A report presented in the International Journal of Person Centered Medicine shows that people who do something for others lead happier and healthier lives than others. "People are happier and healthier, and may even live a little longer, when they are contributing (...)" to their community or organization they believe in, says study author Stephen G. Post , PhD. A majority of the study participants stated that their volunteer activities enrich their sense of having a purpose in life. The survey also showed that those who volunteer are less likely to feel hopeless or lonely than those who don't.
Why waste your free time in shopping malls or in front of the TV? Volunteering is much better: you participate in interesting activities, circulate ideas, have new experiences, leave the house! Just like doing sports, volunteering helps you to get in touch with others, to communicate and to understand others. The main advantage is to be able to overcome shyness, thus learning to socialize immediately, not to be afraid to speak up, to have your say and start a speech in the presence of many people without feeling uncomfortable. Helping others also helps you to reflect on your life, on what you have, on where you are, on your fortunes, on the people around you. So at the end of the day, after dedicating your time to others, take 10 minutes to write down your impressions, how you feel and what you have learned.
“Human beings are social by nature. Maybe that's why our minds and bodies get "rewarded" when we give to others, ”explained lead researcher Eric S. Kim of Harvard T.H.'s Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Chan School of Public Health. “Our findings show that volunteering not only strengthens a sense of community, it enriches lives by strengthening bonds with others, helping us feel a sense of well-being and protecting us from loneliness, depression, and despair. Regular altruistic activity reduces the risk of death ”.
“Human beings are social by nature. Maybe that's why our minds and bodies get "rewarded" when we give to others, ”explained lead researcher Eric S. Kim of Harvard T.H.'s Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Chan School of Public Health. “Our findings show that volunteering not only strengthens a sense of community, it enriches lives by strengthening bonds with others, helping us feel a sense of well-being and protecting us from loneliness, depression, and despair. Regular altruistic activity reduces the risk of death ”.


It is seven in the evening and, on the fifth floor, Mrs. Kapoor is ready to devote herself to preparing dinner. Like every night. At that time, you will be able to see her busy in the kitchen. The first thing you'll notice through the open curtains is the flamboyant color of her Sari. Looking closely, you will notice the graceful decorative effect created by the folds, similar to the petals of a flower. In many years, I have never seen her dressed differently. It holds true to its traditions, despite having moved here to Venice for some time now. He does it with clothes and food. Every day, at seven in the evening, you will always find her there, struggling with the preparation of Roti. You will see her carefully knead all the ingredients, expertly dose the spices for the accompanying curry, divide the dough into many small balls of equal size, heat the usual old plate until it becomes hot, place each cooked disc in a cloth after having brushed it with oil and close the flaps with extreme delicacy. His are habitual gestures. Simple. Family members. Actions repeated almost mechanically every evening. Year after year. Mrs Kapoor, every evening, without knowing it, makes me feel at home.
Mrs. Kapoor is a certainty in a world full of uncertainties.




Haragei is a Japanese word that perhaps does not exist in any other language in the world, and even translating it is a very complicated business. If desired, we could say that it is non-verbal communication, but it is not only that. The fact is that when we talk, the words we exchange are but a small part of what we really say to each other. When we come into contact with someone, in reality, we also do some interlocking tests: with the eyes, with the voice, with the hands, with the breath, we try to see if whoever we are in front of fits well with us. Haragei is framing each other without telling each other. Haragei is intuition with closed eyes, knowing that in the dark, out there, there is someone like us.


The shadows of the night gather in a distant ravine near the highway to the sky, unfinished basement like many others, they light a fire to recognize themselves but humans do not see them, they are dark to most, it takes inner sensitivity, or you have it. or not, it is not bought with securities, money or a self-declared status.
You can be straight, gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual, it doesn't matter, the Soul has no gender, there is you and the dark, Hell, Purgatory, Heaven and they, who call you and try to lure you into the their kingdom.
The sound they emit is shrill, plaintive but, little by little, it changes, it becomes recognizable, tears, as they have passed away, but then slight smiles for the weight that humanity possesses and distributes day by day on those who live.
They dance around the fire, they have rags on or even naked but full of pride for what they have done and, above all, given in terms of Love, Perversion, constant search for their limits.
It is macabre because if you see them and approach them they are of a deadly pallor, bones in sight, worthy of the scariest horror not yet written.
If you have weak hearts, do not go .... just read, it is enough to imagine the havoc of hearts, limbs and minds that these dances represent but also life lived and sufferings faced ...
The night hides this and more, if you don't have the right eyes you will never see them ....


You know when you run so fast that, even if you are out of breath, you don't want to stop believing that at any moment you can take flight? When unexpectedly a hand rests on your heart and the clouds are blown away? When in November the crystalline sky makes you want to dream that Christmas is coming? And can you imagine a year without your birthday? A life without love? The starless nights? Nature without flowers? Can you imagine what it would be like to live a life that doesn't belong to you? Waking up and wanting to immediately start dreaming again because what awaits you is not what you want? Can you imagine it, tell me, if all this time thinking about what is not there and perhaps can no longer be there, was wasted? Because there are loves that go and then never know how to return, forgetting the scents, the laughter, the sound of the voice. What if now is the right time to change, to realize it's not worth it, it's not worth the love, isn't it worth the wounds? Believe me you could be really happy, if all happiness ended in your smile. Tell me, can you imagine what it would be like if, turning the page, you came across a chapter that never ends?


The hacker group Anonymous hit the website of the Iranian Parliament and the Ministry of Oil, making public the mobile numbers of some parliamentarians and inviting citizens to contact them. "Send them a letter and ask them why they are defending the dictator," the group wrote in a video circulated online, according to the "Al Arabiya" broadcaster. On 21 September, the Anonymous movement claimed responsibility for a hacker attack on its Twitter account against the websites of various institutions in Iran, including that of the Central Bank and the Iranian government office.
The Anonymous Devil Squad account instead published a series of images from a security camera circuit. Again this is an attack very similar to those already seen in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine began. Among the actions claimed by the collective there are also a series of Ddos attacks, in these cases the sites are flooded with artificial access until they are no longer visible to the public. Among the portals affected by this attack is also that of Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran.


What is in the sky is within the earth.
Perhaps blue, infinite water, a life in reverse.
Maybe I say, I try, I preach.
Dug the earth,
a primordial cave, from where man comes out as a newborn and knows nothing and wants to discover something,
but what he finds is explosive, it damages the earth.
A vivid wound lies within the human being, a reminder of what he lost by falling from his universe.
And he remembers the pleasure of being alone with Nature but never rediscovering that pleasure and he sinks into the atavistic pain of being alone.
I see sincere tears, lights of various colors, screens full of numbers and hopes, hopes.
Come out of the nest, lonely wanderer, come out of the wolves' den, out of the mud pond, come out of the buried sky.
Be blue too.


I am what I am.
It took me years to be like this.
And dreams.
And you are wrong.
I could have been countless others.
That to find us all together, apart from a common and sometimes vague resemblance, many would not recognize each other.
I am what I can.
That may not be much, but never judge anyone for what they are not.
In his place, you could have been less.
And seeing yourselves, you would be doomed.
I am my fears, which are many and some do not even have a name.
And they are just a shadow, a gust of cold wind, a noise in the silence, a phrase repeated in the head.
I am my hopes, I am the road on which I walk, I am my horizon, which does not follow the curvature of the earth, but the less geometric one of my life, of my thoughts, of my alternating emotions.
I am what I am.
And sometimes I still flap my arms to try to fly.


On November 14, 1960, at the William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans, a black girl came to class: Ruby Bridges.
She was escorted by a group of federal agents. She was only 6 years old and in front of the school there was an angry crowd, which rebelled against her presence in that school, throwing objects and insults at her.
Until that time, there were no mixed classes and whites were rigidly separated from African Americans, who could not attend the same institutions as their white peers. No sweet eyes were given to Ruby, no words of welcome, like all children who come to school.
Waiting for her, therefore, there was an army of people who insulted her and in the classroom, no one. Neither a companion nor a teacher. The parents of the pupils in that class had withdrawn their children and the teachers had refused to teach a black girl a lesson.
And it wasn't over there. From that moment on, the life of little Ruby Bridges and her family was studded with threats and retaliation.

They were forced to live permanently under escort, their father was fired and their mother was forbidden to shop in certain food stores. The land they cultivated as sharecroppers was also taken away from the grandparents.
Ruby Bridges was given the opportunity to study and learn from a teacher, the only one who did not shy away, and volunteered to accompany the child. Ruby was even forced to bring food from home, due to the danger of being poisoned.
But the Bridges will resist and little Ruby will win her battle.
When she becomes an adult she will say "do not follow the path, go where there is no road and create it yourself."

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