Often you see the reports made about Anonymous on a channel that you do not know whose it is, unless it is the official channel, or the news in corrupt newspapers, which obviously talk about Anonymous as criminals interested only in doing damage. .
Nobody ever tells you about the struggles that Anonymous in all these years have fought against pedophilia, against human trafficking, against the slavery of minors kidnapped from homes .... What do you know about Anonymous?
Recently some youtubers have spoken ill of Anonymous after the group openly declared war on Putin. You have all been pointing the finger at Anonymous, as if Anonymous were made only by Americans.
Well that's not the case. The Anonymous collective is made up of people from all over the world and of all nationalities. So in this collective there are French, Arabs, Slavs, Japanese, Americans, Italians, etc ...
So it's not just about Americans! It is really absurd to say that since Anonymous said they were against Putin then they are all Americans!
What have you done so far to help others? Did you know that the photos of our children, grandchildren and children that you post on Facebook, instagram and tik tok are sold to pedophiles? Find out about these things. 
And find out about the large baby predator market and talk about it in your channels. Because thousands of children disappear every year and many parents don't know how. Well there is a way and it goes from social networks. And in many social networks there are precisely the Anonymous who have been pointed out and instead Anonymous has been stopping organizations that kidnap children for many years. But that's not interesting right? It is easier to say that Anonymous is biased. The boys of Anonymous don't deserve this accusation!

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