Corollas outside inside disasters.
Freedom and instinct roam the streets?
Artists flying above the crowd.
Men on ropes between buildings.
And you, what's special about you?
Reality is less dreams, less desires.
We are made of clear glass,
We see all the things that happen.
Glass that passes through us.
We don't lie to people.
We give impossible kisses.
We give love to those who don't deserve it.
The crumbs of the night kill the flashes.
I'm glad that the aba is on the sea.
I have the feeling that youth is already old because it lives shut up in a room.
Many things seem far away.
Many lives are really far from life.
I take naps with my gsttines on my back.
They sleep with me.
Lotus until my family.
All of this is a universe that is the same every day.
Avalon is a sunny day.
I am the lady but I don't live in a lake.
I am earthly.
I'm made of tired hearts.
I dreamed of flowers, it was beautiful, and a garden with fish in the pond.
Butterflies and birds.
I look like a little girl looking for treasure but I'm not looking for anything.
I have my kittens on my back.
On the surface of this moment tuned pianos dance.
In the yellow light of the last rays the cats lick each other. They become dancers who follow the tempo of the symphonies.
Words with the meaning of actions.
The lightness of your eyes.
Drop of water.
Tender sprout.
Forest spirit maker.
This is how I rain inside your existence.
I become a puddle.
And you step inside with your feet and get wet.
I have no other way to explain it.
It is an early mechanism.
But you're like a toad in the woods
waiting for the queen of flowers
To have his best prize: a kiss.


Once upon a time there was a goblin who loved being near the river. He liked to catch fish, watch the ducks and observe the graceful dragonflies. Once a fish was so heavy that he carried it with him into the water and the goblin nearly died. He had drunk a lot of water but had managed to cling to a log. And he said to himself "Never again in the water, next time I'll let go."
But one day while he was fishing he heard shouting and a girl appeared carried by the current.
The elf immediately threw the fishing rod to the ground to dive but as soon as he reached the edge of the river the memory of that experience he had, in which he had almost died, made him give up and so he pretended not to have seen and went back to pick up the cane and whistled as if nothing had happened.
That day he caught many fish and took them to a party in the woods where everyone celebrated the arrival of summer. He was very happy and told his friends that he would roast the food himself. So he built a fire and threaded the fish into the thin sticks and put them on the fire and then he started playing his flute.
But while he was playing with such ardor, having also drunk some good mead, he did not notice that his foot, with pointed shoes, had ended up very close to the fire and he was getting burned without realizing it.
But a girl, who was listening to her music, and who was the same one who was in the river that day, saw what was happening and took a jug of water and immediately put out the fire. The elf jumped into the air and almost annoyed said to her :" What the hell are you doing? " Thinking it was a naughty joke. And the girl is ready. He replied: "I'll save you, even if today you would have let me drown."


A message has arrived from Mars and now we have to decipher it
Mars calling to Earth, an “alien message” has been sent from the Red Planet and has reached humans on our planet. What is it telling us? Cosmos and UFO enthusiasts or even just the most curious can challenge themselves to decipher it. The signal was shared online and on social media by Seti (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence). How would we react if we were to receive a message that came to us from other parts of the Cosmos? How many times has it happened to think of a question of this type, now the event has somehow occurred and we can try to give an answer to the question. But what is hidden behind this message is already very interesting in itself.
The race to decode the message from Mars that arrived on Earth has started: the data, collected by the three radio telescopes, has already been processed and made available online on the "A Sign in Space" project website. More than 1,300 people from all over the world (including Italy) are trying their hand at this experiment on the border between science, art and science fiction. This was announced by the National Institute for Astrophysics, which created it from an idea by the artist Daniela de Paulis in collaboration with the European Space Agency, the Seti Institute and the Green Bank Observatory. The signal, which simulates a message sent by an extraterrestrial civilization, was transmitted via radio waves by the Trace Gas Orbiter probe of the ExoMars mission, in orbit around Mars.
The systematic search for extra-terrestrial signals in the cosmos was born between the 60s and 70s thanks to the SETI program, acronym of Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Despite continuous years of research, unfortunately we have not yet been able to pick up signals from non-natural extra-terrestrial sources. The question therefore arises whether there is no one out there or if we simply are not able to recognize and decode a message sent by another civilization in the cosmos.
Mars is located about 290 million kilometers from Earth, so the signal, which travels at the speed of light, took about 16 minutes to cover that distance. In Italy, the signal was received by the INAF radio telescope of Medicina, in the province of Bologna, while the other two radio telescopes used are located in the United States and are the Allen Telescope Array of the SETI Institute, in California, and the Green Bank Observatory, in West Virginia.
On the project website, it is possible both to watch the live streaming of the reception and to access all the tools that allow the public, as well as specialists and experts from all fields, to decode and interpret the message. As the project leaders explain, this initiative represents a unique opportunity to concretely prepare ourselves for how to decipher and interpret an extra-terrestrial signal, an event that would profoundly upset and transform humanity. Only through the interdisciplinary collaboration between many individuals, will it be possible to complete the mission, for this reason the project invites everyone to send scientific data, thoughts, drafts, drawings and ideas to decode the signal and culturally interpret the message. We can't wait to find out its contents, and you?


When you dedicate yourself, you dedicate yourself totally.
We all share pain, something deep that breaks our hearts in half, that makes us gasp, oppresses us and makes us scream inside with pain until we are completely exhausted.
But Love Conquers All. Love overcomes time, overcomes pride, overcomes anger, overcomes difficulties. Here, above all Love overcomes difficulties.
Because Love is dedicated to healing, to healing, to reminding us that life goes on and we can open up to something great, beautiful, new.
Love holds hands and squeezes tight, because together is better. Together you are never alone.
Two Heads reason, discuss, comfort, understand and advise each other. They help each other. They love each other.
Because Love Conquers All and knowing you can share your problems on the strong shoulders of those who love you is already a big sigh of relief.
Love Wins everything. Because Love knows. Love knows. He knows suffering, he knows tears... but he also knows the joy of falling in love, of being together. To make it: in spite of everything.
"When Love comes, treat it well."
If Love is faced with the Common Thought of being Two Souls who give themselves to each other, then Love is realized. And it completes.
In Today and Forever.


So, I don't know which of you buy organic vegetables or fruits. Have you looked at the regular vegetables and the organic ones? Have you seen any clear differences? And by buying something organic, have you noticed a difference in taste?
When I compare the things collected in my garden they are completely different from the normal ones and also from the organic ones and if I taste them everything is tastier and there is a magnificent sensation on the palate, nothing to do with the things they sell around .
Therefore I have the impression that they sell organic vegetables and fruit which is not organic. Size too. The things from my garden, the fruit, remain small, while I see that the organic things from the supermarket are the same as the non-organic ones. Does it happen to you? Do you believe that those things there, which also charge a lot of money, are organic?


Many children can no longer play in parks, why? Because there are drug dealers in the parks and these drug dealers are left where they are. The government is interested in arresting activists but does not arrest drug dealers who sell drugs at all hours of the day. In the parks you can find syringes on the ground, you can no longer spend a few hours relaxing in nature because all these people are there and deal. But the government doesn't seem to see them at all. The Italian government only sees activists trying to get people talking about the damage the climate is doing to all agriculture and the environment. The government is not interested in knowing how many people are in danger from landslides or river floods. The government is only interested in the activists to be arrested because they throw natural paints on the monuments or charcoal in the fountains. Are these things more harmful than people dealing drugs in every park in every city and country?
When drug dealers are arrested they are in jail for two days and then they get out and are free again and go again to deal drugs in the same places, as if nothing had happened. They are allowed to do whatever they want, anywhere, in the streets, parks, squares, anywhere. Citizens can no longer stay in parks, they can't take their children to play, they can't enjoy nature. This government does not think about the citizens. This government thinks only of activists. The scammers are free, the drug dealers are free and the activists are all in jail. Evidently this government has a somewhat strange idea of ​​what are the priorities of citizenship and citizens' lives.
I'd like to see happy children playing in the parks, smelling the flowers, running and having fun without being afraid of syringes in the meadows. On the other hand, children can no longer play in parks and I find this unfair and all administrations and governments should worry about the future of these children who can no longer play outdoors and cannot socialize. So why not put the drug dealers in jail and leave the activists alone? Activists are teaching us to think more about the climate, nature and the environment. They do it in an extreme way, it's true, but the message is the right one and the government should stop keeping real criminals free and clean up the parks of all this crap that we have to see every day in our cities, which have now become their territory , where criminals rule and not the police.


A group of activists from the Ultima Generazione movement threw black liquid, vegetable charcoal, into the Trevi Fountain.
During the action, a small banner for the "we don't pay for fossils" campaign was unfurled and activists shouted: "Our country is dying".
Some are blatantly against these types of protests because they say monuments are being damaged. But if the activists do this then they are put on the front pages and talk about it on all TVs, when instead they make protests of another kind, nobody talks about it. Is it right to go to extreme protests of this kind to be heard? In Italy it seems that the government authorities do not have a clear understanding of the climate situation, so much so that in recent days there have been floods in the Bologna area, with 13 dead and thousands of people left homeless. 
All of these things are part of a climate situation that the government continues to ignore. In fact, in so many countries where there are rivers they don't clean the canals, they don't do maintenance, and not because there isn't any money but because those in the administration screw them over. Then when these disastrous storms happen then they start talking about the weather. But on other days nobody says anything and this situation has been going on for a very long time. Activists are not terrorists! They are just trying to draw attention to certain topics that are never talked about. The government judges them criminals but then does nothing to avoid disasters such as the floods of these days. In Italy there are many geologists who are never listened to and jobs that are never carried out and checked.
There are many countries with flood risk, there are many countries with landslide risk but the Italian government is more busy arresting activists rather than trying to manage these emergencies. The government has not even created a special commission for all these climatic emergencies. He cares about what activists are doing who are only trying to bring up real issues and are not being heard and the only way to be seen and heard is this. There is no different way because in Italy if you don't do certain uncomfortable things nobody follows you.
The glaciers are melting but in many countries they don't even know what separate waste collection is. The government has focused on certain objectives but the climate is the least of its thoughts. Meanwhile nature is rebelling and more storms will arrive and more floods and environmental disasters. So is it the fault of the boys who throw black water into a fountain, to make it clear that the seas are now polluted, or a government that is not interested in such an important issue?








Today I went to a cosplay fuera where there was also a Kpop contest. Kpop music is a music followed by millions of young people who love Korean singers and bands. In this contest I saw for the first time dancers who made very particular performances. One of them is a well known musician and DJ, her name is Kelly Hill Tone. I really enjoyed seeing this contest because for me it was the first time and I was very excited and there were so many people and very beautiful music.
Here is what I saw today and his very beautiful and thrilling performance. I danced all the time and it was a good experience, I felt very happy and happy. And being in the midst of so many people and singing and dancing all together was fantastic.
Kelly has also collaborated with an American producer, Blood Code, and is currently working on a project involving the music of Mario Bros, playing Princess Peach.


Hide your tears in the waves of the sea,
Silent soul
Like the depths you swim in,
liquid essence,
You were scared
Inside the saline foam.
But we have no doubts,
You swim with every fish,
You swim lightly,
legend of the underwater world,
Aquatic thought form
I wait for the rippling waves
To see your shadow slip
Among the abandoned boats.
You who know the ancient songs,
Make your hypnotic voice heard,
By disappearing inside a shell or behind seaweed.
No one can see your secret hiding place,
You are free to disappear,
And I look at you in the thousand lights of dawn,
When life returns to earth
And you go back to your underwater world
Leaving a small scale
To shine on my pillow.


A woman without makeup feels naked. Today there are make-up techniques that completely change the face, the cut of the knees, the shape of the mouth. Make up artists are capable of making any pretty girl beautiful. But men don't know this trick and when they often look at a made up face they don't know the difference between naturalness and artificiality. Many actresses, adored and desired by many men, if they were seen leaving the front door without make-up and hair, would not be worthy of a single glance from men disgusted by their real appearance. And the same men then at the cinema get excited to see the same women duly made up and arranged. This magical trick of make-up, and also of touch-ups (like the transparent strips that are used to smooth out wrinkles or lift cheekbones) seems to have gained such a foothold that it even involves young girls who now don't leave the house without half a kilo of make-up. And men are so used to girls and women with make-up that they exclude all those who dare to go for a ride with nothing or just a touch of make-up. If we think about how much branded makeup costs, we can understand why many girls want men with money.
The average expense for high quality make-up is at least 1000-2000 euros per month, not including hair treatments (i.e. various colors and extensions and other things) so if a girl cannot buy branded make-up she feels frustrated because maybe her friends do it so how to solve this problem? Finding men to seduce and ask for money. Therefore more and more girls snub their peers to turn to grown men, married or not it makes no difference, as they can get more money from them to buy make-up and clothes and everything necessary for the spell of seduction by following an obsession that all mass media feed and that men themselves require.

There are thousands of chemicals in beauty products that are absorbed by your body. It's impossible to avoid every single synthetic chemical, but you can do your part to limit exposing your body to toxins.
In the same way we look at food labels, we should do the same for beauty products. Many companies have carte blanche and use ingredients or raw materials that are not exactly healthy for our body.
In fact, the cosmetic industry is very often not fully regulated: many synthetic chemicals are irritating to the skin, or may even be carcinogenic. We certainly can't avoid all of these harmful substances entirely, but here is a list we should pay particular attention to.
The INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) of a cosmetic product is the list of ingredients that that product contains in decreasing order of concentration (i.e. from the one present in the highest percentage to the one with the lowest percentage) according to a standard nomenclature.
At the bottom of the list are preservatives, colors and fragrances which are usually used in concentrations of less than 1% and which therefore can also be mentioned in random order.
The difficulty in deciphering the INCI also derives from the language in which the ingredients are reported:
• The name of the chemical substances or those which are the result of chemical synthesis, is reported in English or through numerical codes (the dyes).
• The name of the substances of botanical/vegetable derivation is reported in Latin with the botanical name of the plant from which they were extracted.
Today we are increasingly talking about cosmetics with "clean" ingredients.
But what does it really mean?
It means that those ingredients must respect the skin and the environment, i.e. they must have a real and positive effect on the skin and must not negatively impact the environment.
And here comes the concept of Eco-Dermo-cosmetics.

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