The worst drama in the world is the despair which is capable of making the body and spirit of the human being die. Despair is the best weapon that evil uses to annihilate man in dignity and in his worth to make him his own. In the modern world, despair has spread quickly, including not only some sections of society but a bit of everyone and, increasingly, young people. Despair, more than from a lack of material goods, comes from an inner loneliness, from an inability to communicate one’s feelings to the other (without falling into hypocrisy or the usual clichés), from not feeling loved or for the less popular: all this leads to an unbearable burden of life.) We know of people who did not lack wealth or success in the workplace, beauty, approval of others (people also from entertainment, cinema) and who nevertheless felt sun and despair. The desperation of one who feels grossly guilty towards society, who has done ignoble things, who feels an outcast, a rejection of society, without hope of salvation is one of the gravest forms. Here evil plays its best card, it already has it in its coils and is only waiting for the moment that he indulges in an intimate life of extravagance or an extreme act of suicide! Daily intercourse with others can lead to despair (misunderstandings, quarrels, betrayals). In reality, every human being in the world is like a universe unto himself (a city-state, if you grant me the term). We see people around us that we don’t know anything about, we don’t know who they are or their history. The body, like an armor, contains wills, feelings, tastes, aspirations, its own characteristics that others do not know (sometimes not even the same family members) We would like others to think as we do, have the same interests, food tastes, music, sports, political ideas, artistic choices and we marvel if they don’t appreciate or despise what we appreciate. Thus we discard from our life those who are not according to our model. We are now billions of people, all different (like fingerprints), strangers to each other with difficulty in communicating and sharing. Sometimes we have something in common or that we like about each other and friendships and falls in love are born but, at the first incongruity, they decay. True friendship and true love is that of those who understand that the other is different, accept and share this diversity by reconciling it with themselves. The body is a facade that often deceives, a mask that can hide the totally different interior. In our mind there are images of beauty that overwhelm us (as well as sounds, melodies) and it may happen that a person corresponds to this image and we are deeply attracted to it but the spirit of that person is unknown to us. A peaceful and married life is possible only if one person manages to “graft” his self into the other to continue living as a single individual while facing the daily difficulties that life presents.


I will not let these tears go to waste

I will use them to water the most beautiful of gardens

And give you that smile that shines like the sun

Because you are both stormy and peaceful

You are strength but also a lot of fragility

Like petals and thorns

Now you are rain but soon you will become rainbow

Each color is an emotion

Beautiful and happy

Ugly and sad

Like the keys of a piano

Black and white

All make up the symphony of each day

A different melody every time

But this is called living


Roses are red, blood is red, love is red. Happiness is clothed in thorns, it can be reached, embraced, with the crucifixion clause. The harder you push, the harder it sticks to you, and the blood gushes. Happiness is an elite created by those who self-destruct to give it to others. A cosmic equilibrium is destroyed in order to create, one loves in order to die, to the point of dying. Eros and Thanatos go hand in hand. There are still entities that prefer to harm themselves rather than those they love. They can be considered weak, but others do not know how much strength it takes not to open the Pandora’s box that is hidden behind a pair of eyes, they do not know how much awareness exudes from the skin. What awareness? The awareness of the power used to protect, which if released would cause a massacre with no survivors. An awareness that bleeds inside, behind a smile, without anyone noticing, or at least almost anyone. The blood gushes, and nobody pays any attention to it. And that’s right, for balance. For the world. There is a part of me that you don’t know, and it’s not my fragility, it’s that part that at some point reminds me of what I’ve been through, that makes me recognize your lies, that tells me when it’s time to move on , who does not stop saying that the first place will never be yours, because it is already occupied by me. You wouldn’t even understand it by trying on this part that you don’t see, so you will continue to call it insanity.



Wrapped in their leather jackets, with their hair and beards unkempt, the numerous tattoos and the proud gaze seem rough men, at times threatening: instead, under that tough aspect, a heart and a passion are hidden that beat at the unison with their engines when it comes to defending a minor from abuse. The non-profit association was founded in 1995 in the US, in the State of Utah, with the aim of eradicating the scourge of violence and mistreatment of children through an activity of support, comfort and the fight against fear. Its founder is called Chief, biker and psychologist, with a troubled childhood, specializing in assisting minors between the ages of 3 and 12. His is a story of extraordinary intuition: dealing with the case of a particularly introverted child, Chief introduces himself to him one day on his motorcycle and invites him for a ride. The initiative has a positive effect: the child is immediately attracted to the vehicle, by the sense of freedom that emanates and that one feels when traveling without a destination. Since then, it begins to open up.
Today B.A.C.A has grown, it has about 5 thousand members scattered throughout the United States, Australia, Canada and Europe.


I’ve always looked at the sky. Every time I am in a place I have always lost myself looking at the blue of the sky, the white of the clouds. I’ve always had a strange connection with the sky I always feel part of him when I lose myself looking at him. I remain there enchanted. I get lost in thoughts To reflect on everything that goes through my head at that moment. I always leave a piece of my thoughts in those clouds A piece of me in that infinite blue. As if for a moment everything was still there in that sky. As if for a moment all thoughts are dispersed in those clouds. As if for a moment I forgot everything.
I slept great tonight. Small in a huge bed, duvet to cover me and two pillows around to protect me. Zero nightmares. I dreamed of my father. He came to wake me up around five. He put his hand on my shoulder and said “I brought you the croissant”. At that point, the information received woke up all those particles of me that dance wildly at the thought of food. Inside of me I jumped up, but in reality the movement was quite slow. I first took off the covers, stretched, yawned as with every awakening, put on the false crocks and went to the kitchen to eat the croissant with cream. But there was nothing and so, a little sad, I only drank some fruit juice like every morning, remembering the time at university when my father came to me and brought me sweets. After breakfast, I opened the bedroom window and saw the white cat, PIPPINEDDA, ​​in the garden eating some herbs. She had a sly, very sweet look. When she noticed me she went away. I cleaned the bedroom by making the bed, sweeping and mopping the floor; then the bathroom by thoroughly cleaning the accessories and all the products on the shelf, my father’s postit still on the mirror and in order not to remove it I cleaned the glass all around. I also tidied up the living room and kitchen by washing the floor and tidying up. While I was in the Cinderella version I listened to the usual songs and hummed perhaps a little too much. After cleaning I prepared the vegetarian meatloaf: minced meat, courgette bread, eggs, parmesan, parsley, salt and pepper, and lactose-free slices for the filling. After that I started writing, and LUIGINA, my black and white kitten, started to watch TV and I to the pc to update the blog. About half past I baked the meatloaf with potatoes. After lunch I did the dishwasher, because I can’t wash the dishes because my wrist hurts right away. There was peace in this house and it seemed to me that my father suddenly opened the door. But it was only this morning’s dream. I was happy to see him again.


You, queen of few words, heal my soul. Let the darkness peacefully lull her into the day. Luminous Queen, common point between distant souls, let me free myself from the chains of distance that men have not yet been able to destroy. Let him be able to rock me one more night, and another. And if you can’t leave us together, enlighten us also tonight and cradle and our souls that meanwhile dance a nostalgic waltz on the edge of the precipice of human will. And let this dance be eternal. Let at least our souls be together, distant queen.
My sensitivity is my gift and my cross. Where the many are barred, I am allowed to feel. I feel the shades of the soul and I see its colors. My wonder of a wildflower and I cry in front of the sea. I see no heart for the scar and no tears for tears. I feel joy and pleasure, pain and suffering. This is my gift, this is my cross. Music has taught me to be curious. A love cannot take something away from you. Those who say they sacrificed themselves for love make me laugh. Too bad for them. Fears are needed. It is not useful to chase them away. I’m afraid that fear will paralyze me one day. This yes. But it doesn’t just apply to me. It scares me that it could happen to anyone.


Finally Amnesty International talked about what is happening in Italy and the discrimination suffered by unvaccinated people who have seen their rights and freedoms trampled on. These are the words of Amnesty International regarding the use of the Green Pass which limits the lives of millions of Italian citizens:

"As for the recently approved reinforced Green Pass, it must be a time-limited device and the government must continue to ensure that the entire population can enjoy their basic rights, such as the right to education, work and care. with particular attention to non-Covid patients who need urgent interventions and should not be penalized.

In any case, Amnesty International Italia calls for alternative measures - such as the use of protective devices and Covid-19 tests - to allow the non-vaccinated population to continue to carry out their work and use means of transport , without discrimination."


In 2008 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of HIV.Luc Montagnier attended the demonstration in Milan 2 days ago to say enough to this vaccine trial that does not have the effect that governments have said it has. These are his words:

"It's not just the vaccine that cures - it's a combination of cures that will cure this disease. This vaccine does not walk alone. There was a huge strategic error. Contrary to what has been said, these vaccines do not protect at all. That's what's coming out slowly. This is scientifically recognized today. It is not only the scientific experiments that say this but also the tests on the sick. Instead of protecting, it can happen that it favors other infections. The protein that was used in vaccines is actually toxic."


In Italy the situation is really very strange and very ugly. 90% of the population has been vaccinated, including children and adolescents, but the government continues to put rules that go against human rights. The unvaccinated are no longer able to do many things, such as going to the bank, post office, shops and many other places. But the unvaccinated were already at home, both for the holidays and on all other days because there were already rules that were put in December. But somehow this government is raging against people who want to be free to decide whether to get the vaccine or not. For example, I have many pathologies and I cannot receive the vaccine and like me there are many other sick people with a high risk of side effects. Also in the form that you have to sign they ask if you are allergic to any component of the vaccine but currently the components of all types of vaccine are still kept secret and therefore whoever signs that sheet signs the fake. Even now there are protests because this government is destroying Italy because of the Green Pass. We are in a state where to work, to study, to go out, and to do many things you must have the Green Pass. They let a pregnant woman die outside the hospital because she didn’t have a Green Pass. So the situation in Italy is very bad. There are people who cannot go home, to Sicily and Sardinia, because they do not let them get on the ferries. This is all absurd. Furthermore, the mass media continue to give false data on the inmates, the journalists are all corrupt and we have to look at the truth on the internet. Two doctors died because they said uncomfortable things about vaccines. The president of the European Union, who was Italian, also died because he learned secret things. So as you can see the situation is very bad. We have a government that is causing the Italian economy to fail, destroying families and trampling both the constitution and human rights.

Many doctors have said that this is no longer a pandemic but only an endemic, that there is no longer a need for a state of emergency but the government insists on keeping these absurd rules and people have protested but the government does not listen, does not understands and is destroying our country.
All workers in every sector, hospital, commercial, schools, public transport, offices and companies, have been blackmailed by the Italian government. They forced all workers to receive vaccines, even against their will. There are people who have been fired because they did not have the Green Pass. The Green Pass is only obtained by receiving vaccines, all vaccines, which are 3. Doctors do not check if you have diseases, they inject them and then if you die, nobody cares. There have been many deaths and even people who ended up in intensive care after the vaccine because they had myocarditis and pericarditis, but the government hides this data of deaths and people damaged by vaccines.

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