16:00 hora palestina: Aviones de guerra israelíes bombardean la Franja de Gaza.

16:15 hs: Aviones de guerra israelíes bombardean un edificio palestino en la Franja de Gaza.

16:20 hs: Israel ataca varias zonas de la Franja de Gaza.

16:35 hs: #Urgente: Heridos por bombardeos israelíes en la Franja de Gaza.

16:45 hs: Tanques de artillería de Israel bombardean la Franja de Gaza.

16:57 hs: Una gran cantidad de aviones de combate israelíes vuelan en el cielo sobre la Franja de Gaza.

17:05 hs: El medio palestino Palestina Hoy da cuenta de que el sionismo “israelí” ha asesinado, hasta ahora, a dos palestinos y herido a unas 15 personas en la Franja de Gaza.

Men who use bombs are bad people.
Men who conquer territories are bad people.
Men who destroy houses are bad people.
Men who don't understand peace and love are bad people.
I have no compassion for them because they can choose peace but they choose bombs.

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  1. mosckerr
    Aug 30, 2022 @ 15:23:22

    Yasser Arafat’s propaganda attempted to justify the claims of stateless Arab refugee populations, defeated consequent to the two Israeli Independence wars of 1948 & 1967, that in fact these defeated Arab refugees descended originally from the ancient Philistines. Based upon this revisionist history, Israel illegally occupied the lands of Samaria. Most countries, members in the country club known as the United Nations swallowed Arafat’s propaganda rhetoric hook, line, and sinker.


  2. mosckerr
    Dec 26, 2022 @ 14:48:54

    The issue with the Biden Administration? Will Biden once again follow the imperial interests of European politics in the Middle East.

    Europe has been unenthusiastic towards the Abraham Accords because it remains wedded to the idea that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must be solved before regional peace can be achieved, participants in a conference in Jerusalem said this week. Why???

    The Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) promotes the shallow political rhetoric that the EU favors prioritization of an Internationally imposed 2 State solution. The holes in this shallow reactionary reading: 1. Europe has a long history of deep-seated hostility against the Jewish people. Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’, virtually all EU state members actively or passively supported, except for Czechoslovakia who first hand experienced a Chamberlain/Hitler 2 State solution!

    In the 1948 Independence War Europe expected to passively sit back and watch 5 Arab invading armies drive the Jews into the Sea, and only then intervene. Again Why??? Europe hungers to dominate the Middle East as “their” back yard. The ’48 Israeli victory shocked European leaders. Then came the 2nd Israeli Independence War of 1967. Nasser swore that this time the Arabs would finish the Nazi ‘Final Solution’. France and England declared their neutrality as they did in 1948.

    Again, a Hanukkah miracle occurred, and Israel crushed the combined Arab armies, supplied by the USSR, of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq. The victory once again put Europe in a state of absolute shock. Europe demanded a cessation of hostilities after 6 days of fighting! Who ever heard of a 6-day war fought on multiple fronts. Immediately after the War “neutral” France, that pretender victor of WWII, wrote UN Resolution 242. The basis of anti-Israel post ’67 Independence War UN Resolutions. Recently the UN General Assembly denounced Israel’s ’48 Independence War victory.

    The EU abhors the termination of Jewish stateless refugee status. Post the Shoah disgrace no European country could denounce the right to Jewish self-determination based upon the Balfour treaty which served as the basis for the League of Nations awarding the “Palestine Mandate” to England after WWI. But the 6 Day War victory completely changed the balance of power in the Middle East and 3rd world Europe released its hysteria and condemnation of the Jewish People of Israel. Surprise Surprise — NOT.

    The foreign attempts to deny Israeli national independence — expressed through the repeated UN condemnations of Israel, as if Israel did not really exist as an independent nation state. The UN to this day does not recognize Israel as a nation state within the community of nations of the Middle East! But rather a UN protectorate territory. This talking puppet of ‘Great Power’ interests simply assumes that the UN determines the borders and Capital of the Jewish state. How many European Capitals keep their embassies in Tel Aviv rather than Jerusalem???

    The EU 2 State Solution directly resembles the post WWII division of Germany into Two States. The EU wants to divide Jerusalem as did the Allies Berlin. Rome suggests to this day that Jerusalem should become an International City dominated by European US and Russian powers! Herein explains President Trump’s break with Europe through the Abrams Accords.

    No “Peace” exists between Israel and Europe. The hype on an Israeli/Balestinian “Peace” directly resembles the hysteria over Climate Change. The French built the Iraqi nuclear power plant. Israelis like myself argue that post Shoah, Europe lost its ‘white man’s burden’ moral superiority.


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