Sam Bell works on the Moon, assisted by a kind of robot named Gerty.
Its employer is Lunar, a company that produces a form of clean energy destined for the Earth.
He finds himself isolated because communications are interrupted.
But his contract is about to end soon.
Except that he has an accident.
When he awakens, he discovers two things.
The first is that they have been counting a lot of bullshit.
The second is that the situation is slightly different from what he thought it was.
I won't tell you more about the 2009 sci-fi movie Moon.
So as not to spoil the surprise, although the Revelation is not very original.
Something like this can be found in the robotic anime Daltanious and in Michael Bay's film The Island.
Just know that technically very well done.
Although there is no action, it is captivating and not boring at all.
The interpreters are not very many, eh.
I would mention the two protagonists, namely Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell, and Kevin Spacey lending his voice to Gerty.
It always makes a difference.


The sun is dying and humanity can be considered serenely fucked up.
Unless we can drop a star bomb the size of the island of Manhattan inside our star.
The mission is soon ready.
Which would then be the second, because the first mysteriously failed.
The crew of the spaceship will find out what ever happened.
And it won't be pleasant.
Sunshine is a Danny Boyle film dated 2007.
It is by no means despicable.
Technically it is of a good standard.
Good special effects.
The action scenes are spectacular.
Sorry to say, but the weak point is, narratively, the final part.
Because there is something really absurd.
Overall, however, it lets itself be seen.
Of the cast I would mention Michelle Yeoh, Chris Evans, Cillian Murphy and Cliff Curtis.
All definitely known faces.
At least, I know them.
But I'm sure you know them as well.



What is the right way to discover everything that our unconscious hides from others? What is the right way to heal someone who cannot accept their impulses? There are so many things that aren’t told to anyone, not even a doctor. But is it worth keeping everything and getting sick in order not to accept yourself?


Vikings is a series focused on the exploits of the Viking warrior Ragnar Lothbrok, a very ambitious young hunter and fisherman who is always looking for new lands to conquer.This series has brought many people closer to Norse culture, full of very special myths and traditions, hitherto unknown. I can say that there are other Vikings series that I have watched but no other has such strong characters that remain in the memory.


Why continue to live a monotonous life in which everything is marked by always the same rhythms when one can interrupt the known and go towards the unknown of oneself? Why do you choose to get moldy in a job or in a life that becomes a cage when you can get on a train and go towards a different future?


Sometimes it’s a gun that kills, a knife, or fists. Sometimes I give words, gestures, aggressive behaviors. A woman may immediately owe certain things without being able to object. Today is a day when I would like to remember not only the physics on women but also the psychological violence that often goes unnoticed and is never judged. I believe that it is men who have to fight hard to save women from certain horrible men. Men have to fight every day for their mothers, wives, daughters and sisters but unfortunately this is not the case.


There are events that all happen one after the other and they don’t seem to make any logical sense. Yet someone who manages to grasp a thread in certain signs can discover very interesting concatenations even managing to enter another unexplored world. A very strange and ironic Detective and an even stranger sidekick, looking for shocking clues.


Who is our enemy? A brutal person? A person used by his government to conquer new territories? A cattibo man? Or a kind soul like us? A sudden discovery of love during a horrible war. A woman who denies the evidence of a strong feeling that will save her?

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