People have a bad taste to come back. Like the zombies in the movies, you shoot them, you think you have killed them and finally freed them and they, inexorably, get up and continue to drag themselves towards you. I don’t honestly know why people feel the desire to come back and yet they do, maybe because they want to finish finishing you off, or because they miss your contempt, they come back out of curiosity to see how you are, what you do, how you survive without them, with who have replaced them, they come back because they are afraid that you have forgotten about them and by coming alive they refresh the memory, they come back because they have no other victim to bother, but the worst reason, perhaps, is that they come back because they are convinced that they have changed and of having become better people, who have understood the lesson and are overflowing with a repentance that they must throw up on you to obtain forgiveness, which makes all guilt disappear from their consciences. When people return, however, they are completely oblivious to the thoughts and feelings of those who exiled them, seeing that hungry zombie stubbornly dragging along only adds to the detachment, contempt and determination to maintain a position that was taken for specific reasons. Often in seeing a person return, the first thought that comes to mind is the last unpleasant fight that made you live and all the evil that it caused you. The fact of saying “I don’t want to see you anymore” leaves no room for but and if, it is an apocalyptic and definitive phrase, whoever pronounces it has considered it well and has no second thoughts. So the advice is: don’t go back to those who don’t even want you as a souvenir.



Pain. How many people does the pain weigh on the shoulders, stomach and head? How many people are there who would like to eliminate it from their life? But they tell us that it is useful, that suffering helps to understand life, to know others and ourselves. Would we be the same if we hadn’t subjected so much? Would we be so sensitive? Would we be so in need of love? What pain did it give us? The light. The light to see where the darkness was and where we were stuck. The light to see where we went wrong and how to move forward. Pain is our light. We can now see in the dark.



La canción de fondo de Moby, porcelana, me lleva a reflexionar sobre lo importante que son la bondad y la delicadeza en una relación, sea cual sea su naturaleza. muy a menudo estos dos elementos tienden a darse por sentados, actuando así con arrogancia y agresión. es un poco por esta razón que siempre me desconcierta cuando alguien se dirige a mí de una manera amable, porque a lo largo de los años me han hecho pensar, después de haber conocido a personas que no son nada agradables en su forma de hacer las cosas, que estas Se extinguieron dos componentes y que la gente no los consideró en absoluto como valores, sino como cosas de las que apartarse. Es precisamente sabiendo esto que digo que ser amable y gentil con los que están frente a nosotros no es en absoluto algo de lo que avergonzarse, sino al contrario, la persona a la que nos dirigimos podría estar agradecida porque creo firmemente que la frase ” cada persona que conoces está librando una batalla de la que no sabes nada. sé amable, siempre “. sea ​​todo lo que se acerque más a la realidad.


Are you one of the more than seven hundred million users who use Facebook? Well, it means that almost every day you produce content for the network: content of all kinds, not least emotional and relational content. You are part of the general intellect of Facebook. In short, Facebook exists and works thanks to people like you. What is the Facebook name if not this collective intelligence, which is not produced by Zuckerberg and company, but by users? You actually work on Facebook. You don’t notice it, but you work. You work without getting paid. Others are making money from your work. Here the Marxian concept that comes in handy is that of “surplus labor”. It is not an abstruse concept: it means “the part of work which, while producing value, does not translate into wages but into the profit of the owner, as owner of the means of production”. Where there is profit, it means that there has been surplus labor. Otherwise, if all the work share were paid based on the value it created, well… it would be communism, the classless society. It is clear that the boss must pay less in wages than he will get from the sale of the goods. “Profit” means this. It means paying workers less than the real value of the work they do. For various reasons, the owner may not even be able to sell those goods. And so don’t make a profit. But this does not mean that the workers did not provide surplus labor. The entire capitalist society is based on surplus value and surplus labor. On Facebook, your work is all surplus labor, because you don’t get paid. Zuckerberg every day sells your surplus labor, that is, you sell your life (sensitive data, your browsing patterns, etc.) and your relationships, and earn several million dollars a day. Because he is the owner of the means of production, you don’t. Information is a commodity. Knowledge is a commodity. Indeed, in post-Fordism or whatever we want to call it, it is the commodity of commodities. It is a productive force and a commodity at the same time, just like the workforce. The community that uses Facebook produces information (on tastes, consumption patterns, market trends) that the owner packages in the form of statistics and sells to third parties and / or uses to personalize advertising, offers and transactions of various kinds. Furthermore, Facebook itself, as a representation of the largest network of relationships on the planet, is a commodity. The Facebook company can only sell information if, at the same time and relentlessly, it sells that representation of itself. This representation is also due to the users, but it is Zuckerberg who fills the bank account


On social media, speaking above all of influencers and models who often publish their photos showing themselves beautiful, thin / me with a face practically without imperfections, it has now gone to establish an exaggerated and in my opinion also dangerous exposure h24 to fees too tall and often not authentic. It must be said that for the publication of these photos "filters" are often used to remove the imperfections of the body and thus make the person in the photo more beautiful. A smooth face for example is often caused by these "effects" that are applied to photos.
Why do I say that these canons of beauty can have dangerous implications? Because in a world where beauty is understood above all with thinness, smooth faces, etc., many boys and girls (teenagers in particular) take all this as a "standard" by not appreciating their body and ending up in the midst of psychological discomfort too. deeper. In fact, we know that the adolescent period is not always rosy and in itself the discomfort for one's body often comes out. So be careful not to increase it.

"Look at this model what a nice slim / dry body she has, mine is more plump and sucks", "look at this influencer what a perfect face she has while mine is affected by acne and it sucks" are simple examples of that that guys can think even just looking in the mirror.

The message that must pass on the web (and fortunately there are some famous people who do this) is that everyone has their own body that must be cared for and loved. The message that to be beautiful you must necessarily have a "standard" body must not at all pass.

Let's take advantage of these blessed social networks because they can also transmit positive teachings, even more so in this area as now everyone (or at most almost everyone) has already used them from a very young age.


As you read, think. Think about every single word, every single sentence you have read. You are young. You need to live. You need to understand that being crazy about someone is absurd. People make mistakes, we are human, it is normal. Forgive and forget. Don’t lose a friend because something happened, forgive him. Forget about their mistakes, you want the same if it happens to you. If you like someone, tell them. You don’t know what could happen to him. It’s bad to talk about this, but it’s the truth. People die every day, every minute, every second. You will never know it. Have fun, dance in public, sing with all your lungs, don’t hold back in laughter, don’t hold back a smile. Dress how you want, not how others want. Be free, don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do. Say what’s in your head, tell all your thoughts, free your opinions, you should never go unheard. Live your life as much as you can because you will never know what can happen. You just don’t know.
I don’t know how to replace people, even if they hurt me. Disappointed. I let them go, I go on with my life, I go on. I don’t look for them anymore, I make myself strong because I know it’s right. And when after the ninetieth time I say enough, I don’t go back. I make new friends, I fall in love again, but it hardly happens, but no one will ever be able to replace them, because the emotions I felt with them cannot be imitated. People don’t replace each other. What I had with them I cannot have back with anyone else, nor can I expect it from anyone else. And when I wish things had gone differently, I think of the memories that bound me to them and I know that no one can ever separate me from them.
I don’t want someone by my side to fill a void inside me. I want someone to tell about my day without feeling a burden, talk about my passions without feeling boring, show my weaknesses and dark moments without feeling out of place. Love hurts, they say. But it hurts when you don’t love the same way. Or when one of the two doesn’t love at all. At that point, every action must be measured, thought, weighed. Because the sensitivity of those who (perhaps presumptuously, humanly speaking?) Only want a little love: a daily caress on the heart, a beautiful word whispered in the ear, a smile that involves the whole face.
Words come to life on their own at night.
It is easier to find them,
to feel them in your mind.
It is as if they emerge from the depths of me,
free, insistent.
The best speeches,
the clearest, most linear thoughts,
or conversely, the most intense,
children of a feeling that is difficult to master.
The letters that get lost or confused during the day become autonomous, walk, come out into the open.
I like this quiet,
I love this silence.
It tastes good.
Of poetry.


En Occidente no cultivamos el espíritu, nos limitamos a imitar algunas actividades orientales: yoga, mantras, respiración que, sin embargo, no forman parte de nuestra cultura. La parte espiritual no se trata y la religión ha sido un obstáculo más que una ayuda para su desarrollo. La verdad es que hacemos indigestión de materia. Con un “poco más de noche” quizás podríamos redescubrir intuiciones, posibilidades y percepciones para luego trasladarlas a la vida cotidiana. Porque es cierto, como dije hace mucho tiempo, provocando una sensación y reacciones de diversa índole, que para despertar es necesario dormir.
Según dos investigadores famosos, Stuart Hameroff y Roger Penrose, la conciencia existe no solo como un mecanismo psicológico, sino como información contenida en vibraciones dentro de ciertas partes de las neuronas, los microtúbulos. Estas vibraciones son las de los “cuantos”, la unidad básica de la física cuántica, que consta de ondas y partículas. Los estudios han demostrado que cuando los microtúbulos dejan de funcionar porque una persona muere, la información que contienen no se puede perder. Para algunos, aquí residiría lo que durante siglos se ha llamado “alma”.
Siempre hemos estado acostumbrados a temer a las criaturas o sucesos aterradores, o lo que es diferente, extraño y muchas veces sin darnos cuenta de que el miedo limita nuestra libertad, pero evita enfrentarnos a lo desconocido. En este caso, el signo no somos nosotros y nuestros potenciales, sino, como dice Osho: “La meditación no es más que un regreso a casa, simplemente descansar un poco dentro del propio ser”. Hermoso Sería encontrarse cerca de su casa, en su casa, atraído por un intento de imaginar una experiencia astral … ¡Podríamos descubrir costuras de nosotros mismos que no conocemos!
El desapego no significa frialdad o poco interés. La falta de esta cualidad, debido a que es una cualidad, puede dificultar seriamente y crear desequilibrios energéticos justo en el Chakra del corazón. El desapego es esencialmente el centro del propio Ser y para ello siempre es necesario permanecer desapegado de todos y de todo. Cuando estamos demasiado involucrados en situaciones, somos incapaces de observar objetivamente la realidad que nos rodea y ni siquiera somos capaces de equilibrar nuestras emociones y pensamientos. Un sano desapego de las cosas nos lleva a estar en armonía con nosotros mismos y con todo lo que existe y vibra a nuestro alrededor y dentro de nosotros, permitiéndonos ejercitar ese amor verdaderamente incondicional, tan difícil de sentir.


Existe un término genérico que técnicamente se llama O.B.E. (“Experiencia fuera del cuerpo”, “Experiencia fuera del cuerpo”). Es un fenómeno complejo que muchas veces se confunde con las características naturales del sueño y el despertar inmediato, como las que se experimentan como rigidez, que, como decía en un post anterior, forma parte de la etapa normal del sueño R.E.M. (aquel en el que sueñas) en el que interviene una parálisis del cuerpo físico para impedir los movimientos que llevaría a realizar la fantasía onírica. En algunos casos, esta “parálisis” se prolonga por un corto tiempo en el despertar inmediato y el sujeto puede asustarse o pensar en algún fenómeno en particular. Por lo que no hablaría de escisión o viaje fuera del cuerpo, si el fenómeno debe referirse solo a estas sensaciones, sino que puede ser con otras modalidades y manifestaciones físicas que suelen referirse a una fuerte expansión con un desagüe muchas veces localizado a nivel de la cabeza a la que sigue la visión de nuestro cuerpo físico y una panorámica del entorno visto desde arriba. También puede tener la sensación de soñar y, por lo tanto, podría ser comparable a un “sueño lúcido” del cual es prácticamente indistinguible, a menos que pueda tener una prueba objetiva al visualizar objetos que son imposibles de observar en la posición acostada y posteriormente encontrados como ” Reconocido “. Por ejemplo, algunos papeles o un libro se abren en una determinada página colocados en un armario que no se ve desde abajo.
Siempre asociado al estado "Fase" hay una serie de fenómenos como:

- parálisis del sueño
- falso despertar
- abducción alienigena
- experiencias cercanas a la muerte (a veces)

¿Qué se puede hacer?
Hay varias posibilidades que ofrece la Fase, a saber:

-obtener información
-desarrollar curación o rehabilitación
-desarrollar nuevas ideas creativas
- entrenar actuaciones deportivas
- viajar a través del tiempo y el espacio
- conocer personas como personas fallecidas o celebridades del pasado y del presente
-satisface tus deseos con entretenimientos de todo tipo.
Por lo que entiendo, la predisposición a la duplicación se deriva de una sensibilidad particular del individuo que tiene sus propios cuerpos anímicos estructurados con mayor elasticidad que en otras personas, fragilidad emocional que momentáneamente “desequilibra” las barreras normales de estos cuerpos anímicos. El fenómeno puede no estar completamente controlado y también producir situaciones desagradables de tensión y miedo.
Consideramos que, según la tradición esotérica, el Cuerpo Etérico es el segundo en orden ascendente de los cuatro cuerpos humanos (físico, etérico, astral, mental), que son nuestra alma y constituyen los vehículos para la expresión del espíritu ‘. Etérico no es propiamente un vehículo separado de conciencia, como otros pueden ser considerados, ni tiene su propio plano de existencia separado, ya que es parte del vehículo físico y del plano físico, pero con una densidad material organizada extremadamente sutil. no en átomos, sino en partículas subatómicas (esto lo demuestran los fenómenos de ectoplasma que he presenciado y de los que puedo dar fe de la autenticidad). centros de fuerza también llamados “chacra”. Tiene dos funciones principales: en primer lugar el de absorber el “prana” o “vitalidad” y distribuirlo en todas las partes del cuerpo físico; en segundo lugar, el de servir de intermediario o puente entre el cuerpo físico y el cuerpo astral, es un desprendimiento de este cuerpo del físico, y su naturaleza, extremadamente maleable al pensamiento, puede llevarlo a lugares incluso muy distantes del izquierdo. El individuo permanece consciente y alerta en este “viaje”, que no debe confundirse con el viaje astral, como dije, porque, a diferencia de este último, permanece en el plano físico y, si su energía etérica lo permite, también puede hacerse a sí mismo. visible e interactuar con el entorno, por lo que también hablamos de “bilocación”.
Aunque se diga lo contrario, estoy convencido de que, en estos fenómenos, no hay peligro salvo, como es habitual, el derivado de nuestros miedos que se amplifican por el estado “astral” en el que nos encontramos o de nuestra fantasía de que, juntos con la sugestión tergiversa la realidad, razón por la cual el verdadero fenómeno de la duplicación es muy raro y difícil de determinar objetivamente.


En cierto momento, después de meses en los que tu mundo parece colapsar inexorablemente, pieza tras pieza, ¡te das cuenta de que lo has logrado! Qué maravilloso el ser humano, se acostumbra a todo … Así, hasta la situación más insoportable pasa a formar parte de la normalidad. Una mañana te despiertas y estás listo para afrontar tu nueva vida, destartalada, más agitada que antes, pero llena de amor. Porque seamos sinceros, el Amor consigue moverlo todo y hacernos afrontar cualquier cosa, cada obstáculo se convierte en un guijarro al que dar una patada.
Quizás son nuestros errores los que determinan nuestro destino. Sin ellos, ¿qué sentido tendría nuestra vida? Probablemente si nunca cambiamos nuestro camino, no podríamos enamorarnos, tener un hijo, ser quienes somos; después de que todas las estaciones cambian, y también las ciudades … la gente entra en tu vida y luego la deja, pero es reconfortante saber que tus seres queridos permanecen grabados para siempre en tu corazón.
El hombre tiene una inclinación visceral a hacer de cualquier cosa una moda. Ayer fueron pantalones acampanados, hoy son regresiones a vidas pasadas. Me duele un poco ver a estos ilusionistas del tiempo jugando con la gente, pero está claro que hay muchas formas de llegar a nosotros mismos. En cualquier caso, intente razonar. Por lo menos ve para considerar que cuando el ego deja de existir en el tiempo que ha vivido, nadie puede alcanzar o “ver” lo que se ha desvanecido totalmente. El sujeto que buscas no existe, porque su ego está ausente. Por otro lado, el ego actual que busca nunca encontrará lo que ya no existe. Todo lo que encuentras en el astral no está vinculado al ego pasado, es solo la mente la que lo hace para evitar que te vuelvas loco. A menos que sean seres de luz casi o totalmente puros, ningún ser humano por medios humanos puede recordar información de ese tipo, y sería información espiritual, no material de todos modos. La materialidad, la personalidad, el ego, la experiencia horizontal de cualquier vida anterior se disuelve con la muerte física. Solo el alma sobrevive, o más bien lo que conectaste a la fuente en la vida. Así que preocúpate por “construir” tu alma, antes de ver si eras valiente gendarme en 1800.



The heart is nothing more than a row of rooms, smaller and smaller, one leads into another through a closed door and stairs that descend. There are seven rooms in all. The heart of the heart is the seventh, the most difficult to reach, but the brightest because the walls are made of crystal. Every system evolves towards disorder. Everything is provisional, order cannot be sought where it cannot be found, the birth of a life is an ordered system, just as the birth of a project, the creation of something is a defeat for the universe and for entropy, because it represents what puts order in a disorderly context, the universe is always expanding towards disorder and will do everything to create more and more. Entropy always wins, each of us is destined to die, every material good to break and every emotional bond is destined to dissolve. The concept to quickly understand what this fascinating word means is this: Everything flows into disorder, every living being dies, every object breaks, is forgotten .. And we can’t do anything about it, life is disorder and despite the fact that we always try to put some order in our thoughts, in the our home, among our objects, it is not possible to avoid creating more disorder. But we will start over and continue to try to get out of the chaos.
The universe is part of this one cry in this mysterious land, where everyone is born to die. Every tree and leaf, every star shows that the universe is part of this one cry that all life is known and welcomed and all that is loved will not be lost. Let it be. Let it be. Let things happen. Do not fill yourself with paranoid problems. Or worse still of fears. Sing. Dance. Dedicate songs. Dream. Dream a lot. And go out of your way to accomplish your goal. Rebel. Don’t get submissive. Don’t worry about the future. Don’t be afraid to get involved, to dare, prove yourself for who you are. Let yourself go, let yourself be carried away by life and emotions. There will be no second chance to relive certain moments. Go out. Go dance and come home at six in the morning. Or don’t go back at all. But don’t stay indoors. Don’t be proud. It is useless. Or rather, it only serves to keep people away. Everyone has had bad experiences. Everyone has had their disappointments. Don’t think you are the only one. But you don’t have to close in on yourself for this. Write those messages you don’t have the courage to send. Don’t be left with the doubt of how it could have gone. Don’t regret it. And don’t judge yourself. You are who you are. Don’t waste time with envy. There is no reason to have a plan B, because it distracts from plan A. Relax. Lie on the lawn and look at the sky. Go to the beach. Listen to the sound of the waves. Don’t pay attention to what people say. Yes solar, even pissed off. Don’t be afraid to laugh out loud. Read the instructions, even if you do your own thing. It is never too late to change. Or not to change to fact. Look at things from different points of view. Don’t be stubborn. Yes curious. Travel. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Not too lightly. People come and go. Like the seasons. Only promise if you are sure you will keep. Surprise yourself with the little things. Amaze with small gestures. Watch a lot of movies. Believe in many things. Especially in yourself. Laugh. Yes happy. I am wasting happiness. Because smile brings smile. Yes humble. Love so much, love everything, always love. Let things happen. Let it be as it should be. Let it be.

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