I let myself be plagiarized by the illusion of love, I let myself be lobotomized, I lost my willpower, I lost myself for a long time, many years, too many. Too many years trying to belong to something, a stable relationship that gives me the love that my father never gave me and I ended up attaching myself to a person like him, letting him disintegrate my ego. I looked for the family that I never had in anyone who said they were my friend and gave me a caress, and I ended up getting attached to people who spatial advice about my life without even knowing who I was because they never really looked at me. I gave each of them a gun and drew a target on them, obviously they didn’t hesitate to riddle me with bullets. I let myself go to the illusion of a normal life. But what is normal then? I do not know what it was that made me open my eyes, but today I am here, I let go of everything and everyone, I have turned the world against me, there are those who believe I am crazy because I have upset my “life”, they do not realize I realize it’s now that I’m healed. I feel my strength again, my anger towards the world, towards that pathetic conformity that I thought I needed. I’m taking back my life, my freedom of judgment, of thought. I do not need to belong to anyone or anything, I am enough and the rest is all a side dish. Today I feel I am in one place, tomorrow maybe not and that’s okay. Today I want to laugh with a person, maybe not tomorrow and that’s okay. I think only two people have really understood my essence, the first defined me like this before I lost myself, when I was a rock, the other defined me like this not a short time ago, perhaps because she saw my rebirth before me. Gypsy, that’s what I am. A Gypsy, free from conformity, free from chains, without roots and without a need to belong. A gypsy who embraces the world, who burns with life, who dances, who laughs, unpredictable and beautiful because she is alive and true. It’s not all right yet, I will have to work on myself, to send away those monsters who sometimes come back again because the process is long and it will be a journey without any comfort. But I will make it and I will rise again little by little, get ready because this Gypsy will return as powerful as the north wind and will overwhelm you all.

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  1. Giannis Pit
    Mar 26, 2022 @ 15:53:50

    I repeat me previous comment. I admire your writing!
    Now is the Gypsy, a person out of conformity’s limit, a preson who rises again, wh tries to live with truth.
    I hold your social messages my dear friend.


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