There is a word in Japanese to define the labyrinth of bonds: MUSUBI. Musubi is the connection between people represented by a weave of threads. Tying those threads together is a musubi, the flow of time is musubi. Over time the threads converge and take shape, twist and tangle.

In Shinto cosmology everything that exists is pervaded by a primordial energy, which feeds and composes all matter and all its manifestations, it is the musubi.

This mystical force is comparable to the "gokumi" which is also spoken of in Zen Buddhism, a cosmic energy which concentrates all the elements in itself and which gives rise to everything and causes the evolution of everything, through the eternal cycle of existence.

It is the intimate bond that exists between all things, the common element of everything that is part of the cosmos. Musubi is also the harmonic and universal force that inextricably links the human physical world to the spiritual world.

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  1. stolzyblog
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 21:27:40

    not to be confused with wasabi 🙂


  2. Amorina Rose
    Dec 04, 2022 @ 21:52:46

    What do you think it means for us?


  3. Conny Lundberg
    Dec 05, 2022 @ 13:00:18

    Reblogged this on Life, Death and all between.


  4. Kelly Louise Allen
    Dec 05, 2022 @ 17:52:46



  5. Susan St.Pierre
    Dec 06, 2022 @ 21:24:42

    Something explained that I’ve felt. Thank-you.


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