There are days when everything seems more complicated, your own breath is. These are the days when that anxiety appears that does not go out even if you immerse yourself in the actions you love the most.
It is the anxiety of those who, knowing full well that they are always in the balance, accentuate their feeling of suspension and helplessness.
So, I try to devote myself to studying, reading, writing and, perhaps, only in the latter do I find the space for revelation and relaxation.
When, then, there are situations that accumulate, such as the rudeness of those who look at you, or rather, do not look at you, my heart is filled with sadness and I cannot help but consider how much foolishness there is in those who abandon themselves to denial and to indifference a person who suffers.
To the question of convention but without feeling "How are you?", I always answer "Good!", But how do you want me to be?
Rather, it makes me wonder how certain people are with themselves, how they can manage to be in front of me without ever looking at me, talk to me without looking at me, how they can be so banal.
It is very difficult for me to live off this indelicacy and I don't understand it. I do not understand who is good for, certainly not for me, but not even for those who express themselves in this way and who do not even learn a lesson for themselves from the pain of the other.

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