligations I am fulfilling! I am a father, a mother … ».
This only serves to glorify your ego. Unless this need to feel needed goes away, you can’t be a loner. Go to the Himalayas: you will create a society there. But if this need to be necessary disappears, wherever you are – on the market square, in the very center of the city – you will be alone. Now try to understand the words of Jesus.
Jesus said: “Blessed is the solitary and the elect, for he will find the Kingdom. AND since it comes from it, it will return there ». It penetrates every single word.
Blessed is the lonely … who is “the lonely”? A person whose need to be needed has fallen, which is totally satisfied with herself for what she is. A person who does not need to to be told: «You are important».
Its importance lies within her, not it comes from others. He does not beg for it, he does not ask for it; its meaning comes from its being. She is not a beggar and knows how to live with herself.

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  1. Ashley
    Mar 13, 2022 @ 10:43:24

    It’s the “ego” the “I” that is destroying the world. The only way to save it is through “love”. Love of others!


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