Vintage is for romantics: go back in time and imagine the history of the object in question. Wearing an early twentieth century coat makes you feel from another era, resulting in the eyes of others unique and more sensual precisely because they are different. In New York in 1965, the first boutique called Vintage chic was opened which offered a careful selection of historical and antique clothes that were actually only a few decades old. They were incredibly successful. Analyzing the situation, the New York Times newspaper wrote: "It is intelligent women who have discovered this world, made of quality, fabrics, and labor that the industry of this time is unable to offer".
That's what the point was, the same one that today leads people of all ages to take refuge in vintage fashion: quality. The possibility of spending relatively little (because used) but wearing products of excellent manufacture.
In fact, we have a kind of nostalgia for everything that has to do with the past in a way that involves our emotions. Anna Wintour and Giorgio Armani have revealed the need to rethink fashion no longer as a consumer tool but a means of expression.
In this period, then, a certain sensitivity towards the environment was born. Which leads people to want to consume less in order to pollute less.
Thus, to the purchase of a new suit, it is preferable to recycle used clothes that are still in excellent condition.
You see the effervescent style of 80s fashion with showy prints, XL shoulder pads and Dinasty drapery (American soap opera aired from 1981 to 1989 on ABC) everywhere and indeed, you no longer get scandalized by choosing an oversized shirt with print with triangles and lightning bolts, right? And what about the hyper feminine style of The Attico, Ganni and Reformation, all with ruffles, upholstery prints and puffy sleeves for a totally eighties fashion?
What the big fashion brands seem to suggest to us this time is not innovation at all costs, the quick replacement of the wardrobe, but on the contrary, it is to look back with them and regain possession of our stylistic past. Trend, this, which also recurs in beauty. A sort of symbolic autocannibalism, which only historical brands such as Gucci, Hermes, Hermes, Saint Laurent, Dior, Balenciaga, Chanel, to name a few, can do, and which generates questions. In fact, only the houses with a long tradition behind them can, in a more or less authentic way, re-propose their iconic pieces, promptly re-edited to be placed on the market, or invent new ones, coincidentally just out of the archive, with a credible story. that makes the consumer dream.
For women, the 80s style featured high-waisted jeans (maternity jeans), tight pants, ripped jeans in stretchy spandex and lycra fabrics, off-the-shoulder suits (usually with skirts), punk-style denim leather jackets .
The fashion of the 80s between Madonna, MTV and the deserved awards to women
The fashion of the 80s between Madonna, MTV and the deserved awards to women
In the 80s, more than any other decade, Made In Italy reached peaks never reached before. The names of the most famous designers spread all over the world, everyone goes crazy for Italy. Brands are becoming increasingly important: they must be flaunted, exhibited, exhibited, as a symbol of wealth and social value.
Women become managers, they can dress like men and their look becomes aggressive, exuberant. These are the years of Madonna, who will dictate fashion from the 80s to the present day. But it is also the period, also never over, of obsession with the physique, athletics, appearance.
MTV will influence the style of entire generations for decades and it will be music, very often, that dictates the law in fashion through video clips. Even the TV series, which thrill millions of viewers, do their part and change the collective imagination.
All the stylists apply their own logo to the collections, and showing it becomes a status symbol: it is the appearance, the real key to success in the 80s. Wearing haute couture garments means showing off a look to admire, but the important thing is also show off the brand and therefore, the price of the clothes you wear.

The Birkin Bag was born in 1984, the bag par excellence, specially designed for Jane Birkin by Jean-Louis Dumas, president of Hermès.
Women, who have always been at the center of attention in international fashion, have begun in recent years to obtain the first, fundamental, recognition also in the field of civil rights. This allows them to obtain a power never experienced before, which is also reflected in the choices they make on an aesthetic level.
Very famous are the reinforced shoulder pads under the jackets, which make the shoulders rise and which transmit strength, grandeur, charisma, together with the teased hair that in the 80s depopulated not only among ordinary people, but also among rock stars.
There is no rock singer who, in this period, has not let go of her hair to showy and almost leonine hairstyles. Not for nothing the Bon Jovi, one of the most famous groups of the eighties and beyond, are considered the forefathers of what is called "Hair Metal".
More than from cinema, 80s fashion copies its cornerstones from TV series, in turn ancestors of current TV series. "Fame", translated in Italy as "They will be Famous", pushes millions of teenagers to dream, for the first time, of a future in the world of art. Dance, singing, acting, become possible for everyone and this trend will continue over time, until it comes to life in the decades following the first talent shows.
Legwarmers, leotards, accessories relegated until now to the world of dance become garments to be worn every day, even if only to show them.
The frisé hair, the studded jackets, the lace gloves with cut fingers, up to the famous and conical bras signed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, which cause a sensation, all contribute to making her the undisputed queen of pop.
Madonna unhinges every rule, flaunting even religious symbols in her look that make her appear blasphemous, irreverent, sacrilegious. Despite everything, these are only the first of countless fashions that the American "material girl", but of Italian origin, will create from the 80s onwards.
In the mix of styles that mark the fashion of the 80s, another extreme is characterized by punk.
The Sex Pistols, musically, represent the quintessential punk group and shocked the masses with their aggressive look. Amphibians, studs, leather jackets, over the top lyrics and music. In addition to inspiring their fans, this style was taken up and made immortal by the young stylist Vivienne Westwood, wife of the manager of the Sex Pistols, in fact.
Westwood mixed vintage clothing, such as pin-up dresses and romantic lace, with rips, pins, straps, buckles, chains. "When in doubt, overdress!" (if in doubt, exceed!) was his motto. And it cannot be said that he did not put it into practice. A shocking mix of extremes that redesigned, once again, the female and male imagery of the moment.
Alongside the more sporty and casual clothing of the 80s fashion, the "preppy" category also makes its way, the unmistakable look of all Americans who attend the prestigious Ivy League universities.
Conservative and bon ton, the preppy style is not a fashion but more a philosophy of life: the term derives from the abbreviation of "preparatory school" precisely to indicate the uniforms of American students who were preparing to attend college. The classic polo shirt combined with a cardigan or a blazer, the capri-cut trousers and the moccasin were the men's uniform, while the women's one included skirts with checked patterns combined with tights of every color or chino trousers, V-neck sweaters and typically tennis-inspired, cardigans with buttons and, to complete the look, ballet flats or minimal heels.
As for footwear, in your free time you opt for sneakers and moccasins, while elegant shoes from the 80s fashion point to pointed shapes, thin heels and metallic finishes. The accessory that best describes the Eighties is certainly the belt: high and with a maxi buckle in the center, it is combined with dresses, sweaters or cardigans to enhance the waistline and highlight the padded shoulder straps.
The jewels are absolutely showy: yellow gold is preferred, combined as a contrast with pearls and stones of every color and nuance. Fashion earrings are button or hoop earrings. The macro versions of the hair bows also influence the rubber bands (the very famous scrunchies), the headbands and the colored hair clips that sprout between the cottoned manes.
But the fashion of the 80s also includes tennis-style terry headbands, which alternate with the decidedly more elegant and formal proposals of wide-brimmed hats, to be coordinated with the dress or suit with skirt, a style typical of Lady Diana.


Provocation. It is the mantra of a star who has always lived on the verge of excess, ready to amaze even at 56 years old. Madonna chooses the bondage style for her new image in a photo shoot for Interview magazine, in view of the release of the new album expected for 2015. In the shots, by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, she shows off a breathtaking topless in a boudoir version. And in the interview, by David Blaine, he talks about his crosses: from drugs to loneliness, passing through the relationship with his mother as a child. "Drugs - explains Madonna - are a short circuit, because they deceive you by making you feel closer to God but at the same time they are killing you. They destroy you. I have tried everything at least once, but every time I was" high " then I spent my time drinking tons of water to get those substances out of my body. " The times of the album 'Ray of Light' and the new age period of the star seem distant, we are back to hell. A spiritually enlightened sinner. The two ingredients for the eternal youth of a character who ages with oxymorons.
Black leather, pvc, bondage-effect laces for the joy (and pleasure) of fetish fanatics. Today more than ever trendy. A mood to be measured with caution, but also with a certain dose of courage, for a risque and irreverent look. Without taking yourself too seriously.
Over the years, fetish has become one of the most recurring objects of inspiration in fashion, to be told on the catwalk through codes and experiments in leather, PVC and bondage details.
The fetish, as a phenomenon of costume and aesthetic category, has always returned to the fashion radar, starting with the collections of Thierry Mugler and Alexander McQueen and, above all, the controversial Fall / Winter 1992 collection by Gianni Versace entitled Miss S&M, where the her cast of supermodels paraded in dog collars, leather harnesses, bustiers and BDSM-inspired accessories.
A series of creative stimuli linked to the strangest and most extreme human fantasies that, through fashion, have been made protagonists in recent decades also in famous films and more: from the provocative outfit of Mimì in the film Luna di gall by Roman Polanski, with self-regulating and waterproof latex socks, to the onesie of the vengeful Aeon Flux, played by Charlize Theron in the homonymous film with a futuristic touch. Passing through the iconic video clip of Madonna's song Human Nature, from 1994, which expresses the hidden and often repressed side of human sexuality through words, choreography and looks.
Since its presence was legitimized on the catwalk, fetish, in fact, has never abandoned the fashion collections, becoming in fact one of the cyclical inspirations of the stylists who, through a simple rubber or PVC accessory or a total look, represent the paradox of the mask as a real representation: a possibility of expressing what every day, in the hypocrisy of a "normal" society, cannot be made explicit in all spontaneity.
It already has its ranks of extremist worshipers, the Fall-Winter 2020/21 collection designed by Anthony Vaccarello for Saint Laurent, and sent to the catwalk just a handful of days ago at Paris Fashion Week. And, in fact, the acclaimed collection has everything it takes to conquer the widest female audience (and, yes, also the male one): rigor and femininity, order and sensuality, respectability and perversion. In perfect harmony with the brand's most deeply rooted DNA.
It is almost incredible to see how latex, which in the 1920s was used above all as a prodigious material for drop-proof raincoats, soon became almost the very emblem of the fetish world, including its even more sinful sadomasochistic branches, and then, with a double pike jump that reverses the course again, re-enters the more or less reassuring ranks of the bourgeoisie and lives a new life, as an itchy but tolerated touch, to be added with skill even to the most "respectable" outfits.


The gypsy style includes a variety of lace and tie sandals, and an on-trend floral print long dress. This style is very similar to the boho style but there are some differences between them. It is mainly concerned with the details and colors. For example, light dress with small knee length floral print with thin straps refers to the Boho style and red or black in long floor dress with a large floral print - it is Gypsy Style.
Things in the style of gypsies should be combined with other clothes in your wardrobe base. It can be self-colored or body cotton T-shirt which can slightly dampen a bright gypsy style. If you will be wearing a white T-shirt with a round neck, you can wear any branded long skirt or pants with a large floral print.
To add an image in the style of gypsy clothing can be from other styles except boho style. For example, a long dress in a floor can be complemented with "cat's eye" style sunglasses or stiff leather bag. The image of the Gypsy would be better to look at the beach. These beautiful colorful things will look great on the marine background. This season in the fashion summer collections of many designers there are a lot of things in this style.
Gypsy style implies a presence of all kinds of hats and scarves and other accessories. Gypsy style minimalism is not peculiar. This means that simple earrings should be put off. It is recommended to choose large rings or special ornaments on the head. Of course, since he can not come to the office, but at various music festivals such an image would be appropriate.
Perhaps most of all the image with the hat in the gypsy style. There should also be no mistaking the hat in the boho style gypsy hat style. Boho - a 70s western hat, with a wide brim, and decorated in a folk style. For the Gypsy style it is better to choose a fedora hat.
Another possibility of adding a "gypsy" in their own way is the use of colors for decoration. This can be a natural, braided hair original hair or floral decoration. Fortunately, all kinds of bouquets and flowers can now be purchased almost anywhere.


There are moments in which I would like to go back to when I was little, moments that I miss and that unfortunately will never come back. I miss that innocence and that light-heartedness that I had, I looked at the world with different eyes, a beautiful world. I imagined already after the age of 20 with a job, a guy who cared about me and that only I existed as a woman for him. I imagined many beautiful things, but everything remains the fruit of my imagination alone. I miss it when I played dolls, when I watched cartoons on TV, the beautiful ones that passed Italy one. I miss living in my beautiful imaginary world.
As a child my favorite singer was Domenico Modugno. My mom played the CD on the stereo in my room, while I sat on the floor and let myself be carried away by her splendid voice, from the melancholy of “Hello baby” to the roaring laughter of “Io, mammeta e tu”, in my opinion. best interpretation of the great classic. My favorite song was “Vecchio frack”, because I loved the idea of ​​that mysterious and elegant man walking through the streets of the sleeping city. As a child, however, I did not understand that in the end the protagonist committed suicide by throwing himself into the river. I thought “that top hat and that hat floats away” was a magic trick. The mysterious man was a magician, who at dawn decided to disappear, leaving his elegant clothing as a trace.
Only tonight did I realize the greatest indirect teaching I received as a child and which has always determined my subsequent life choices. My grandfather has always been curious and has always had an irrepressible desire for knowledge, which I then inherited. I remember that when we played “names, things and cities” he invented words when he could, to make me laugh. I was already a compulsive reader as a child, every week I was in the library to borrow four / five books, I devoured them with my eyes, brain and heart. He was making up words, then, and I was laughing like crazy. But then I wanted justice: “Grandfather, this animal does not exist, look, I’ll show you on the book I have in the library: there are all the species in the world and if you check the index it doesn’t fit what you wrote”. And he smiled pleased.
Tonight I had three of the most recurring dreams of my childhood. I clearly remember the feeling of fear and oppression I felt: it wasn’t there today. Today I was not afraid. In the first, when I got lost, dragged away into the sea by rushing currents, I didn’t start to cry, but I started looking, where I had landed, for an escape route. In the second, in the car with my grandparents, I managed to prevent them from the accident that would have dragged us down a cliff. But it was the last dream that struck me most of all: it is the one I best remembered having already lived. This time I wasn’t at the bottom of that hole in the ground asking for help, no. This time I was outside and by chance I saw the movements of a group of children who had fallen by mistake. This time I didn’t ask for help, I gave it. This time I went down the tunnel and led them out through the road I still knew from the dream of many years ago. I am no longer a defenseless child. Now I’m on the other side. Maybe it scares me a little.
Since I was a child I was fascinated by magic and the stories that spoke of it. But I had a big gripe. In nearly all, if not all, fairy tales, female characters fell into two categories: those who could use magic and those who found love. As if it were not possible for the protagonist (or co-star / love interest) to have both magic, or power, and love. In Snow White you could choose whether to be the sweet and inert princess or the cruel and doomed to a sad sorceress end. Same thing in Sleeping Beauty. In Peter Pan you could choose between the well-liked because helpful Wendy or the magical, but envious, Tinker bell.
When I was little and it was time to go to bed, my grandmother would lie down next to me and tell me a story. She almost always invented them … and then when I asked her to tell me an old one she didn’t remember them anymore. So, every time a story was “wrong” I interrupted it, and I began to tell it myself. Grandmother fell asleep. At that point I would get up leaving my grandmother in my bed and go back to play.
Taking advantage of the windy afternoon, it seems almost March and not October, I hung out the laundry … I like it, the memories of my grandmother and my mother resurface, I like it because then the sheets acquire a special scent, a freshness and a whiteness that not even as new they had. From the window I watched them beaten by the wind imagining that with all those jolts every little residue of negativity flew away, dispersing in the air. Maybe you could do all this with your soul.
I would start from the beginning … what do we remember about us? the first image that comes to your mind of yourself as a child? the moment when you become aware of yourself? The fact is that the first thing we do is establish a social contact of affection, without fear, with unconsciousness with those around us … So let’s go …I know that nobody cares, I’ve always known, I just can’t understand why I’ve pretended up until now that it wasn’t. Maybe I just lulled into the idea of ​​something different, because we humans are like that we like every now and then to live in the arms of our illusions that gently rock us and lead us to dream of receiving a few more caresses.
Under the excuse of freedom of expression hides a lack of empathy, tact and sensitivity. The sense of beautiful things has been lost a little. The habit of advising rather than insulting and the opportunity to remain silent rather than filling one’s mouth with unsolicited opinions on strictly personal life choices has been lost. They exchange smiles for falsehood, understanding for inconsistency, education for weakness and humility for hypocrisy. One is no longer accustomed to kindness.


Why do certain clothes look absurd?
Because that's how fashion is: it doesn't just create clothes and trends, it's an art form that provokes an emotional reaction and prompts us to ask ourselves who we are. And this is what we writers do when we express ourselves. We do not want to tell about us or seduce someone but only arouse reactions and emotions.
Jean-Paul Gualtier is one of those internationally renowned designers who always inspires a lot of joy, and when I lived in London I met him personally and he was very nice. Especially for the irony of his fashion, as he demonstrated for the umpteenth time during the last spring haute couture show, when he dedicated the collection to his mentor Pierre Cardin, in an explosion of Space Age and Swinging 60s. Gualtier is a man who seems born on purpose to be the center of attention, one who knows how to monopolize the eyes thanks to a smile and the desire to play. As happened during the Twister challenge with Alessandro Cattelan during the late show And then there is Cattelan. L’enfant terrible, as the designer has often been nicknamed, is also preparing for his one man show to be held next October during the Parisian Fashion Freak Show. Now that Gaultier is no longer an enfant, his history is worth retracing.
Nicknamed the “enfant terrible” of fashion, his goal has always been to go against the tide: kilt suits for men, conical bustiers for women … In 1983, he devises and launches the concept of toy boy, the man dressed as a blue sailor which would eventually become his trademark.
Jean Paul Gaultier himself with fashion skirt


There are many people who create objects, clothes, furniture, jewelry, .. recycling materials and thus helping the environment. When you have to give a gift, think first of all about buying these products. Your choice is really important. NO MADE IN CHINA. We do not feed the trade in items made by exploiting foreign children. Buy handmade items from grown-up and creative people.
I am not the first and I will not be the last to recommend giving handmade gifts, giving handmade creations. I wrote it quite a few years ago and I recommend it again today, especially at Christmas, especially at this time, but also and above all … always. The reasons are innumerable.
Each handmade creation as such is different from the other. No two handmade objects are alike and this makes each object a special gift. You can be sure that no one will have given an item like yours as a gift.
It is handmade from start to finish. From the conception, to the design, to the creation, up to the packaging and shipping, everything in each handmade object is handmade. It is made by a person who loves what he does. Behind every handcrafted object there is a person who loves what he does. Each creation is made with passion, love and attention to detail. This is why the creative / craftsman / designer puts his name and face on what he does.
When you give someone a handmade item, you are telling that person that they deserve something unique and special. You are not giving it any piece of plastic, but all the love, attention, and mastery that that object breathed while it was being created.
Buying a handcrafted object and being able to communicate directly with the craft-maker gives you the opportunity to request a personalization of the object to give as a gift. This doesn’t happen if you buy mass-produced things.
Buying a handmade object is an important way to directly support craftsmanship and creativity. It is a way to reward talent, passion, care, responsibility and when you buy a handmade creation, it is as if you were saying to the artist: Bravo, I like what you do! and the craftsman needs to hear this more than anyone else. The choice to buy handmade supports the realization of a dream and gratifies an artist who does not create to become rich: his real wealth is being able to continue doing what he does.
Supporting local artisans is a conscious choice, an important sign to be launched at everyone to support the little ones. A sign to make it clear that we like more to have a connection with those who produce culture, rather than with a silent shelf in a department store.
I don’t always say, but often recycled materials are used to create a handmade object. Often waste materials are used or objects are put back into circulation that would otherwise be thrown away. The handmade creation as such limits the use of machinery and chemicals and reduces the production of waste.


Perhaps later in time, this will become my wish for the future. Marry you and love you for the rest of my life. Making promises, and then spending every day of my life keeping them, never feeling the weight. I will not tire of your goodnight kisses, of waking up next to you every morning for 365 mornings multiplied by at least 80 years. 29200. They will not be enough for me yet. Then, you know, not a day will pass without me giving you a caress. I will never betray you, not even in a dream at night. And if sometimes I had to raise my voice, tell you things that could hurt you, know that a minute later I would realize and apologize. But if the first promise will be to love you to the end, in health and sickness, the second promise will be to always respect you. The third will be to never stop showing love to you, with any gesture, large or small. I don’t want you to hate me over time, maybe tired of small arguments or my temper, so the fourth promise will be that every day I will make you laugh, as I have done since the first day I met you. You will laugh and you will fall in love with me a little more, you will laugh and I will fall in love with you a little more.
You know, I would like to marry you, which is strange from me, said by the person least inclined to marriage, the one who thinks it is just a day of foolish fools, in which you spend far too much money and invite people with whom you may not be. has been going out for years, only to smile all day even when tired, a day in which those tearful speeches are made for which mothers, sisters, friends and girlfriends of friends are moved, while all men are limited to smile and applaud once finished, one day in which the couple dance a slow hug and everyone thinks and whisper: “How beautiful they are together”, as if they were more beautiful now, as if a white dress with a veil, a dinner for an army and a party worthy of a court gala could change everything, as if they loved each other more, as if only now they were a real couple. I’ve never believed in marriage, I’ve always been skeptical and indifferent to this subject, but now… it’s all different. For you I would wear that white dress, even if it will hold me like an anchovy and I will not wait to take it off, for you I would spend those 3 hours at the hairdresser and the make-up artist to have a wonderful hairstyle and a doll face, although they will last a few hours, especially after arriving home, to consume the wedding night, for you I would smile at all the guests, even those whose name I don’t remember, for you I would make one of those monotonous speeches about how much I love you and how much you want to spend the rest of my life with you, even if you know it very well and there is no need to tell others, for you I would do all this, for you I know it would be worth it. But once that day is over, do not expect something to change, do not believe that I love you more or that our life will be more beautiful, do not think that you will have the certainty that you will never abandon yourself, because marriage does not improve things. , it does not give certainties, it does not give any of this. I will love you more every day because I will know your every detail, every little comma that completes you, our life will be more beautiful because day after day we will always share new things and we will have many memories to relive, and I will never leave you because you will be there. man of my life, my companion in adventures, the love I’ve always dreamed of and will always want. Maybe I’m still against marriage, maybe it will never be my big dream like so many other women, but yes, I would marry you, I would marry you every day of my life.
Scientific studies show that even if gays get married You continue to live YOUR life Society does not disintegrate The Earth will not stop revolving around the Sun And above all there will be two more happy people in the world. If homosexuals can’t get married because it goes against your religion, you can’t eat cookies because I’m on a diet. We are two girls, who despite the various problems given by society, love each other madly. Many people today have stopped believing in a feeling as strong as love, because you know, love hurts, love carries responsibility, but almost no one is ready to let go completely. Well, we did it. In a dark moment of our life we ​​met and it was immediately, PURE LOVE. Just like you, we had lost hope, we no longer believed in anything, and instead then everything became so natural, so strong, that we wanted to get married. We know it will be difficult, we know everything, but for love you must never give up, especially when at your side you have a person who knows how to lighten everything. If you too are ready to fight, to mix, not to be afraid of anything anymore, follow us. Do not be afraid of your being, of always being yourself despite the difficulties and problems that this can bring. Do not be afraid to love, do not be afraid of the different, because love is always love, regardless of gender, regardless of the color of the skin. Fight for your rights, indeed! Let’s fight together for the rights we are entitled to. We are there, we exist, and we have the right to love each other and we respect everyone, so respect our love too.
Love. Be free to love whoever you want without the fear of being judged, reminding yourself that your happiness is more important. Love him or her without feeling guilty towards those who do not accept your love because they will not accept the real you. Love because it is the most beautiful thing in the world. You love letting people talk but gasp when they see your smile. Don’t think twice, those who truly love you will always be by your side. You know what? Fuck society, fuck stupid people who raise their finger only to discriminate, let’s leave them in ignorance and with a rotten heart, they are the ones who lose us. Love that it is everyone’s right and should not be taken away from anyone.
Two ways of dealing with the issue of homosexuality: if in France the bill that allows marriage has just been approved (before her: Belgium, Portugal, Holland, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Uruguay and South Africa) and adoption by gay couples, in Italy there is still discussion on how to refer to people who love people of the same sex. Rai did not broadcast the ad against homophobia “Yes to differences. No to homophobia “, of the Ministry of Equal Opportunities, because it contains the fateful words” gay “and” lesbian “. Aren’t they “polite” enough? Politically correct? Do they create embarrassment? Do they make the well-thinking blush? What is it, a secret taboo? Still??? They still create obstacles to love and then go to church and after the family dinner they go to the lover. But this is fine, this is accepted by everyone, despite the fact that it is a grave sin. But if we talk about gays then everyone against everyone. But do we live in a modern society or have we remained in the Middle Ages?
I would like to become a wedding planner. I would love to help couples, both gay and straight, to have an unforgettable day. Not so if there are courses in my part. I would very much like to advise in the choice of location and dress. I really like to see people happy. I don’t know, it could be a new path for my future. Every wedding is unique and for me it must be taken care of in detail. If I had to give advice to future spouses, it is precisely to avoid those who offer only standard services, which leave little room for imagination.
Our souls are linked to each other. Maybe they always have been and always will be. Maybe we lived a thousand lives before this one and in each one we met. And perhaps, every time we have been forced to separate for the same reasons. I know that in each of my lives I have gone in search of you. And I was looking for you, not someone who looks like you, because your soul and mine must always come together. And then because reasons that none of us understand we are forced to say goodbye. I would like to tell you that everything will be fine, and I swear I will do what I can to make that happen. But if we don’t meet again and this is a real goodbye, I know we’ll meet again in another life. We will meet again and maybe the will of the stars will have changed and we will be able to love each other enough to make up for all the previous separations.


Doesn't Lily Collins remind you of the famous and mythical Audrey Hepburn? The deeply dark look, the sober style, the simplicity of her elegance, all bring back to the actress we appreciated and loved in Breakfast at Tiffany's. 
I discovered it in the film Inheritance, which I loved very much. I see that she is an inconspicuous and not redone actress. I see her simple makeup and her essential style and it reminds me of the divine Audrey. What do you think?
Lily Collins evokes the myth of Audrey Hepburn, who has always been her great source of inspiration. And the similarity between the two is truly remarkable. And it is precisely her charm that reminds many and makes us think of another great actress, in this case from the past, whose resemblance to Collins is truly impressive.
The clothes she wears do not require a perfect physique. They are simple and the style can be imitated by any girl. Its beauty is simplicity. No heavy makeup, no very long nails, no too flashy shoes. Only herself in an exemplary mîse.
If you have to go to an event, a party, a wedding, here, you can take a cue from her. Be simple and cute with clothes that are not vulgar and not too expensive.
Even in a tank top and ponytail, Lily looks elegant and fabulous. You can be the queen of charm even just by wearing very normal and casual clothes.
So this post of mine is an invitation to all girls to look for a simpler, less flashy, and more elegant but not flashy style. After all, it takes very little to be cute. Don’t use kilos of makeup, don’t wear false eyelashes, don’t stand on the toes of stilettos to look beautiful. You already are and those who don’t appreciate you don’t deserve you.


I look out the window. What a dark night. Just below the house some street lamps illuminate the street, and the lines of the windows are clearer; then your gaze flies a few blocks away, and you don't understand where, in that black, the houses rise and end. The night is scarier, because you look around you and it's cold, and you don't quite understand what's happening, because it's all so dark and confused. But then there they are, the lights. A thousand lights that dampen the gloomy and dark air of the night. Whether they are far or near, they illuminate and kill the black with color strokes. And never as during the night, colors win over black. Date: every fucking day. I lie down on the bed. It's night? Yes, it's always night inside me. Also because night rhymes with blows, routes, fights, blows, blows. Inside me everything is so messed up that even day rhymes with night. Inside me it makes everything scarier. Because I am always cold, acidic, impregnated with memories, cut by pain. Because I never understand what I do; right? Wrong? They are formalities. People judge me anyway, they trample me. But then there they are, the bright and cheerful memories, those few but good friends, the passions and the family. What I love to do, what I want to become. The stories people tell me. The experiences and the lessons, the memories, the memories. They are what carries me forward, that helps me fight that black inside me. They are my colors. And never as in people's lives, colors win against black.
I did the costume fitting. Naked, I looked in the mirror, it had been a long time since I did.

Holy shit, I'm more beautiful now than twenty years ago, had it happened in the past I would have spared myself so much sadness.

Okay, I said to myself, better now than ever, take care of yourself and think about your health.

I have to say, I'm doubly proud of myself. First of all because perhaps I have never had such a splendid b-side, then because I am enjoying many beautiful days in good company by the sea and this is very good for me.

It was not easy to carve out some days for a vacation but you always have to find the time.

Girls, trust nature and yourself, don't care what society demands of you, wrongly. You are always worth it. Dress up and be proud of yourself and your body, whatever shape it is.
My hair got more wavy. Every time I get out of the water they are all stuck and tangled but then after the shower, when I dry them they become waves of sun. They say it is the salt of this sea water. I don't know but it looks like I'm going blonde.


Whenever you don’t have an answer to everything that happens, look at the sea. You will not have solutions but you will give meaning and flavor to everything. The salty of the salt, the texture of the sand that covers your feet and the wind that hisses in your ears while your heart is filled with love. And you turn to observe the steps you have left behind you and you realize that they are not two but four. Here it is. It is precisely in that moment that everything makes sense.
Walking, footsteps on footsteps, on the asphalt, on the sidewalks, between the paths, and then again its grounds with shrubs and stones, in exploration. Looking for places and landscapes to see and savor! Head and body in the sun, 21 degrees, jacket at the waist! Glasses, t-shirt and sneakers. It was supposed to be just a leisurely stroll but then we follow a little bit of our instincts, or maybe more of the feelings. I will lose to find myself. To discover. The air and the scent of the sea, you pass through the vegetation, still a few meters. Here we are! His bare feet on the fresh and morbid sand, I gave him that they sink between these infinite grains and the eyes that look at that intense blue sky. The sound of the waves and the (strong) wind in your hair. I smile and continue to smile for most of the way We walk anchor and our feet travel miles on that expanse of sand, free and of no one. We wander, every now and then we get lost in every detail, sometimes they are further back, others further ahead. My catch to keep me gentlemen in the distance fishing. My still to keep will be treated in some with the essay is replaced by stones and my bare feet perceive different sensations, especially when I decide to play the water! It is frozen but it is so beautiful; We need the myriad of shells and that vegetation that I cannot define. Someone else is walking. Time is ours We arrived in the background and waiting for us are the rocks together with other people fishing, we sit down, to rest for a moment. Walking on the sand is therapeutic, in every sense! And then we stay there with the sun that continues to warm and shine on our skin and I goth these moments of blissful serenity
You know when the sand is hot but you don’t care why you are running towards the sea? “Here is life we ​​should live it like this” That I do not know who wrote it and why he wrote it, is he imprisoned drugs or was crazy and then I think, will he have two or three centimeters of callus under his feet? When I ford towards the sea and the hot sand I splash I don’t run, and I suffocate so much I suffocate my chair that I can’t do it, it’s terrible to walk on hot sand to torture. Well a life like this, always like this, don’t I even wish a boh? Not so a who. But for heaven’s sake!
We walk, we leave all those footprints in the sand, and they stay there, precise, orderly. But tomorrow, you will get up, look at this great beach and there will be nothing left, a footprint, any sign, nothing. The sea clears, at night. The tide hides. It is as if no one has ever passed. It is as if we never existed. If there is a place in the world where you can think you are nothing, that place is here. It is no longer land, it is not yet the sea. it’s not false life, it’s not true life. It is time. Time passing. Stop.
today I took my grandmother to the sea. I went to see her, it was sunny and when I saw her close her eyes to enjoy the moments outside I thought “why not?”. the window rolled down halfway and her pepper-and-salt hair swinging sweetly in the wind. it always smells good, nobody else wears it. I helped her walk on the sand with crutches and despite being afraid of getting dirty or falling, we put our feet in the water. her with stockings folded neatly aside, me with my wet jeans. there was silence, a distant dog barking and the whole horizon ahead, a boat near the rocks. “I’ll miss you, but I won’t tell you anymore.” a lump rose in my throat, two faster blinks of an eye. a question that I did not hold back came out because who better than her can understand? “Have you ever regretted coming here, Grandma? of having left home behind? ” I saw her sigh and close her eyes again with a light smile in the sun, then one for me “nothing is easy, but why repent? I did it with love and it was right. it was the way to my happiness. your mom, your brother, you .. you are my happiness. don’t be afraid to look ahead, baby. even the sea that returns to the shore every time never really stops. “
I want to eat pizza under the covers with you. I want to hug you, but hug really good to lose my breath, so much do I know how I will breathe my service? I want the thrills as you touch my hair, I want to go crazy in front of your lips and then kiss them, I want you to tell me that I am beautiful even if I will never believe it, I want to envy the world, indeed no! I want to forget the world! I want you to take me away from here, maybe to the sea or even to the meadow, I know so much about you who cares where we are from! I want to sing Wonderwall with tea at the top of my lungs with people passing by and think we are crazy, but they don’t know parrot that we really are crazy! I want to be in your arms and smell you, I’ll tell you the stars from the sky and I’ll try to touch it holding your hand, I wanna feel that feeling if you only taste when you smoke, I want you to sigh on my lips as my friend. I want you to sigh on my lips that you stay.
We accept the love we think we deserve.’ Now tell me, what do you find in this sentence? I think it is a beautiful sentence, full of meaning, a sentence from a book, from a film. But guys this is the reality. We must not accept the love we think we deserve. We have to lift our backs and run to get that love. We must fight, scream, insult if necessary. To me those words convey resignation, they seem to be said by a person who does not know what willpower or dreams are. And we must win that love. With our strength. And if by chance we don’t succeed, in the end we can always say ‘I tried, I put my soul into it and it wasn’t enough, but I was strong.

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