A memory.
Precise and sharp like few others.
A little girl.
I think bigger than me.
Always riding his black bicycle.
Short blond hair.
Slightly moved.
Dark floral dress.
She always smiled at me.
But we never exchanged a word.
I saw her for a year.
The next one was gone.
I don’t know what it was called.
And I didn’t dream of it.
My parents have seen it too.
So of one thing I’m more than sure.
It was real.
As much as me.


Sam Bell works on the Moon, assisted by a kind of robot named Gerty.
Its employer is Lunar, a company that produces a form of clean energy destined for the Earth.
He finds himself isolated because communications are interrupted.
But his contract is about to end soon.
Except that he has an accident.
When he awakens, he discovers two things.
The first is that they have been counting a lot of bullshit.
The second is that the situation is slightly different from what he thought it was.
I won't tell you more about the 2009 sci-fi movie Moon.
So as not to spoil the surprise, although the Revelation is not very original.
Something like this can be found in the robotic anime Daltanious and in Michael Bay's film The Island.
Just know that technically very well done.
Although there is no action, it is captivating and not boring at all.
The interpreters are not very many, eh.
I would mention the two protagonists, namely Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell, and Kevin Spacey lending his voice to Gerty.
It always makes a difference.


The sun is dying and humanity can be considered serenely fucked up.
Unless we can drop a star bomb the size of the island of Manhattan inside our star.
The mission is soon ready.
Which would then be the second, because the first mysteriously failed.
The crew of the spaceship will find out what ever happened.
And it won't be pleasant.
Sunshine is a Danny Boyle film dated 2007.
It is by no means despicable.
Technically it is of a good standard.
Good special effects.
The action scenes are spectacular.
Sorry to say, but the weak point is, narratively, the final part.
Because there is something really absurd.
Overall, however, it lets itself be seen.
Of the cast I would mention Michelle Yeoh, Chris Evans, Cillian Murphy and Cliff Curtis.
All definitely known faces.
At least, I know them.
But I'm sure you know them as well.


Over the centuries the idea of ​​beauty has always been present in the mind of man, although the way in which it is understood has changed several times. In fact it is something universal, but different in various societies and in single individuals. It can be considered as an aesthetic factor, even if over the years from this point of view it has assumed a somewhat superficial meaning, since it has often been based and still is based today on the canons established by the society in which we live, ready to have prejudice as soon as there is something different from the established patterns.
But the beauty lies precisely in the diversity, in the particularity, in expressing one's tastes regardless of the opinion of others, in being imperfect. It is therefore not something that comes close to perfection, but something that has "charm", that strikes, that attracts.

In the past, beauty, understood as creativity, has always been a sort of sublimation of man's passions. The external one was expressed mainly through artistic productions, including paintings and sculptures, and was associated with other qualities. Think of the goddess Venus, goddess of beauty and fertility, represented with prosperous forms (beauty of the body as a symbol of prosperity, grace and elegance). In Greece, in the 5th century BC, beauty (expressed for example through statues) was synonymous with perfection, which included not only physical qualities such as strength, but also moral and ethical qualities, such as courage. 

Classical art therefore sought harmony in all senses, a harmony that was also sought in the beauty of nature and creation, also expressed over the centuries through poetry. Just think of Foscolo, according to whom the beauty of creation was reflected in the beauty of poetry. External beauty was also the subject of some artistic-literary currents, including Aesthetics, which developed in the 1900s with Decadentism, and which was based on the search for beauty as such, a futile beauty, which gives momentary pleasure but it really leaves you unsatisfied.

I think that beauty is not just an aesthetic factor, but everything that can make us excited. Not necessarily something grandiose and spectacular: it lies in small things and small gestures. A song, an unexpected gift, a child's smile, an unsolicited hug, the rainbow after a storm, the sun after the rain.

I believe that the most important form of beauty is the inner one: being a beautiful person, with healthy values ​​and principles. What conquers someone is their attachment to life. A beautiful person inside is an empathetic person, who knows how to listen to others, who manages to face the most difficult situations without ever losing his smile. A sincere, humble person who has the courage to accept defeats and who never gives up. Beauty is accepting yourself for what you are, feeling good about yourself, feeling unique, loving yourself, loving and being loved.
Beauty is appreciating and feeling lucky for what you have. It is being able to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. It is freedom: being free to say and do what you think, without being influenced by anyone and without being afraid of being judged. And if you are afraid, the beauty lies in being able to defeat it. The beauty is found in the simplest, most genuine and deepest feelings, such as love and friendship. Sometimes it would be necessary to use a little of our time to rediscover relationships with others (in a world that tends more and more to materialism and that gives importance to the most trivial things) for a complete formation of our personality.

In a word, it can be said that beauty is knowledge. It is in fact a way to know reality, from all its points of view. In order not to lose the sense of beauty, it is necessary to investigate it, know it and understand it: this will allow us not to get used to it and make it last over time.

As Dostoevsky, a Russian writer, says, "Beauty will save the world".




There was a girl who was a butterfly and suddenly she decided to become a caterpillar. And she didn't care that she no longer had wings and was just green. She no longer wanted to fly, she just wanted to stay on the ground, in the grass, lie down outside, not stay closed in the concrete of the house, she always wanted to look at the sky, not to see people anymore. And he remained a caterpillar for a long time and did not want to go back to being a butterfly. He said to himself, spider yes, maybe, but never butterfly again. But then he saw a strange bright green beetle. He asked who he was. And he didn't answer and went about his business. And she lay on the grass sleeping, and she didn't want to see anyone. But one day a strange music came with the wind. Was it a flute? Maybe a child was playing somewhere. And she followed that music and she saw a home, a family, everything she never had, not like that. And he listened to the flute and within himself something melted. A weight that he had held within himself. A stone he had had in his stomach for so many years melted. She was hungry. He returned home but found nothing. He went out into the garden and went into the garden. He saw the fruit trees loaded and began to eat and eat and he felt better. The fruit was good, so sweet. He would buy a flute and play.



Flying higher and higher to prevent anyone from cutting off my wings. Reaching high and shouting: you did not make it and you will never make it, because My dreams and My freedom are stronger and more powerful than all of you, hypocrites and hopeless! The desire to fly away, to leave, to take any train, any means, the desire to give up everything and start over, to go as far as possible, to forget everything, annihilate the rest, disappear and never return, the desire to get away …
You save your heart yes with a walk but you stop and wait for the world if its shoe is untied and how many clashes, how many efforts strong breaths, keep going for these broken dreams shooting stars are not enough So used to falling that you seem born to get up take you to the sea alone you have the whole world in the air you have sun-shaped eyes if it rains make music and offer the monsters dinner if you are afraid that’s fine and if there is a jump you skip it and if you fall you laugh at it ….



Omega Click is a masked, hooded and altered voice man who became famous after opening a YouTube channel that talks about aliens in a serious and in-depth way.

Omega Click is a youtuber who aims to bring to light the concrete truth regarding alien UFOs and the mysteries connected to them. He always shows himself wearing a mask.

He is known for sharing an FBI declassified document about aliens who have the ability to materialize and dematerialize.
According to the document declassified by the FBI and shared by Omega Click, the alien beings would not be embodied in human people but would come from their own world, which in reality would not correspond to a planet as we understand it but to an etheric plane that interpenetrates with ours and which is imperceptible.

The body of the visitors and their boats would materialize in contact with the sequence of our vibrations. Furthermore, the disks would have their own radiant energy capable of disintegrating any ship intending to attack.
This channel, as Omega states, aims at transparency, freedom and cooperation with subscribers, also making them participate in its videos, giving them the opportunity to tell their own stories or experiences. In fact, in the “Contact happened” playlist, subscribers can be participants and protagonists of his videos by telling their stories, testimonies, experiences or simple thoughts.



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