I believe that if we really open our hearts there would be love for everyone and not just for some people.
I believe that if we unite the love we have within us,
if we all believe together in a love that saves the world then we can really save it.
Evil creates many divisions among us but we must resist all ideologies, 
all prejudices and try to follow only our heart and free ourselves from all conditioning, 
have love for all and give freedom to all to be able to love. 
I believe in the Good within each person,
I believe in the light energy within each of us so let us not let ourselves be overshadowed by political, 
religious or other issues. 
We must come together to save this planet,
it's the most important thing right now.




Here we are again in that period of the year when the lights go on everywhere, the memories thicken, the shortcomings become even heavier and that sense of melancholy mixed with joy caresses your soul, supporting you for days. It is a beautiful and difficult period and the state of mind varies according to the personal journey of each of us. We have gone through very hard, difficult and distant moments from affection, hugs and certainties.
There are dull days, in which a thousand setbacks occur, in which the problems to solve, the things to do multiply, in which all the programs skip and you just have to start over. Days in which there is just enough time to stop and sigh, thinking "I can't take it anymore".
Even these days come to an end and what remains on us is a great tiredness which fortunately is accompanied by the awareness of having done everything possible. Especially when we are dealing with many people, for various reasons, it is really difficult to always understand and also always make yourself understood.
One of my wishes is to have fewer days like this or the ability, if I really have to go through them, to be able to live them with greater patience and serenity, to always carry something good with me, even when I really have to dig to find it.
Less nervousness, more smiles. Being able to cushion the impact that other people's wickedness, selfishness, lack of gratitude have on me. Because in the end the problem is this, it's me. I'm still not good, I feel like a sponge that absorbs everything.
I need someone to laugh with me at my weird way of talking to trees.
I can't remember anymore when I was happy and had fun. I whisper to the wind and the clouds.
The rain only in the evening and the blue always on the lips. I let all sorrows and disappointments land on a land without wars and I guess men are not violent.
Tonight I would like to smile for all the people who are here and whom time has left on my way like precious flowers.
You are all often the only eyes I see in the darkness of this war. I am very fragile but you give me a lot of strength and support and I thank you all for being here.
You are beautiful flowers on the street and I see you and find my peaceful silence.


Let an angel sit at the table with us.
An angel of those forgotten even by the Lord,
one of those poor, dirty and drunk,
an angel who has no one,
who does not expect gifts.
If there's room for one of them then perhaps there will be room for a divine child.


It's that sometimes people don't understand. They don't understand how much they mean to you, they don't understand how much they affect your life. They just don't seem to realize it.
So then you wonder if it's really worth standing there giving so much importance to someone who maybe doesn't give you so much importance.
You feel a little stupid and also a little indecisive.
Choose reason and feel good or choose your heart and suffer... because you already know that, even a minimum, you'll have to suffer and then you wonder if it's really worth it.
And if you're anything like me, well sadly it will always be worth it.
Those who are dreamers always hope to find what they were looking for, even if they know that they may never find it.


Ultra-processed foods are processed foods that contain numerous ingredients including sugars and hydrogenated fats. Numerous studies have confirmed that their consumption increases the risk of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

The acronym UPF (ultra-processed food) indicates ultra-processed foods, i.e. all those foods that have undergone numerous industrial transformations and whose ingredients include, for example, added sugars, hydrogenated fats and additives such as thickeners and dyes . These include packaged snacks and ice creams, sugary and carbonated drinks, candies, industrial breads, instant soups, all products which for some can come to represent 25-50 percent of daily food consumption.
Ultra-Processed Foods Increase the Risk of Alzheimer's and Dementia
As indicated by numerous studies, these are unhealthy foods for the body that increase the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, but which also have negative effects on cognitive functions, contributing to their decline. Dr. Attilio Speciani, clinical immunologist and allergy specialist, talks about it on the pages of Eurosalus, citing a study published in Neurology, according to which a 10 percent increase in UPF intake increases the risk of Alzheimer's by 14 percent, 25 percent the risk of dementia and 28 percent the risk of vascular dementia, or cognitive impairment due to insufficient blood circulation in the brain. On the other hand, however, replacing just 10 percent of UPF foods with healthy, minimally processed foods results in a 19 percent reduction in dementia risk; by replacing 20 percent, the reduction rises to 38 percent, and so on.

Healthy foods can help you feel better and overcome anxiety, stress and physical ailments. In fact, many studies have shown that nutrition, in addition to feeding you, can be more effective than a drug. Therefore, eating healthy can help you prevent and treat many diseases but also promote your psycho-physical well-being.

Some foods can alleviate, and often resolve, small and large ailments that negatively affect your life (from insomnia to constipation). Furthermore, they make you feel more energetic and vital, they protect you from stress, tension and nervousness.

But, it is important that you choose the right foods and stay away from those that can have a harmful effect on your psychic and physical balance. Don't think of food as a medicine to be taken only when ailments appear, but start thinking of diet as a lifestyle to feel better in your body and mind.
Do you want to be happy? Fill up on fruits and vegetables!
Numerous studies have shown that fruit and vegetables are a real cure-all for the mood and win the primacy of healthy foods.

A research conducted on nearly 300 young people in their twenties by the New Zealand University of Otago has revealed its positive effects. Boys who ate more fruits and vegetables during the day reported feeling calmer, happier, and more energetic than usual.

Furthermore, a study by the University of Warwick confirmed this result. Thus, by observing the eating habits of 80,000 English people, the researchers discovered that those who consume fruit and vegetables every day feel more serene than others, even happy if they manage to eat seven servings a day.

This is because fruits and vegetables are rich in substances, such as folic acid (contained in spinach, asparagus and legumes).

Therefore, these substances help regulate levels of serotonin, the happiness hormone, helping you control emotions and keep your mood up. In fact, they also exert a calming power on the nervous system thanks to a slight sedative effect, such as the bromine in which grapes and clementines are rich.


I write. When you have inspiration, you don't have to block it. It's like blocking a raging river, an erupting volcano, a band of protesters during what can be called a revolution.
We all lead a life that sooner or later will have to undergo analysis. This can be defined as the right moment, indeed the perfect moment, that is the night.
I stop, I look outside, the night upsets me too much. These stars are too beautiful. The sun goes down and thoughts rise. I think the night is the sweet spot for everyone.
Wise friend and kind adviser and at the same time despair of insomnia and unexpected nightmares. The night.
I am writing by interrupting myself very often, making many full stops, leaving what should be obvious and obvious slightly in suspense. But that's how it is at night.
You want to clarify, wriggle between your problems and your paranoia but she makes you a barrier of stars, engulfs you in her luminous shadow and takes you into her galaxy.
He puts a full stop and removes that strange squiggle that makes up the question mark. It ends your hopes and fuels them at the same time.
He does some strange things tonight.
God, thank you for having created the night, a forbidden and inaccessible place for those who do not dream and a place of enchantment and wonder for free minds. For brave, bold and fearless spirits.
Give me strength tonight too.
Tonight I know that you are my friend, sweet darkness, cradle me and put me to sleep, take the reins of my life and take me far where no one knows.
Make me yours and make me a star because I want to shine and bring peace.



Mizuhiki are strings made with a particular type of paper, called Washi, also called paper of the Gods, which is cut into long strips then twisted, impregnated with liquid glue, dried and subsequently colored to obtain a long thin string. With these ropes decorative knots are then made.

The origin of Mizuhiki dates back to the Azuka period, when in 607 AD a Japanese official brought back a gift for the emperor from China, the package had a red and white decoration on the lid, made of string. From that moment on, the tradition of placing a decorative knot on all gifts for the emperor took off, red with auspicious value and white as a symbol of purity.

The colors of the Mizuhiki vary and represent the different social classes from which the gifts came.

As I told you at the beginning, the term Mizuhiki derives from the word Musubi which means to connect, to bind not only physically but also emotionally.

We know that nothing, especially in Japanese culture, is left to chance, so even the use of knots is not accidental.
To become mizuhiki, Japanese paper is cut into thin strips and tightly twisted to form hard but extremely flexible threads with which artistic knots and three-dimensional compositions of considerable visual impact are produced.

Mizuhiki arrived in Japan from China around 600 AD. as an ornament for a gift intended for the emperor. They were red and white as a good omen for the return journey of the Japanese emissaries.

With mizuhiki you can make three-dimensional creations of considerable artistic and technical value.
The combination of auspiciousness, long life and resistance to adversity symbolized by pine, heron and turtle are still today given by the future groom to the bride's family on their engagement day.
There are three knots used mainly: the Hanamusubi which can be easily untied and is therefore used for thanksgiving, greetings, events, gifts, with the wish that good things will repeat themselves again.
The Musubikiri, on the other hand, once connected, is no longer unfastened; precisely for this reason it is used for marriage as a wish for a lasting relationship, or for condolences or visits to the sick, hoping that these unpleasant situations will never happen again.
Finally there is the Awabimusubi, a complicated knot, difficult to untie; the name derives from the Awabi seafood, which can be kept for a long time as it is hoped that the relationship that binds us to the person to whom we give it is destined to last forever.
But it's not just the type of knot that has a precise meaning: the number of strings used does too! It starts from a base of five units, which can be simplified to three, while the use of seven represents a touch of greater elegance.
Normally even numbers are not used, except for marriage where the use of ten strings represents the union of two families (5x2) and is therefore a sign of good luck. Even numbers and 9 are not considered positive.
Mizuhiki can also be found in the form of animals such as cranes, frogs, fish, dragons and turtles and lately this technique is also used to create bijoux.
Seventy percent of all mizuhiki produced in the country comes from Iida which is located in the alpine region of Nagano, the site of the 1998 Winter Olympics. It was introduced here during the Edo period and has reached such a level of quality that it is recognized as the best in the whole country even at an official level, named as such by the Japanese government itself.

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