An umbrella can't stop the rain,
two umbrellas can't stop the rain, 
three umbrellas break, bombs explode, 
metal rain is not angelic, 
bombs are not divine, 
this sugar candy won't change a thing.
Every bitter bite is a child's breath.
Every death is the end of the future of all the children of the world.
I look at the sky and the dark clouds have arrived and the winter is freezing.
The animals inside get warm 
but there are many victims out there in the cold 
and I can't sleep thinking about them.
Children don't deserve this pain.
Who are you who have no feelings?
Who are you who live without thinking?
Will this war be the last?
This pain will be there last.
My bed has no peace, 
it moves under the bombs, 
I hear them coming and I think of those missing children,
to mothers who try to put them to sleep.
How did Jesus sleep when it was cold? 
How can he remain silent in the face of this disaster?
My food turns bitter because I cry,
this war does not end, I cry, I pray, but human beings are deaf, 
they have become inhuman,
total alienation of armies and young boys.
I pray for Ukrainian and Russian children.
I make no difference, 
I understand everyone's pain but where is God? 
What are you doing? Please call God!

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  1. Alev Abla
    Nov 28, 2022 @ 10:38:36



  2. For the Love of God, We are all God's Breath
    Nov 28, 2022 @ 17:25:29

    I pray for all children. Children in America are not any safer than these children. It is just different degrees of suffering. Where are you? Not where is God.


  3. Mary Anne Abdo
    Nov 28, 2022 @ 23:46:37

    It is just so sad to see children suffering because of wars and greed. This is not fair to our children for they are our future. Praying for these children


  4. Future Leaders Academy of Africa
    Jan 14, 2023 @ 17:08:49

    We thought you’d like to read this:
    The African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child: Simple Copy or Contextualized Supplement to the Convention on the Rights of the Child?


    • Fairy Qu33n
      Jan 18, 2023 @ 09:33:10

      In many states the rights of the child are not respected. In Italy, where I live, for example, children whose parents have financial difficulties are taken away from their families instead of helping them. The state does not try to unite the family and help them but takes the children out of their environment to give them to childless people who ask for the children in foster care or put them in family homes managed by cooperatives that take a lot of money but then neglect the children. I believe that many governments have not respected children’s rights but no one controls these governments and therefore they continue to do what they want. And kids grow up unhealthy and then they become problem people with hardships and also with juvenile crime problems.


    • Fairy Qu33n
      Jan 18, 2023 @ 09:35:01

      I also think that many families with children should be helped with psychological support because we are experiencing one of the most difficult moments in this period and yet psychological support is not given. Family mediators are paid privately, as are child psychologists and couples therapy. The state does not care at all about the well-being of families. This is a serious problem but you don’t understand the consequences of this problem.


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