The shadows of the night gather in a distant ravine near the highway to the sky, unfinished basement like many others, they light a fire to recognize themselves but humans do not see them, they are dark to most, it takes inner sensitivity, or you have it. or not, it is not bought with securities, money or a self-declared status.
You can be straight, gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual, it doesn't matter, the Soul has no gender, there is you and the dark, Hell, Purgatory, Heaven and they, who call you and try to lure you into the their kingdom.
The sound they emit is shrill, plaintive but, little by little, it changes, it becomes recognizable, tears, as they have passed away, but then slight smiles for the weight that humanity possesses and distributes day by day on those who live.
They dance around the fire, they have rags on or even naked but full of pride for what they have done and, above all, given in terms of Love, Perversion, constant search for their limits.
It is macabre because if you see them and approach them they are of a deadly pallor, bones in sight, worthy of the scariest horror not yet written.
If you have weak hearts, do not go .... just read, it is enough to imagine the havoc of hearts, limbs and minds that these dances represent but also life lived and sufferings faced ...
The night hides this and more, if you don't have the right eyes you will never see them ....


What is in the sky is within the earth.
Perhaps blue, infinite water, a life in reverse.
Maybe I say, I try, I preach.
Dug the earth,
a primordial cave, from where man comes out as a newborn and knows nothing and wants to discover something,
but what he finds is explosive, it damages the earth.
A vivid wound lies within the human being, a reminder of what he lost by falling from his universe.
And he remembers the pleasure of being alone with Nature but never rediscovering that pleasure and he sinks into the atavistic pain of being alone.
I see sincere tears, lights of various colors, screens full of numbers and hopes, hopes.
Come out of the nest, lonely wanderer, come out of the wolves' den, out of the mud pond, come out of the buried sky.
Be blue too.


I recently saw a proliferation of youtube channels created on the subject of aliens. They talk about NASA, about enclosures, about evidence on sightings. But is all this really useful to us and not rather to make these individuals profit? At the beginning I was also frankly struck by certain declassified documents but then I realized that after a certain number of videos we started talking about subscriptions, written books, t-shirts and sweatshirts for sale, .... In short, I I no longer believe it is a matter of interest. They are making too much money on these topics and I'm sorry to say but these people, after buying a certain number of followers, behave just like the gurus of the sects. So I stopped watching certain videos altogether, even though certain topics were treated well. What do you think? Even Rai have been saying things about aliens. But was it to make an audience?

Baba Vanga was a blind mystic and Bulgarian herbalist who spent most of her life between 1911 and 1996 making alarming predictions about the future.
Before his death, Baba Vanga prophesied that at the end of 2022, aliens will invade Earth by sending an asteroid to search for life on our planet, and the result will not be good for humans. Stressing that the aliens will not come in peace, Baba Vanga said: "The alien ships will attack the Earth and bomb cities and take people captive."
The Israeli-British illusionist, magician and psychic Uri Geller is also adamant that aliens are about to invade our planet. The 75-year-old spoon bender recently announced on Instagram: “A radio wave mapping team in the universe has discovered something unusual that releases a giant burst of energy three times an hour and is unlike anything astronomers have ever seen before.
"Without a doubt in my mind this is connected to an alien intelligence far superior to ours. Start decrypting their messages! They are preparing us for a mass landing soon! "
Geller previously predicted that aliens would soon make contact with humans, saying, “They will probably land on the White House lawn or somewhere. All of our science fiction films about encounters with aliens will come true. I don't think we are talking about thousands or even hundreds of years. If I had to guess, a rational and logical hypothesis, I would say that between 60 and 75 years it will happen. "

Aliens are among us? Maybe today and certainly in ancient times. They created us, the Bible says, and they instituted religion to rule us. This in a nutshell supports Mauro Biglino, a fashion writer between spiritualists and anticlericals. His books are bestsellers with tens of thousands of copies. An all-round brand: many conferences, highly clicked videos, social media, appeared on television, a comic and even a cameo of himself in a sci-fi film with megaproduction. Even as an association we receive criticisms, attestations of esteem and requests for opinions on this writer.
Mauro Biglino argue that human beings were created by extraterrestrials equipped with advanced technologies, starting from hominids already present. The term elohim would not indicate the Hebrew god but these characters. The traces would lie in the text not manipulated by the theologians.
Biglino's lectures attract a large audience also due to the author's undoubted dialectical skills. He shows mastery of Hebrew and ancient texts, but shuns the swamped attitude of many intellectuals struggling with the audience. Charismatic and witty, with a dry and almost monastic appearance, he involves the audience and peppered the speeches with anecdotal and high-sounding references. His events are a mix of reading, entertainment and (not so paradoxically) sermons in the church.


The inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person. Not having to hide your thoughts or measure your words, but expose yourself for what you are. Pros and cons together, knowing that a faithful hand will grab and sift them, keeping what is worth holding, and then, with a gentle blow, blow the rest away.
Night the cloak of darkness envelops your world no mercy for your fragile hopes. Thoughts yield to the illusion of new eyes of different eyes, of a different point of view. The rhythm slows down transformed into a base note. Aphonic sounds pierce the atavistic enemy silence. You try to understand what it will be like tomorrow but it is already tomorrow.


Sometimes it seems to me that all the suffering of this old house enters me. And also the pain of these places.
Even in P ... I felt filled with pain but it wasn't my pain, it came from something in the house. Also in L ...., I changed when I moved home. In C's apartment ... there was something that then blocked me.
Strange things happened to P ... and to S ... too.
It is as if you absorb the negative energies present in a place.
I don't know if there is a place where there is no negative energy. A place where no people died and there were no wars and sufferings.
But I'm not sure if that's the place. I believe this because it is my feeling. Even in V ..... I saw things that were not beautiful and we were stuck.

Or maybe I have it inside and it causes me problems. So I don't know what to think.
Even though PE was a new house, it was on land full of dead.
I don't know if it's something that comes from the dead or something inside the earth or something astral.
I don't know how to investigate to understand it well.
We often go somewhere and forget why we went there, as if someone told us to go there without giving us explanations, as if someone was whispering to us where to go but not what to do and then suddenly stopped, leaving a deathly silence.
It is said that in reality it is not the whispers that stop but it is we who wake up from a kind of trans.

It is also said that if, unfortunately, we did not wake up, the whispers would lead us to do things that go far beyond the human imagination, they would take total control of our person and, finally, they would let us go but with a considerable weight on us. ..madness.
So I tell you honestly that I don't know exactly what I do from midnight to three in the morning. I don't find myself on the bed but somewhere else. I never remember how I got there. Sometimes I even find myself away from home. Am I sleepwalking?

I only remember that I hear these whispers, since I was a child, and I follow them, I follow them and then I don't know where I go and what I find. Will I find myself? Every time I look in the mirror and it doesn't look like me. I have these very dark eyes. But I don't have black eyes in reality. Who is watching me then?
This house was only rented one more time, 10 years ago, by 3 people I know nothing about except the fact that while they were here things happened that the landlady gave a rational reading, but to which I, in light of what has happened to me, I am beginning to give a different reading. The landlady in fact says that these people have pulled the curtains and destroyed the stove, but the strange thing is that she talks very quietly saying that they were very good people, who otherwise left the house better than they found it. The landlady was not at all "burned" by having rented the house to them (in fact it often happens that students dismantle the houses they rent and the owners decide not to rent it anymore) on the contrary, she was very happy with this experience and not he rented it more by chance (strange said by those who saw a hob destroyed by 3 tenants).

This house dates back to the 1800s and has an antique parquet floor accompanied by creaking and sinister noises of sorts. For the first month I had no problem other than getting used to a somewhat kitschy house with creepy paintings, antique furniture and porcelain dolls hung on the wall by the neck. Then suddenly strange things began to happen that in themselves are nothing special but put together they scared us enough. 

I will try to summarize them briefly, as far as possible, and I will tell you about the most disturbing ones. One night I was chatting with a friend of mine whobizarre to say it) certainly has a sixth sense, in the sense that his dreams are now mathematical that come true (experimented dozens of times), he often says phrases like "think if this happens now" and this happens regularly (this too lived dozens of times) and has omens when something is about to happen. This is to tell you that it is not a random person who told me certain things. Already on the first day I took a picture in the hallway of the house and (full day without sun, windows and doors closed) on a completely free and flat wall you could see in the photo a strange image looked like that of a bright white cloth hanging on the wall and left to hang. But we laughed about this and thought no more about it. Until that day.
In the afternoon of that day I noticed some strange things in the house: the glass bottles that I had put aside to throw away disappeared, various creaks and gusts of wind which, however, I had not given too much weight to. In the evening as I said, this colleague of mine contacts me in chat asking me if everything was going well, because in the afternoon she had a strange feeling (she suddenly turned to a friend of ours saying "I have a bad feeling, I have to call her").

I then told her what was happening also to get some advice since obviously she is interested in this kind of thing and she told me that it is not nice if the light bulbs start to burn out, for example. Having said that, within a few seconds everything in the house went crazy: I was cooking something in the oven and an oven locking device was activated, impossible to find (I did not even know it was there) and to unlock, the scale went crazy ( it was random numbers and it's not electric), and the light bulb above me went out. That same night I heard a noise in the kitchen and when I went to see I turned on a light, there was another noise and the light bulb in the hall went out. 

From that day on I started to feel and find stranger and stranger things. During the day and at night I hear the sound of footsteps, the parquet in another part of the house creaking or making sudden clicks as if two boards were being struck together, I hear knocking on the window and on the walls. One morning I heard fast, shuffling footsteps (like someone dragging slippers) going from my side of the bed to the door. Then one day while I was in the bathroom I heard a labored breathing a few centimeters from my ear (obviously I didn't see anyone when I turned around). 

I was alone in the house and I felt my back touched, as if someone were calling me. We feel observed and suddenly I see shadows passing very quickly either on the ceiling, outside the shower or elsewhere. I felt nauseating smells localized in points of the house such as in the center of the living room or in the center of the bed (no bathroom or similar) that disappeared one step away. Several times I found the wardrobe wide open, with the windows closed so no drafts, being sure I had closed it. I found open a cabinet that was locked. And yesterday, last thing, same noise as the first time in the kitchen, corridor light on and another bulb that starts with a snap. foreigner not knowing the rules of the place, then I did not find anything.

Not in the sense that nothing happened in the house, in the sense that I didn't find the house at all. This last thing may depend on me, on my inexperience with the land registry.

One of the hypotheses we have made is that the previous tenants have had a séance and this spirit has never gone away ... if it is a spirit ...


He wanders, searches, sucks bones but is not satisfied. He moves towards the center, the suburbs, goes up and down the stairs of abandoned buildings, moves cautiously, notices a few strays but pays no attention. On summer days he is freer, less breaks during the day, but a sense of absence, of lack makes him restless. Meows at the moon but she does not listen and I believe it, with all the moon has to do, illuminate the navigators in the black night ... Courage black cat, winter will come and on the road you will find a prey that will ask for your protection .
And so soon the leaves will fall, the frost will cover the grass, the clouds will darken the sky, the torrential rain will crawl the streets and the black cat will look for a warm place where he can have good food and caresses.


Trembling, mirage.
A mouth to go deep inside the stellar corolla.


On the water of a small stream,
where has a heron passed.

Return to fetal silence.
In the greenery that welcomes, breathes, the caress of dragonflies.

In its wings I have my future day.

Not lived.


Purity of sound.
Liquid consciousness.
Keep yourself on the edge of heaven.
A dragonfly opened the door, he let the remaining dead out on the stomach.
Create indigestible memories like spaghetti and whiskey.
Certain moments to forget like dinners without a television. Everything that is silver is gray.
But gold is very black.
Each word was one thing.
All things escape.
In an instant, all meanings lose their meaning.
A lantern that pulls midges.
A poet who attracts readers.
But the butterfly burns and dies.
The light brought love.
But the butterfly is dead.
In a different space, the butterfly stretches its wings and becomes a dragonfly.
A space where the ant becomes Leo.
Here we go.
Let’s go.
The chrysalis is ready and we are in the cocoon.
We become lantern flames.
We become Becoming.


Why does Zelensky keep asking for Ukraine to join NATO when all EU leaders insist it is "not on the agenda"? The answer is in the 2016 Oscar-winning film “Ukraine in flames”, first censored by Youtube and then reactivated amid protests. The war in Ukraine is not the story we see in the media: it is the story of a country divided in two for hundreds of years, made up of blood and irremediable conflicts that Americans are using for their own purposes of supremacy.At the YouTube censorship attempt, other Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon tweeted: "Aren't you curious why they don't want you to see it?" The film explains the US strategies of an orchestrated coup d'état in Ukraine to the detriment of the previous government, passed off as Russian pro, monsterrified and overthrown.The recipe for US "revolutions" has three ingredients, explains the documentary: money, media and technique. Americans are professionals in the field, turning common peaceful protests into riots against incumbent governments.


A memory.
Precise and sharp like few others.
A little girl.
I think bigger than me.
Always riding his black bicycle.
Short blond hair.
Slightly moved.
Dark floral dress.
She always smiled at me.
But we never exchanged a word.
I saw her for a year.
The next one was gone.
I don’t know what it was called.
And I didn’t dream of it.
My parents have seen it too.
So of one thing I’m more than sure.
It was real.
As much as me.

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