Tell me everything will change again,

which we will return to a moment earlier

of all catastrophes, fly over

without falling on Nagasaki,

promise to fly to Hiroshima

without listening to orders, gliding over the sacred lives of children

and sink into the blue sea
of those who know how to disobey at death.

Tell me who I am

because only you

you seem to know.

I feel my test is approaching, or is already happening.

I feel it in my body which is always tired because it is always alert.

I feel it in hunger, thirst, lack of air.

What shouldn't happen again could happen.

Live in me, penetrate me.
Your blood be one with my blood.

Your mouth enters my mouth.

Your heart magnify mine until it burst.
Tear me apart.

You fall whole in my bowels.
Let your hands go into my hands.
Your feet walk in my feet, your feet.

Blaze me, burn me.
Fill me with sweetness.

Wet my palate with your saliva.

Stay in me as wood is on a toothpick.

I can not like this, with this thirst burning myself.

With this thirst burning me.

Loneliness, its ravens, its dogs, its shreds.

Don't let the explosion happen.

I have to stop everything and please don't stop me.

Let me burn to avoid the end.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. abvr
    Apr 11, 2022 @ 06:37:08

    Powerful clarion call Akasha
    Yet my mind is twisted
    Refusing to chronicle
    Brother throttling Brother
    Choking sister
    Son Absalom hunting father David
    It is atrocious with the gnashing of teeth
    My mind can’t gather the sharpanel
    The order in which the blood splattered and brains busted
    Vietnam, how the wound split open
    Flying over the sacred lives of children
    Wandering orphans, scarred following a refugee path faraway from home
    Loneliness burns
    The vultures
    Wild dogs
    And the sharpanel
    Flying around
    There is Mynamar
    Yemen waiting on aid
    I have no chronological order
    From Absalom to David
    Lonelines and the flying sharpanel

    Akasha the clarion call


  2. Ashley
    Apr 11, 2022 @ 15:08:00

    We are all connected. I walk in your shoes, you walk in mine, our hands together, our hearts beating to the same rhythm 🤗🌹🙏


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