As always, I have to thank myself for every time I got off the ground but, this time, I didn’t fall this is a flight without a parachute. It is voluntary, crazy, it is a perverse game: you know you can hurt yourself but in the end you throw yourself anyway, in the end you jump, you jump into the void that void that has characterized your being until now and now you have consciously decided to jump into it. . And, just when you think the tunnel is infinite that’s where you see the light. Unfortunately you do not know if that is just a mirage due to the fatigue of the fall, or you do not know if behind it what will kill you will be found or if instead you will be grabbed by that person who will be there to show you that every time you jump she will be willing to pick you up. But when you jump the risk you know it, you consciously jump in the hope that that person you think took you the first time will also grab you the second time. But she is not there and you fall, lifeless to the ground, without strength, no longer willing to take risks. But then you do it .. Again … and again … and again … because after all we all love and in the end we are all a bit masochistic, because love is this getting hurt and then good and then bad and then good again, in a continuous loop between pain and happiness.

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  1. vermavkv
    Mar 20, 2022 @ 12:00:53

    Very nice


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