Throw it away, that stone.
Take it and launch the way with all the strength you have in your body.
And, while you’re there,
tie all the pain I carry inside me together and hurl it against the water.
The sea will know what to do with it.
Take that pain away from me that stone that blocks the mechanisms of my heart.
Never tire of collecting the stones of my soul.
Never get tired of cleaning my heart every time it gets dirty with something that makes it beat less.


I'll make room for you next to me.
Tonight I'm really strong,
tonight I'm really invincible,
tonight - not - it's - me.
I make room for you next to me, and inside my heart. 
What a big space you have,
you take up almost all of it. 
I'm happy when I think about it, and I tell everyone a little
because my heart is almost all yours.
The sauce I made, 
the red apples I bought are all yours. 
The scent of chocolate donut is all yours. 
I am a bit all yours.
I make room for you next to me, and tonight no one can beat me,
if in a low voice,
almost in silence
I tell you that you are my love
and you are my love
and you are love
what I feel when I look at you.


I confess that I hold my heart between the sunsets,
split in two,
created as a single center,
divided by suns and moons
of another galaxy.
I confess that I am not in my bones, that I have no body, my breath is distorted by opposite impulses
to the immortal nature.
I confess that I have edges outside the body, between the clouds and the stars.
Knots in the throat.
Desires left in the red veins.
Danger of melting into so much universal love.


Imagine having to play something without knowing the rules,
try and fail or back away for fear of losing, here:
I’m playing a game I don’t know the rules for,
I don’t know when to attack and when to retreat,
I grope forward ,
relying on chance and everything is temporary, there is nothing certain and solid on which to lean without fear of falling,
aware that this is one’s safe haven.
I feel unsuitable,
unable to deal with this and not having the right prerequisites to be able to play.
Will I ever learn?
Will I ever be able to play a game by reaching the finish line with few losses or will I pull back every time,
hoping that someone knows what moves should be made,
thus taking my place?
I do not understand some people who blindfolded do not understand the joys that life offers them and complain that they are the most unlucky people in the world,
they stay on the sidelines and always complain about everyone. But no one understands certain people who always laugh,
joke and talk,
but often get lost in the void with a scary look.
You can try to really get to know a person by listening to what they have to say. Then slowly you can even grab the thorns it has stuck inside and remove a few, in your time. You can convince her to reveal something incredibly striking, a secret that is almost never shared, halfway between yours and her heart.
If you have a little more courage, you will go even further, where the steps, the words and the will never fully arrive.
You will touch an extreme point, a point that seems to have devitalized and instead shaking it will be able to reveal something about you that was just obscure to you. It will rekindle all hope in the blink of an eye.
You will be frightened, because you are always afraid of pain, but if your courage is great enough, instead of leaving you will smile. Certain revelations change you forever, even if your soul does not remain forever in the life of another soul.
It is those secrets of yours that you are able to know only through someone else that make you better, because you have not always been able to be better alone.


Whoever loves invents the things he loves.

Maybe you came when I dreamed of you.

And suddenly the flame lit up.

It was the dormant embers that woke up.

A new flight over the rubble,

bells tolled in the air of surprise,

played by those special angels

who have the gift of resurrecting.

A divine rhythm?


the beating of our hearts

who beat together and in celebration,

or lonely, with a sad rhythm.

My poor, my great distant love,

you don't even know how much good it does to people

having dreamed

and having lived the dream.
When I make love with you

I will have sculpted skin

like fringes of alabaster

to shed drunken light on you.

When I make love with you

I will be beautiful naked

in your hands

and like a leaf caressed by the wind

I will tremble shaped by love.

When I make love with you

I will have childish graces

amidst the stupid illusion

like dazzling naivety

of first love.

When I make love with you

I'll be drunk alive

in the clutter of the room

like an August blaze

and in spite of myself

I will have a cry in my heart.

When I make love with you

I will be more beautiful than a bride






on her wedding night.

When I make love with you

hold me in your arms

and all the glass stars

they will become fire of joy

and it will never be night.

I had to wait for you a thousand years

and then a thousand

when I make love with you

it will be the first time.


We are alone. We don't know anyone. Although we meet hundreds of people every day, we are alone, replaceable. None of us are indispensable. People tend to change according to the person in front of them, to change their interests based on superfluous passing fads. There are no longer those friendships of the type: "It's me and you against the world", even if they were in love. I am convinced that true friendship gives a feeling of fullness comparable to love. And I am convinced that true friendship no longer exists. Nobody considers you indispensable anymore. 
Aren't you going out? Well, there will be someone else willing to do it. Do other people who are also your friends call to go out? Well, then you can also stay at home because it's not worth calling too. Did you think you were given smiles, words, special gestures? What a pity, when you are in a group you are all the same. Did you think he was always on your side? Too bad, because when his other friends are around and they don't think like you, you're no longer right. In the end we find ourselves thinking how beautiful a true friendship would be without taking into account that to make it real, one would need to know how to cultivate it. And we are all alone. And we don't know anyone.


Love kills love when it has the fear of losing it.
Love costs a whole heart.
A code to reset the inner network.
Just a date.
Just one place.
Time coordinates.
To cut off an astral beat.
Two that get confused.
A woodworm that gnaws.
Fossa inside the chest.
Toads in the brain.
Lick every layer of dream.
Procedures for not doing the same things.
The need to make a gesture without making the purpose of it understood.
A woodworm that gnaws.
A sea that reaches the heart.
Storms of sentimental outbursts.
I produce poison.
Oh my flower.
Macerated with suspicions.
Oh my flower,
dare to stand under a waterfall of wax.
A mixture of innocence and ardor, twisted on the same branch.


L'amore uccide l'amore quando possiede la paura di perderlo. 
L'amore costa un cuore intero. 
Un codice per resettare la rete interiore. 
Solo una data. 
Solo un luogo. 
Coordinate temporali. 
Per recidere un battito astrale. 
Due che si confondono. 
Un tarlo che rode. 
Fossa dentro al torace. 
Rospi nel cervello. 
Lecca ogni strato di sogno. 
Procedure per non fare le stesse cose. 
La necessità di compiere un gesto senza far capire il fine di tale. 
Un tarlo che rode. 
Un mare che arriva nel cuore. 
Tempeste di sfoghi sentimentali. 
Produco veleno. 
O mio fiore. 
Macerati di sospiri. 
O mio fiore,
ardisci stare sotto una cascata di cera. 
Un misto d'innocenza e ardore, attorcigliati allo stesso ramo. 


Pain twists my hair during a chess game with common sense.
The handles remain lowered, the doors open and the holes closed.
The galaxies of logic reject any rational explanation.
A ship can sail even without an engine, a ship can have sails.
Gray open by blue, fears covered by yellow.
I can picture myself curled up on your sofa while you travel you can arrive on my sofa.
It is an exchange of minds and ancestral poison.
Archetypes to avoid, emulation of adults,
prime spirits:
feel my pain,
release my pain,
feel my heart,
free my heart.
Turn to me Lord,
shout my name.
Dominate, feel my pain, 
Feel my skin tonight.
Don't get me up.
Let me wake up my dream soul to defeat death.


Il dolore attorciglia i capelli durante la partita di scacchi col buonsenso.
Le maniglie rimangono abbassate, le porte aperte e i buchi scoperti.
Le galassie della logica rifiutano ogni spiegazione razionale.
Una nave può salpare, anche senza un motore, una nave può avere le vele.
Grigiori aperti dal blu, timori coperti dal giallo.
posso immaginarmi raggomitolata sul tuo divano mentre tu viaggi posso arrivare sul mio divano.
È uno scambio di menti e veleno ancestrale.
Archetipi da evitare, emulazione di adulti,
spiriti primi:
senti il ​​mio dolore,
libera il mio dolore,
senti il ​​mio cuore,
libera il mio cuore.
Porgiti a me Signore,
grida il mio nome.
Domine, senti il ​​mio dolore, Re.
Senti la mia pelle stanotte.
Non mi rialzare.
Lasciami svegliare la mia anima onirica per sconfiggere la morte.


Linked to someone,
capable of healing and improving,
get worse,
cough, sleep.
Sleeping together in the sun.
Sleeping between the white curtains.
It rains when I look out,
it rains when I look inside.
The roof of my house is struggling to withstand the storm, 
one day I will fly away too, along with the pieces of the ceiling.
Like a colorful kite, or perhaps all black, 
like thunder, 
far away, among the snow-capped peaks.
A white drop behind a black sky.


I want to taste your heart,
clean up your coronaries,
licking the dirty blood that has remained nestled in some corner of your existential substratum.
I want to suck every puzzle you couldn't solve.
Voracious as an eagle.
Pilot your soul and make hell reopen.
Save yourself.
Above this ray of light the storm hides.
Sand and snow together.
We will play a sublime game together.
We will be hearts.
Submarines in the veins.
We will flap feathers on every flight, out, out.

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