The deer is found above all in shamanic astrology, typical of the American Indians. Referring to shamanic astrology, those who were born under the sign of twins between 21 May and 20 June received the deer as a totem animal. They are people with innate intelligence, curiosity and a desire to explore the world and have new experiences.
The symbolism of the deer is also important in Celtic culture. The Celts thought that the deer was a supernatural animal and above all attributed to it the gift of fertility, which we talked about earlier in relation to the horns of this animal. It is not surprising that the deer was also associated with figures from Celtic mythology, among which we must absolutely remember Cernunnos, or the god among the animals that lived in the forest. 
The white deer is considered a magical and powerful force in many mythological apparatuses.

In Celtic tradition, white deer are considered to be messengers from the afterlife. According to the legend of Arthur, then, it is a creature impossible to capture: the search for the animal by King Arthur represents the search for the spirituality of Man.

It is also said that those who manage to spot the animal are about to experience a moment of great importance.

On a page of notes dated 1900, the Irish poet W.B. Yeats mentions "a story from the Galway area in which it is said that Niamh, whose name meant Luminosity or Beauty, approached Oisin in the form of a deer (...) and a white fawn looked at the man from the woods, while he did not he was aware of it, because a white hound was coming and the man was starting to follow him, trembling; but the seer knew that eventually he would follow the fawn, that he would lead him among the gods. The wisest of the Hermetists said: "I am unable to indicate the meaning of the dogs, or where the encounter between the Suns is, but I believe that the fawn is the Morning and Evening Star".
The Deer represents a messenger and a guide to the otherworldly worlds. The deer horns were used by shamans for their rituals. The deer represents speed, grace and sweetness. It teaches that one can change one's path while maintaining the established direction. The deer is one of the most important animals and symbols in Celtic culture, considered a spiritual being belonging to the Mother Goddess and associated with the cult of fertility. It represents life as a renovator of nature. In fact it was linked to the figure of Cernunnos, the horned god, one of the most ancient Celtic deities of the forest and animals. The Celts used many talismans in deer horn to evoke the qualities of the animal. The deer bond with spirituality and the sacredness of life is testified by numerous myths about this totem.
The female, the white doe, on the other hand, representative of the feminine principle, possesses lightness, flair and great ability to change shape and has the role of leading the hunter into the depths of the forest of mysteries. 
According to the myth, the goddess Diana led the choirs of the Muses, and Agamemnon, who was in command of the Greek army, sacrificed his daughter Iphigenia to her before setting sail for Troy. The goddess of the woods, however, substituted a doe for the girl, who was brought to Tauride.

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