I light three candles every night.

One for the brain.
One for the heart.
One for the soul.

Each time they burn differently.

I turn them off before I go to sleep.

They are funny, their worn length is different.
They seem to chase each other or to expect, they are never the same.

I think it is for the small air currents, for the drafts that come in through the cracks of life.

I always turn them on, every night, no matter which of the three is slower, what matters is knowing that they are there, knowing that I can turn them on and then blow on them.

I light three candles every night.

One for thinking.
One for not doing it.
One to dream.

And I can blow on it before I go to sleep.


When the rainy days begin and at the weekend you may not want to go out, while the trees are colored in yellow and orange, you can make this bread with your children or grandchildren. I did it with my grandson, some time ago, who loves making cookies and sweets with me.


380 gr of gluten-free flour

110 grams of water

80 gr of organic soy milk

20 gr of organic whole cane sugar

25 ml of olive oil

10 gr of salt

12 gr of brewer’s yeast

100 gr of raisins or chocolate chips

1 tablespoon of water


In a bowl, combine half the flour with the crumbled yeast and sugar.

Put the oil, then add the milk and water.
Start adding the liquid ingredients to the bowl with the flour and salt and also little by little. Mix everything gently, with your hands. Add the rest of the flour until everything becomes malleable.
Knead the dough for at least ten minutes, until you get a fairly soft, smooth and homogeneous dough.
Form the dough.
Cover the bowl, where you created the dough, with cling film and let it rise for at least 1 hour in the oven off.

Once doubled in volume, divide the dough into 7 parts: 1 piece of 80 g for the head, 4 pieces of 20 grams for the legs and 1 of 10 g for the tail. All the remaining dough you will use for the shell.

The dough is very soft: to give it more strength and make it keep its shape better without losing its softness, before giving shape to each piece, fold it back on itself, making three folds a couple of times. I forgot about it, and that's why my turtle's shell has settled on itself a bit and isn't as rounded as it should have been.

Start from the head, giving the dough a spherical shape.
Form the balls that will be the heads.

Then move on to the legs, forming balls that you will then stretch slightly, so as to give more oval shape.

Form the tail in the same way, giving an oval shape and then create the shell, spherical in shape by placing the chocolate grains inside.
Finally assemble the turtle: position the legs and tail so that they are partially under the shell, and the head immediately attached to the shell.

With 2 raisins resting on the head, create the eyes.

Cover with cling film and let rise again for 1 hour.

When the volume has doubled, brush the turtle with water.
Then, with a sharp-bladed knife, carve a circle all around the shell.

Then also engrave oblique lines to create a diamond grid on the surface of the shell.

Bake the loaf of bread in a preheated convection oven at 200 ° C and bake for about 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Let it cool completely on a rack before serving your turtle bread. You will see that it will be nice to discover the melted chocolate inside the shell. your children will lick their fingers.





Casatiello is a Easter cake, ride and savoury enriched with tasty ingredients; the slow leavening make it soft, the oven cooking make it fragrant and the filling made of cold cut, lard and cheese make it nourish with a strong flavour. Casatiello has a strong traditional value, given that it is typically eaten, during the Easter period with the family and the relatives, in fact it plays an important role in the Neapolitan tradition to be handed down from a generation to another.

The casatiello is also excellent for a picnic on the grass, on a trip out of town. It can be easily carried in a container. It has no flying parts and can be placed in a picnic basket wrapped only with paper or cloth.
Some put provolone, salami, grated pecorino, hard-boiled eggs inside. Others hard-boiled eggs put them on the outside. But in both versions it is really tasty. You can drink red wine and be together outdoors and enjoy a nice day.



This morning I saw two herons circling over the now perpetually dry stream that flows not far from my house and that I am next to for a couple of kilometers along the road that leads me to work. One was gray, the other white. They flew about twenty meters from me, close to each other and far from this world now arid even in winter. Elegant, silent, fascinating and majestic in their slowness they moved in what was their element, the air, caressing it with their wings and twirling on it.
The great egret often practices fratricide while the parents stand by and do not intervene. A young can be pierced by its beaked brother, pecked and then thrown out of the nest. In the great blue heron, on the other hand, fratricide is rare. Scholars agree that the cause is related to the amount of food that the parents bring to the nest. In fact the parents of the white herons bring small boluses of fish sufficient to feed one young at a time; therefore a very aggressive little one can therefore monopolize all the food that the parent brings to the nest. Considering the amount of nourishment brought by the parents, a puppy gets more by aggressively getting rid of the siblings than by not sharing it. In the blue heron, on the other hand, the parents tend to arrive at the nest protecting whole fish a quantity of food far much greater than that which a single baby can consume on its own.


I love Margherita an Vegetarian pizza and you?

Are you hungry now?


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