How many times have you been told that if you persevere in something you will eventually fulfill your desires and you will finally find happiness. In the movie with Willy Smith this really happens but can you tell me that the same thing has happened to you too? Have you knocked on many doors and then in the end you are welcomed, valued, rich and happy? I doubt about it. However the story is very interesting.



The labyrinth of the faun is a parable full of esoteric meanings. An example is represented by the transformation path that the young Ofelia will have to face by overcoming her fears and making choices. The three tests to which the guardian Faun of the labyrinth subjects her are the initiation rite necessary to return to her kingdom. But it will be precisely by not completing them that the child will prove that she is the chosen one.


Secret love of an unfortunate queen or amusement for her sad lonely life? A world of women fighting for a power that usually belongs to males. Female rivalry and unspoken desires in 18th century England. Who will win between the two rivals?


We all know history. A young, sweet and pure, prisoner in the body of a swan, desires freedom, but only true love will break the spell. Her dream is about to come true thanks to a prince. But … before he declares his love for her, the envious twin, the black swan, deceives and seduces him. Devastated, the white swan throws itself off a cliff and kills itself and in death finds freedom.


Sounds like a story Jack London may have made up. In the middle of winter, a deadly disease strikes the children of a tiny town of gold diggers in Alaska, between the frozen sea and the snow-covered wilderness. The only hope for the residents: a shaky plan to retrieve and bring treatment vials from a railway hundreds of kilometers away to the city, after crossing mountains, inlets and braving the storm on a dog sled. But it is not a fictional tale. The “serum race” of 1925, as those who know the story call it, was such a significant event that it deserved a memorial statue in Central Park, New York, where it shares space with 29 other artistic commemorations such as Christopher Columbus, the characters of Shakespeare and Alice in Wonderland, as well as a memorial dedicated to John Lennon. It is the statue of a stout dog, portrayed in a heroic pose, and children love to climb on it. But for those who know how to see beyond, it is a celebration of loyalty, tenacity and a sense of duty for the greater good. The dog’s name, engraved at the base of the statue, is Balto. But it should be another. Neither name is well known enough to the public but the same is not true for Willem Dafoe who, playing Seppala, began a journey to discover a man he would end up understanding thoroughly. “I knew the story of the serum race,” he told National Geographic UK. “But not that of Seppala and Togo. In general, those who know the story know Balto ”. But the question is, why? The real hero is Togo.


Pablo Neruda, exiled from Chile, arrives in a small town on an Italian island. Neruda is very famous and the postman who brings him the letters is convinced that he too has become a poet, as well as his close friend but ….
Sometimes we think that knowing an important person will change our life. For example, I have a very famous relative in America but I never wanted to contact him in any way. These people usually seem friendly and loving but then .... I don't love the life I lead but I would never go and ask him for anything. Yes I know, someone else in my place would already go to Los Angeles to meet him. But I'm naive and don't believe in recommendations. This is why everything I write and do will remain in the trash. But it does not matter. My puppy Valkirya is important to me, she is worth more than all the famous people I know.


Queen (chess): also called queen is considered the most powerful piece, being the one that enjoys the greatest mobility. The woman can move in straight lines vertically, horizontally or diagonally by the number of unoccupied squares she finds. The woman is more powerful than a rook, or a bishop, but it is conventionally considered that two rooks together are more powerful than a woman.

King (chess): it is the most important piece and cannot under any circumstances be captured. The king can move one square at a time in any direction. Whenever the king is threatened with a catch, he is said to be "in check" and the defending player is obliged to resolve this situation in the next move. If it cannot be remedied, it is checkmate.


The idea of ​​getting into the mind of a serial killer is not new. But dealing with the different unconscious and conscious parts of such a complex individual is quite another thing. Very strong scenes. A plot with characters at the extreme of sadism.
And his world is a wonderful world. Many truly creepy killer faces, many spectacular settings. In reality, even if we are faced with a world only of “fantasy”, we must still respect a certain psychological care of the plot (in that world we must find the traumas that made that man become a monster and know where to intervene to help him ).
If you are very emotional then I don’t recommend it.


A murky plot with investigative characteristics that of Black Spot, whose story is set in a setting in which the Belgian forest is the real protagonist: dark, cold and full of mystery.
Villefranche is a very particular town, suspended in a reality of its own, far from modernity. Here people die very frequently, or disappear without returning. Events not entirely natural though.

The dense coniferous forest surrounding the town seems to play a role in these events. The protagonists move right between the village and the forest, starting with detective Laurène Weiss and her daughter Cora. The stories of each character are intertwined with the city, with the forest and with strange phenomena: crazy radio and magnetic waves, a strange fog and, indeed, the forest that seems to have a life of its own.

In the investigation into the strange murders, the detective is joined by the prosecutor Frank Siriani. The investigations thus lead to the discovery of ancient pagan rites, Celtic gods and the past of many inhabitants.


This series based on the popular manga “Shinya Shokudo” was awarded the 55th Shogakukan Manga Award. But I loved it very much because in this series you can see many typical Japanese dishes cooked with passion and simplicity. If you love Japanese food and want to browse the methods for cooking them, I suggest you sit down and watch this series very carefully.

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