In Nepalese Shamanism - which has an animistic view, the shaman who intercedes with the world of different Spirits can travel to these "worlds" because he is pure.
This purity is not the rigidity that one feels to follow ascetic practices that are not intimately understood, much less does it mean following and fulfilling a series of behavioral (moral) rules that impose a hypocritical and "adharmic" society like the Western one, which is widely spread also in the East. Purity means, in my opinion, a profound understanding of the "universal law" (Dharma) and of Karma; obviously, knowledge that is not put into practice is refined ignorance.
By knowing the law and how it manifests in every sphere of life, and by striving to marry it over the course of numerous incarnations, the Shaman frees himself from the karmic bonds that hold and direct the life force, as well as from the grip these karmic chains have on the law. subjective perception of reality. This is why he is pure and can access other worlds, his vision is clear, not corrupted.

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