Have you ever listened to the sea at night? When the waves are imperceptible and the only sound you see, but only if you try hard, is the constant roar of the water against the shore. Have you ever heard it? Have you ever closed your eyes, knowing that you had only infinity in front of you?
It is a unique sensation. I remember staring at the horizon for a few minutes, in a vain attempt to distinguish the line that unites sky and sea.

I know that actually far, very far away, there is a foreign land, but at that moment I preferred to think differently, you know? It is something that has to do with the sea. At that moment I felt I could travel, and I put aside geography and rationality, because in front of me there was
the infinite.

The future scares me, you know, yet it was enough to stand barefoot in the sand, put your hands in your pockets, try to keep your eyelids closed, let the breeze play in your hair. Let yourself be disheveled, trust me, the wind caresses you. I felt almost rocked. 

The sea took little to teach me what it means to be loved, you know? It was enough for me to listen to the silence of a beach on an August night.
There is nothing, there is no teaching, there are no responsibilities, you do not feel fears, and nothing scares you, not even the sea itself, not even the darkness!

The stars. My God, the stars.
Haven't you ever seen the stars at the sea? Above the sea it almost seems to exist a city, a metropolis, because the stars are many, they too are infinite, and they shine. Some seem almost to be on the verge of dying out, but they have taught me that the stars deceive you: sometimes they seem the smallest, in reality they are only far away. It occurred to me how many things, how many events, how many sensations seem useless or insignificant. And yet we are just too detached to understand them.

I was saying, the stars on the sea are another matter entirely. Because then they are reflected in the water as if there were a huge mirror placed on the sea. It is not a precise reflection, because the sea is rough, despite everything. But if you're lucky, you see the stars twice: in the sky and in the sea. And it's worth it. You can close your eyes and feel the sea. You can open your eyes and measure the sky.
Have you ever tried it?
It is not one of those things that are taught, and that are difficult to tell. It was not a fact. It was a sensation. What I'm writing will never do justice to what I've felt, but that goes for all those things worth experiencing.
When you get the chance, go and find the sea and, if you can, do it at night. Look for the stars.
It is worth it.
You can touch infinity.




Crazy people,




Those like this live on kindness, sharing.

Free souls, at peace with each other and with mother nature.

Graceful spirits in harmonious connection with each other.

Burning with life, hungry for beauty.

Those who have left

the handrail for some time

and they don't remember the way they went

let alone that of the return.

Masters and slaves of the truth

Rarity in short.


I am not even 30 years old, but in this life span millions of people have passed in front of me. Some of them were dance and drinking companions for a night and I never saw them again, others accompanied me for a short journey of my journey, some of them are simply acquaintances and still others are friends. I spent my life in the midst of people, I saw the thousand facets, the particularity of each one and I still believed I had "understood" it. Then by pure chance I know a person, we've never seen each other, never spent time together, I don't know his expressions, we hardly even know the tone of our voices, we write to each other. We talk a lot and I am amazed. I found qualities never seen before, I discovered sincere and disinterested listening and kindness. A whole life in the midst of people and never anyone who was able to really look at me and then a person arrives behind a screen and manages to read my soul, gave me hope, carefree, courage and the desire to fight. This post will surely be read by him too, so I wanted to take the opportunity to thank him with a phrase taken from the text of "The Messenger by Linkin Park" .. When life leaves us blind, love makes us kind, it keeps us kind.


Vikings is a series focused on the exploits of the Viking warrior Ragnar Lothbrok, a very ambitious young hunter and fisherman who is always looking for new lands to conquer.This series has brought many people closer to Norse culture, full of very special myths and traditions, hitherto unknown. I can say that there are other Vikings series that I have watched but no other has such strong characters that remain in the memory.


When you are good, helpful, kind, condescending and "submissive" everything is fine, when you put people first, you put them on the pedestal making them feel important everything is booming ... 

but when you start saying some "no" to too much, to answer in kind or to think about your life, then everything changes, you become the beast, you become a person of ... 

while before you were the one who was the garbage can and every night you cried silently because the situation was too intense and you had your heart and nerves in pieces, but you did not show it, because you did not want others to know your pain, because you knew that they would take advantage of it to point the finger at you, to belittle you and make you feel nothing ... 

everything changes, even these people, whom I call warriors, when they take their life in hand they are always slandered and stormed, I have always been there for everyone, I have endured everyone's moods, problems, but NOBODY has ever noticed that my eyes ask They had to help, no one ever sat in front of me and asked me if everything was okay, no one ever really cared, my problems were in the background, while theirs were the top priority ... 

but someday something inside change of me, I saw my reflection in the mirror, my body torn and I said to myself "Now stop suffering", I started the healing process, I started putting MYSELF first and saying "no" convinced to whom he wanted to throw garbage and lies on me but what do I find myself? Who I listened to in the past and supported now they hate me, they say I've changed, they make scenes ... 

but I just got up and I'm reconstructing the pieces of my gone life shattered because of them ... they no longer have power over me and this bothers them. 



Rebuilding is not easy,

Reinventing yourself, finding strategies to make everything fit together, knowing that you can only rely on your strength and having to find ways out is not easy.

Sacrificing yourself in the name of the things you believe in and being crushed by the weight of life that overwhelms you every day, commitments, etc. is not easy.

It is not easy to not care how they would like you to believe, it is not easy to live for the day not thinking about the consequences of your actions or a possible miscalculation.

It is not easy when you have no one who really supports you, supports you: all the weight on your shoulders.

It is not easy when, despite everything, you still do not even have your total independence and you are forced to live according to others until you reach your goal.

It's not easy when everyone expects something from you because you are strong.

It is not easy when it is assumed that you alone can do it. It is easier to accuse yourself of complaining too much, to say that you have to make do, in life you will find worse situations, to live lightly despite your shitty character does not allow it.

It is not easy to see who around you get the maximum yield with the least effort while you are forced to take everything with sacrifices, continuously, without ever stopping.

It is not easy when you want to cry but only the ugliest side comes out of you, so as not to collapse.

So let's stop taking everything for granted: emotions, situations, people. It is not obvious that someone should always face things with a smile or never break down. It is not obvious that a person does not have the right to let go from time to time when everything becomes a boulder, because as long as no one sees the sacrifices you make to carry yourself forward, that nobody has absolutely no right to judge you or make you feel wrong just because you approach things differently.

We learn to respect others, the sacrifices they make and their emotions, that those who smile during the day are not always because they are well. There are things that are not always said, sacrifices, that you find hidden in the soul and in the head, and probably, for those who find it hard to talk about them, they will not even come out.


I move slowly. A step at a time. At this rate, I wonder if I will ever really be able to grow and mature. I always find myself chasing the best version of me who in parallel becomes stronger, more confident and more competent in what they do and believe.

I am there to chase it but as far as it seems to me to go fast, it always manages to distance me and sow me.

It is when I truly feel it far away that I fall into depression and return to my cave. but like every other time, without knowing why, how, when, what the fuck of external or internal lighting, I get back on track and try again.

I try again to chase myself, to improve myself, to grow up for a good and holy time. I am still unaware of how many attempts it will take before I can unite with the other half and become one complete and consistent entity. but I know I’ll keep trying.

Because I’m stupid to take it for granted that I can get it over with when I want and easily. And why, one of the few things I believe in, is in that solid, consistent and full of life part that I find myself deep inside.

Even if it can be just a crumb around all nothingness, the oblivion of which I am made. As long as that little light exists I know I can make it. a distant but splendid day.


Many people with good intentions and then what? If the world were full of truly well-meaning people, would we have gotten to this point? I see a lot of people talking about love and peace but then at the first opportunity they become aggressive and angry. Sites full of people who hate, but then they say they are pacifists and animal rights activists. But in what? But what are they talking about? We must work to save this planet. Speeches and beautiful words are not enough. Are you animal rights? So don't buy leather shoes and bags, go volunteer in animal associations, catteries, kennels and recovery centers for injured animals. Show your good, don't just talk about it. Be kind, loving, polite, meek and above all humble. There are too many people who brag about themselves, who value only appearance and success. You show that you believe in something deeper and more universal. Always fight for Good and always do good. Do good to Nature and animals first of all because your sensitivity can be seen from there.


In short, one day you wake up and decide to do Zac-Zac. Dry branches must be cut. On the contrary, you also realize that you have procrastinated enough, because usually one does the cleaning in the spring. I have in front of me the scene of that huge tree growing in the courtyard garden of my building: It was beautiful, luxuriant, I thought I loved it because it was like a cover. It protected the view on my living room, it protected from the prying and often too intrusive eyes of the surrounding windows. And in the darkness of winter nights it stood threatening with its bare branches. He was like a guardian, who could become vaguely disturbing when needed, but I was fond of him. So fond of it that when I woke up one day in April and it was gone, for half an hour I stared at the balcony feeling lost. 

They said it had become "unsustainable": too many leaves were dragging themselves away on the windowsills, too many insects flew around. It had gotten too tall, too bulky, it was TOO. And its branches, which seemed so strong to me, were actually completely gone. And so, zac zac, the tree was gone and I found myself face to face with the sky. And it was extraordinarily blue. Although the tree was no longer there, the new reality beyond my balcony did not mind at all. It all seemed more airy, freer, less tight. The sun penetrated more closely and the feared prying eyes weren't so prying.

Maybe sometimes we convince ourselves that certain situations are right this way, without trying to give us an alternative. We convince ourselves that without certain things our life would not be as beautiful, we impose on ourselves real emotional addictions, clinging to them, thinking that they are the only way, the only thing that can make us feel good. We are afraid of changing, even when situations become objectively unsustainable or meaningless, continuing to live like this, without really questioning ourselves about our happiness. 

At this point, we must take the scissors and cut: clean, strong, decisive. At first we will feel a sense of loss, but it is only the emotion of the turning point, the thrill of liberation; we will feel lighter and after a long time we will see the reality around us and it is probably much better than we thought ...


In the dim light and heavy ... crumpled at the mercy of this cold wind that cuts the face and the heart.
Interpreters of a scene without a script ... which always requires the same commitment ... the strength to go forward in the pitch dark ... leaving the light of the heart on to illuminate the path of those around us.
For the solitude filled with sobs and tears that are muted ... in a forced silence wanted to be accepted ... for those who have taken away, stolen and canceled but without capturing the stubbornness of living ... our life for injustices our love to continue hoping for the our embrace to warm the world. 

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