This morning I got up at 7, like every morning, but this time I immediately went to the garden to collect the first vegetables of the summer. Obviously I cooked everything following my grandmother's instructions, that is, I didn't change the water in the pot. And this water will eventually be filtered and used to drink it and purify the body, or to make a good detox soup. If you can cook everything in clay pots everything will be healthier and better.

Those who have a garden should make the most of it. Grow all useful and healthy things for food. Especially if you have small children, try to make them eat natural vegetables and vegetable broths, not bought at the supermarket. Believe me these vegetables cleanse the body, help detoxify it, create a better balance and an important inner well-being.


In his 1998 book The Common Good, Noam Chomsky describes the key role that managed disagreements play in modern politics…

The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum — even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate…”

This remains true despite the increasingly obvious fact that Chomsky himself is part of that function.

What he’s describing is the “fake binary”. The imposition of the idea that Viewpoint A is the official approved narrative and that Viewpoint B is therefore its antithesis.

Points C through Z can therefore be ignored.

The fact hidden in plain sight being that both Viewpoint A and Viewpoint B actually reinforce the overarching narrative being sold and both lead to the same place.

It’s an incredibly effective management tool.

A fake binary allows you to not just manipulate the conformist Normies who automatically obey, but also those who consider themselves to be ‘anti-establishment’, contrarians or ‘rebels’.

How are fake binaries created? They are often initially introduced by the following methods…


What is the right way to discover everything that our unconscious hides from others? What is the right way to heal someone who cannot accept their impulses? There are so many things that aren’t told to anyone, not even a doctor. But is it worth keeping everything and getting sick in order not to accept yourself?


I was by the sea today and I started thinking.

I thought that the sea is a bit like life don't you think? Sometimes calm, sometimes stormy, there are those times when it is stormy and those times it gives peace. There are those times when it is illuminated by the sun and other times when the darkness surrounds it, leaving no room for light.

Life is just that. Never constant, never perfect, not always calm, not always stormy, we don't always find the light and we don't always live in the dark.

You realize that there are days that are different from others, experiences stronger than others, there are people who enter our life and others who walk on the shore because they are afraid of getting wet.

We are afraid of the depth of the sea as we are afraid of facing certain immense experiences that life puts before us.

I looked at the sea and I understood. I simply understood that there are waves that are stronger than others.


In the contemporary collective imagination, the Volturi constitute the most powerful vampire coven in the world. This association is expressed in the design of a brotherhood that the gender community has respect for. Over the centuries this reverence has given the Volturi an ambitious status of absolute power; they are the highest expression of authority among vampires, although no one has elected them.
The Roman cistern has acquired the fame of Vampire Crypt, either through the fault or thanks to the collective imagination sprung up by the fans of the Twilight Saga. The writer Stephanie Meyer wanted Volterra to be the home of the Volturi and, in the first years after the American bestseller was published, numerous readings and amateur theatrical scenes were organized in the city that saw thousands of readers from all over Italy gather.
Volterra is an ideal tourist destination for lovers of typical Tuscan landscapes, placed in a context of great importance for Italian history and art. Volterra, in fact, offers extraordinary views thanks to its location on a hill.

Do not miss the opportunity to admire, among other things, the remains of the Roman theater and the Etruscan acropolis. Discovered during the 1900s, they date back to the period in which this land was inhabited by the Tusci population. Next to the theater, dug into the natural slope of an elevation, you can admire what remains of a thermal plant, built during the third century.

And a central role in the economy of Visconti's work is played by the underground cistern of the Augustan era, the scene of that 'marriage' between Claudia Cardinale, which Visconti had also wanted in this film after Il Gattopardo, and his brother Gianni (Jean Sorel ) who awaits her in that place and reminds her that this was their home once upon a time.
The structure, one of the archaeological jewels of the city of Volterra, had been built to the east of the area of ​​the temples of the acropolis and collected rainwater, which flowed there through various pipes. The tank is very large, with a capacity of about one thousand cubic meters, and is well preserved. It dates back to the 1st century BC, is made of concrete and supplied water to the entire area of ​​the acropolis.
An exhibition, that of the Torture Museum, which lays bare the worst side of human nature: a potential executioner hides and hides in every man. An exhibition confirming the fact that, if presented with great rigor and fairness, it helps to foment a conscience in solidarity and to respect the opinion and creed of those who think differently from us, the primordial basis of the democratic systems of the modern era.
The Medici Fortress was built in 1474 - on the remains of older fortifications - exactly two years after the city of Florence had conquered the city after a bitter war to control the mines of alum, an important mineral used in the processing of textiles. Today the fortress houses a penitentiary. 
The fortress was not intended only to protect the city, but above all to keep it under control and prevent rebellions. A part of it - the easternmost sector - already existed before 1474, and constituted the oldest castle, the Cassero.
This structure, which expanded the defenses of the city, was intended to protect the area around the Porta a Selci and was completed in 1292.




There is a beautiful English word that I love: “wallflower” means when a person is shy and stands aloof. Indeed it is just like that, no one notices a flower on the wall, yet it stands there to observe the way and think that it is in the wrong place. Who is right, who would want a simple flower when the world is full of strong and wonderful trees, capable of such high self-esteem that they allow them to compete on who gets taller?


But what is freedom? I say that it is the possibility of choosing what can make us feel good in our small way, a decision that can go against everyone and everything.
Freedom is something that we must know how to control to make it ours in all respects and to be able to live it in the right way so that it can guide us, taking us far away, to the place where it is captured in its purest essence.
With freedom we go to the rediscovery of deep emotions, great desires and strong experiences.
There is nothing more beautiful than feeling that responsibility on you in having to choose yourself, when you want and how you want, accompanied by that adrenaline energy that flows through your veins and pumps your heart strongly, feeding your soul with joy and admiration. towards the world. Nobody, I mean nobody, must stop us on our way.
A passion, a goal, a dream, a desire are ingredients for the recipe for our success, we must conquer them, with all our strength. So try it, drop everything, indulge in the magic of being free, fill yourself with hope and run towards the journey that awaits you.


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