He who creates does not produce. Who creates is not seen. Everything that is not produced by companies goes unnoticed. What is created and is not a product of capitalism is as if they do not exist. And so in the same way creators are non-existent for society. They're on the sidelines. In their creative corners where they despair and cry. Their creations are not products and they are not existent. Capitalism has made them useless. In the past, creators such as Leonardo, Michelangelo and others were welcomed at court, well-liked and in demand. But today's creatives and artists stay out of every door, unless they produce something "salable". This dead company is based only on earnings and money is killing the imagination.

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  1. dumbestblogger
    Nov 26, 2022 @ 13:18:41

    Leonardo and Michelangelo had plenty of financial support for their work. I actually take a bit of a different tack, and try to make money with my artistic endeavors. I’ve never been rich, so the only way I can afford to make art is for it to pay.

    Casey Neistat has a great take on this.


  2. Giannis Pit
    Nov 26, 2022 @ 16:07:40

    Oh yes! Capitalism is, de jure, against imagination, my dear friend. Have a nice weekend.


  3. Reaseaorg
    Nov 26, 2022 @ 18:01:17

    Efficiency seems the biggest goal of making profit, seen as the cornerstone of productivity, yet you are right that what is produced in a great quality artisan way, takes time, despite its beauty in its difference, in its feel, in its impression. This time reduces efficiency so reduces profit, so everyone does not seem as worried in general about the quality of their work anymore. A real shame …


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