When I rescue a bug by trying to get it back to the wild by getting it out of my apartment, I often make major mistakes that are vital to the bug.
I just try to save his life or at least help him be part of nature and set him free. Even if I have, I believe and hope, a positive thought towards the insect, if I don't find its collaboration or the right way to do it, I could really hurt it or even deprive it of life.
Then I wonder what conception the insect might have of me. How do you perceive me? What am I to him? Surely it does not ask itself these questions but simply, the insect perhaps feels a danger or at least something strange that is placed between it and its world, its knowledge, its instincts, its receptors.
In my small way, for him I am an anomaly that while trying to help him in reality, if I don't have his collaboration, I could harm him a lot.
If I don't have your cooperation. This is the most important reflection I want to arrive at.
In the same way, what I tried to do to that insect, could something do to us too, to me?
Is it if I weren't collaborative by my nature and my limits, could this thing harm me instead of helping me despite the good intentions that I haven't been able to perceive?
When I hear that someone has made a mistake because he didn't follow his destiny, could it be comparable to the situation of that insect that didn't cooperate with me and frustrated my help towards him?
It could be silly reasoning or perhaps a reasoning in which to find a philosophy that I ignore, but I often wonder if some situations actually indicate a way

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