For some time now we have often seen girls screaming, spitting, burping, smashing objects and acting like bullies. What does this aggressive and violent behavior arise from? Are there many examples in movies of tough girls influencing your daughters, grandchildren, sisters? Yes, there are figures of very violent women who are admired for their violence, for their arrogant, irreverent and rebellious way of doing things. So especially the little girls are inspired by Harley Queen, CAT WOMAN, POISON iVY, MYSTICA, ELEKTRA, CRUDELIA DEMON, MALEFICENT and many others. You see in social media images in which little girls smoke joints, drink alcohol, set fire to dumpsters, steal things, destroy objects, and show very destructive behavior.

This behavior is emulated by schoolmates and friends, and they even challenge themselves to show who is the worst. So bad deeds, destruction, fires, erotic videos (especially minors do them) and everything that can be considered bad attracts them and gets their total admiration. They do not emulate certain models but they are also aggressive against others, against other girls who are perhaps very fragile and sensitive and enjoy hitting them, bullying them and putting them in trouble with gratuitous violence, offenses and cruel videos. Why is this violent behavior accepted by families? What has been missing in the life of these girls?
I remember my adolescence when we were many girls in my class but none allowed themselves to have such violent behaviors. You couldn't do certain things otherwise you would be expelled from school. And the parents were very strict. While many parents are now absent, they are distracted and sometimes punch teachers. So maybe these girls have bad examples in the family too? I can't understand their behavior. They all seem scattered, angry and confused. They are proud of being like that, of not following any rules and even going against the laws. They are proud of using violence and being bullies. They are really cruel and rude to everyone. They don't listen to anyone, they have famous idols and they only think about money and being more and more evil.

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  1. Nashra Khan
    Sep 01, 2022 @ 13:07:40



  2. seekingdivineperspective
    Sep 02, 2022 @ 18:41:20

    This is true, and so sad. I’m guessing these girls are lost and miserable, but they don’t dare let anyone know and appear vulnerable, so they increase the bad behavior to cover up their lostness. 😦


  3. victoriaetveritas
    Sep 03, 2022 @ 10:40:07

    Părere mea este că asemenea fete nu s-au bucurat de educația din familie în cei 7 ani de acasă și nici de educația din școală n-au prea ținut seama.


  4. keithpetersen80
    Sep 15, 2022 @ 14:42:56

    You asked, “Why is this violent behavior accepted by families? What has been missing in the life of these girls?” You answered this later when you referred to absent parents and bad examples in the family. Ultimately, like everyone, these girls need the Lord!


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