The deer is found above all in shamanic astrology, typical of the American Indians. Referring to shamanic astrology, those who were born under the sign of twins between 21 May and 20 June received the deer as a totem animal. They are people with innate intelligence, curiosity and a desire to explore the world and have new experiences.
The symbolism of the deer is also important in Celtic culture. The Celts thought that the deer was a supernatural animal and above all attributed to it the gift of fertility, which we talked about earlier in relation to the horns of this animal. It is not surprising that the deer was also associated with figures from Celtic mythology, among which we must absolutely remember Cernunnos, or the god among the animals that lived in the forest. 
The white deer is considered a magical and powerful force in many mythological apparatuses.

In Celtic tradition, white deer are considered to be messengers from the afterlife. According to the legend of Arthur, then, it is a creature impossible to capture: the search for the animal by King Arthur represents the search for the spirituality of Man.

It is also said that those who manage to spot the animal are about to experience a moment of great importance.

On a page of notes dated 1900, the Irish poet W.B. Yeats mentions "a story from the Galway area in which it is said that Niamh, whose name meant Luminosity or Beauty, approached Oisin in the form of a deer (...) and a white fawn looked at the man from the woods, while he did not he was aware of it, because a white hound was coming and the man was starting to follow him, trembling; but the seer knew that eventually he would follow the fawn, that he would lead him among the gods. The wisest of the Hermetists said: "I am unable to indicate the meaning of the dogs, or where the encounter between the Suns is, but I believe that the fawn is the Morning and Evening Star".
The Deer represents a messenger and a guide to the otherworldly worlds. The deer horns were used by shamans for their rituals. The deer represents speed, grace and sweetness. It teaches that one can change one's path while maintaining the established direction. The deer is one of the most important animals and symbols in Celtic culture, considered a spiritual being belonging to the Mother Goddess and associated with the cult of fertility. It represents life as a renovator of nature. In fact it was linked to the figure of Cernunnos, the horned god, one of the most ancient Celtic deities of the forest and animals. The Celts used many talismans in deer horn to evoke the qualities of the animal. The deer bond with spirituality and the sacredness of life is testified by numerous myths about this totem.
The female, the white doe, on the other hand, representative of the feminine principle, possesses lightness, flair and great ability to change shape and has the role of leading the hunter into the depths of the forest of mysteries. 
According to the myth, the goddess Diana led the choirs of the Muses, and Agamemnon, who was in command of the Greek army, sacrificed his daughter Iphigenia to her before setting sail for Troy. The goddess of the woods, however, substituted a doe for the girl, who was brought to Tauride.


For its ability to see in the dark, to hunt effectively in the night by flying silently and for its complex verses that break the silence of the night, the owl has always been considered an animal symbol of Wisdom, Deep Knowledge, Clairvoyance and Prophecy. It is also an animal to which melancholy and poetic souls and nature lovers are very attached as it represents the secret world of night and dreams. The owl is therefore the guardian of the boundaries between night and day, civilization and wild life, between reality and illusion: a guide, a teacher.
And it's not true that owls and owls bring bad luck… on the contrary, those who wear them always feel they have an extra gear.


Those who know how to give and love are considered naive. Many do not understand our inner light.
We who love deeply, who give ourselves even if we are often not reciprocated with the same intensity, are considered deluded.
We who see love in a person, a feeling, a tree, a ray of light and even in a prayer ... we are dreamers.
... and if we fall to our knees with a broken heart, a spark of love is enough and we get up stronger than before, we get up full of love .... and that is why true, intense love that passes through you bowel is not for everyone, even if everyone is looking for it.
We who practice universal love, we who think about saving Gaia our mother Earth, we are devalued by this society linked to money and materialism.
We are inside the heart of the universe to save everyone and fight for the salvation of all.



Often events occur in our life that can hardly be attributed to chance. It is those striking, indisputable coincidences that seriously question the fact that there is nothing beyond what we perceive with the senses. Rationality - so proudly flaunted by Westerners - and the materialism of our times does not highlight the deepest feeling which cannot be described with crude words. Certain facts make you think that perhaps there is someone who is thinking of you, who is watching from above and trying to guide you on your path. We do not know what it is, whether our soul, God, or the angels, or the Devas, but we do know that there is a Truth that acts within us.

Coincidences are often underestimated, misinterpreted, and frequently ignored. Often and willingly, the secret side of what one has just experienced is not grasped and therefore the lesson to be learned is not grasped. Maintaining an open, silent attitude and therefore proposed to listening to this feeling allows you to perceive more and more easily this inner voice that is expressed in such a subtle way that it is difficult to distinguish it from our revolving, unstoppable and repetitive thoughts.
The inner voice (if we want to call it that) is the one that the sages (that of Socrates!), Philosophers, mystics, and religious (the real ones) listen to. It is our connection with true reality, with the complete picture of reality that we still cannot perceive. Following the inner voice means having Faith (not in the "Christian" sense) that is, having Trust that that voice will guide you and give you the best for you.

It is quite possible to see that the inner voice manifests itself most clearly when the mind is silent and the trust placed in it is complete. We must not be carried away by doubt and fear.
Letting oneself be guided should not be a blind act, but a conscious one. By "letting yourself be guided" we mean to stop going against the flow of life, it means to stop being afraid of the future, because you are aware that the things that happen to you are the most useful for you. We must stop going against the current or we will continue to suffer. We suffer because the water that comes from the river crashes on us and we are unable to leave the rock with which we remain still so that we are carried away by the current of life. Let go!
One should try to leave oneself in complete abandonment.


I often hear people say that you cannot think about everyone's problems and that you cannot love indiscriminately, and that, nowadays, personalities like Gandhi or Jesus are just a utopia. I often hear it said: “One cannot love the whole world indiscriminately. You cannot love a stranger ”. Yet there is nothing more foolish: any friend, boyfriend / girlfriend, distant relative that we have never seen, before knowing him was none other than a stranger. So? The interaction between our soul and that of other people leads us to unite with each other and share the same emotions, sensations, pleasures, moments. 
This is how a complete stranger becomes someone. Why, therefore, we should not do the same. with the rest of the world and send love unconditionally to everyone, preparing us for a possible meeting, even if it never happens? Why should I give my love only to the people I know, when I know that there are so many in the world who would need a thought of affection that I can send them? Love is the only feeling in the world that never runs out of a soul's "batteries". Indeed, if anything, it recharges them. 
Love makes the world a better, brighter, stronger place. Love overcomes all barriers and boundaries, all obstacles of war, hatred, pain, anger. Love surpasses even death. It is the most powerful and liberating feeling, the greatest. And yet, although it is the feeling we give most to the people we know, it is also the one we give the least to everyone else. 
Almost ashamed of us, almost as if we had to hide. But hide from whom? From what? We were born to be in the world and be happy, and love. Above all to love. Yet we get scared when we love so much: we think we are weak and that it is wrong. What a terrible mistake: love is the richest feeling in the world and we deprive ourselves of it with our hands, trapped in fruitless thoughts in our own mind. Love is not an animal that can be kept in a cage (like no animal, on the other hand). It should be given as a gift, not begged for. 
It should be shouted and not fearfully whispered. It should be sighed with a smile and not a grimace of pain. We have the greatest gift that has been given to us in the world and every time we see it delivered in our hands we don't know what to do with it, we don't even know how to behave with those who give it to us. We should learn to thank every day for knowing how to love, because when a man does not know how to love "It is only a man who cannot see, it is a child who cannot play, it is a sunset that has no color".



Who I am? I have been struggling to answer this question lately. I happen to hang out with different people and be a different person every time, but it's not really me. Sometimes I find it hard to understand how I have to act, what to do for my life, for my future. I thought it would be enough to have at least an idea of ​​what to do, but that's not enough. I find myself trapped again in a vicious circle of things I hate, people I can barely stand, an uncertain future. Yet when I happen to hang out with other people, I realize how much other people see me in a much, much better way than I do. They praise my actions almost as if I were some kind of hero, while I would like to say "Hey, look, I just don't understand what is special about me!". But these are only the worst times. There are others where I find myself giving an account of my life and I find myself being incredibly proud of myself. I am happy with myself. I'm having the courage to live as I want, to have experiences, to live as I say, and not as others want, as society wants. Often someone makes irony about my height (or rather, my baseness), calling me "darling", "little girl", then they are surprised when they learn that this little girl had the courage to travel alone around the world. My strength is an inner strength, the courage to look one's enormous difficulties in the face, to give a kick in the ass to that shyness that sometimes paralyzes me, the courage to dare always and in any case. Who am I? Maybe I will never really understand it fully, but for now I feel satisfied with what I see in the mirror.



I am sitting outside, the last glow of the sun on my face. It's cold, but I don't want to go back inside for a sweater. seeing goosebumps is comforting, it makes you feel that something can touch me and I am not indifferent to it. Today I tidied up, dusted off, wrote an important chapter in my life. I took care of myself calmly, here the time seems to be less and less. There are those who think of me, I don't know what to think. I smile at a friendship that blossoms despite the ashes left around and I tell myself that it is not true that the conclusions are the end. I can say with confidence now: I'm fine and I don't hold a grudge. I am so proud of myself that I would hug myself tightly. perhaps it can be a remedy for the cold.

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