This girl is called Emma Gonzalez is one of the survivors of the "usual" shooting in a school in the USA, which took place a few days ago, with 17 victims and below is a list of who she is challenging in this exciting speech:

1) a president of the United States,
2) multinational arms manufacturing companies that together make $ 240 billion a year
3) the NRA (National Rifle Association) which is an organization that acts in favor of those who own a firearm and is one of the most influential political lobbies.
4) is challenging a parliament with many of them being part of the 5 million members of the aforementioned NRA
5) a national congress
6) the second amendment (law for the possession of firearms)
7) human violence

Among the many things that are said in our newspapers, among the many articles that are published online, I have not seen even one, only one that narrates about this young woman. It is not even our fault that much, because on google I found only two in the cross of articles about her in Italian. The news is different in our country, especially in this moment of the electoral campaign. Of course, I suppose the news of the shooting will have been in the newspapers, because “How beautiful the blood, how beautiful the tragedies”, “They make an audience”, they say. But you should know how beautiful these words, these lucid and desperate cries at the same time.
This girl, Emma, ​​began by saying a sentence: "We will be the last mass shooting." She also said publicly "To all politicians who have received gifts from RNA, be ashamed."
The nineteen-year-old boy who killed 17 boys belonged to a white supremacist group.
Many now remember that one of Donald Trump's first moves after taking office in the White House was to cancel a legislation wanted by Barack Obama to prevent the mentally ill from getting into possession of a weapon. Thus, the requirement for the Social Security Administration to report to the FBI people who receive assistance for their disability and who have mental problems was removed. The standard affected about 75,000 people with mental disorders.

Maybe you think that this does not concern us, that it is another country and it is enough to always think of the Americans and instead it concerns us, it concerns us reacting to something that is not right. This girl is to be taken as an example for many things: she is speaking after a shock in which she saw 17 people die in front of her eyes just over 48 hours before and the only strength she has to speak is why it doesn't happen anymore .
Thanks Emma for staying human, even the children know that a man with a weapon does not stop giving another man another weapon, he simply stops producing weapons for everyone, not giving them to citizens.
Protesters hold up signs during the CU Boulder Student Walkout Against Gun Violence on March 14, 2018. (Bri Barnum/CU Independent)


Don't cling to people, no one has to be a pillar, happiness doesn't have to depend on anyone, don't make people you love your reason for living. Each of us lives a war, a burden, do not think that those who harm you have a lighter baggage than yours, each weighs their experiences based on their inner strength. People all have flaws and will always make mistakes that they have to learn to fix for themselves, and it's okay to let them go when they want to.If they treat you badly it is a cause of weakness, fear, insecurity, people do not always understand and there are those who don't care and those who try to deal with the problem. To each their own weight. Don't allow people to dump it on you, friends, boyfriends, anyone. In love you have to feel good, mistakes can always be remedied when possible, second chances exist as long as you don't go further. Let those who still cannot understand and let go of those who want to stay for their own. No one is to blame, it is not selfishness,
 the universe sometimes speaks and the wounds sometimes serve to remove or heal something toxic. Learn to give weight to dreams and your ambitions, people are guests in our life, everyone will find their part sooner or later, let those who want to be next to you do it without responsibility, appreciate the small gestures and beware of scratches, forgive but don't forget, wanting is power, but respect the choices of others without affecting you too much. Those who want to love you will love you as a single entity, not because you are one thing together, completing each other is fine, but remain split entities who have a life together and if they do not want to be with you, accept it, nobody wants to hurt you and nobody wants to harm you. bad alone. Accept the answers and fight only as far as possible, do not use insistence, go ahead.

Stay true.
The black sheep of a family are actually liberators of their family tree. Family members who do not fit into family rules or traditions, those who are constantly trying to revolutionize beliefs. Those who choose paths contrary to the well-trodden paths of family lines, those who are criticized, judged and even rejected. These are called to free the family from repetitive patterns that frustrate entire generations. These so-called "black sheep," the ones that don't fit, the ones that howl with rebellion, actually repair, detoxify, and create new thriving branches in their family tree.
Countless unfulfilled desires, shattered dreams, or frustrated talents of our ancestors are manifested through this revolt. By inertia, the family tree will do everything to maintain the castrating and toxic course of its trunk, which will make the rebel's task difficult and conflicting. Stop doubting and take care of your rarity "as the most precious flower on your tree".
You are the dream of all your ancestors.
Often, the less understood you are, the more valid what you think is. They will call you crazy, but I think being crazy is simply having the courage to be yourself. And yes, people call you "crazy" when you rebel against something, and we are taught this from an early age, that rebelling is wrong. Actually I believe rebellion is the only way out of being who we really are. Because each one taken individually has its own unique value, but we tend to homologate, they treat us and we treat each other as if we were and should all be the same. We are so slaves of this system that we do not even notice it anymore and we believe we are free, we believe that what we have in mind is our true personality, while we are still subject to society and all its conventions. If you think about it, the most important people in past and contemporary history who have brought about significant changes in the world, who have brought about improvements, have been rebels. We could all be rebels, free ourselves from the chains that bind us. Yet we persist in making choices dictated by rationality, by schemes, and not by instinct. We say we are independent, but we continue to choose on the basis of what we have been taught, not on the basis of what we are, what we feel. So ultimately, until you understand your nature, you won't be independent, but quite the opposite. This is what I think ... In short, quoting Bukowski: "When everyone is equal, everyone is nobody".
Be rebellious
and stay special.
Don't be satisfied:
dream as big as you can
aim as high as you can.
Aim for the moon, yes.
And not just any moon,
but at the full moon:
more beautiful
So perfectly imperfect.
Stay special
because everyone knows how to be ordinary.
Go as far as you can:
beyond the clouds we see
beyond the seas we know
beyond the fields of daisies.
Go beyond that idea of ​​right and wrong
that all impose themselves,
as if the world really existed
what is right
is what is wrong.
There is what you want
and what you want is never wrong.
Go further.
Besides all those things that don't have a name:
invent new names
new places
new dreams
and new emotions,
because emotions and dreams are the colors of the world
because emotions and dreams shape the world.
Go further.
Beyond the calm and the storm
beyond black and white
beyond the known colors:
stumble upon the new shades
that the sky invents every day
but which few are able to see.
Go further:
look for the rare things.
Everything you need is there.
Stay special
even if life, at times,
M- maybe often, it hurts
and even if this bad
it changes you inside
if you are not strong enough
to resist.
Stay as you are:
do not let yourself be transformed by pain.
Don't become different
neither self-centered.
Improve yourself,
but don't change!
Stay special
with a smile on his lips
and the joy of living in the eyes.
Don't let yourself be changed by disappointments
by those who want to make you feel wrong
because you are not
in no time
in no way.
Be different.
Be rebellious:
stay special.
Don't be upset by events.
Find the beauty in everything,
dream big
not giving a damn about others
don't care who says you fail,
why you won't:
do what you want.
Be rebellious
be great
and you will conquer the world!



Who runs the production houses?

Who runs the record companies?

Who directs the big publishing titles?


Who runs the big multinationals?

Who directs the governments of the nations?

Who runs the stock markets?


Who runs the space companies?

Who runs the oil companies?

Who runs the intelligence agencies?


Are you still wondering why the world is bad?

Why is everything falling apart?

Wondering why your life sucks?

Wondering why you aren’t as powerful as all of them?

Are you whining? Are you depressed? Why didn’t you become powerful?

Do you know women powerful enough to run oil companies, multinationals or women in politics who govern large states?
Have you ever had a female Russian president? Have you ever had a female American president? Women have not yet arrived in certain roles, why? First Lady yes, but never presidents. Why?




Justin Bieber is shaking, they’re coming to BTS! On the occasion of the 2017 edition of the Billboard Music Awards, the Canadian interpreter (and with him Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes!) Was in fact beaten by the K-Pop band in the Top Social Artist category, an unexpected result and to say the least. extraordinary that has finally released the Korean group in the firmament of the coolest stars on the planet.
“Butter” is the second English-language song of the key K-pop group, after Dynamite. On YouTube it already has 43 million views and over 4 million likes. BTS will perform it for the first time on Sunday at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards.
The band members are seven: the leader and rapper RM (stage name of Kim Nam-joon), the singer and composer Jin (Kim Seok-jin), the rapper and composer Suga (pseudonym of Min Yoon-gi), the dancer and rapper J-Hope (pseudonym of Jung Ho-seok), the dancer and singer Park Jimin, the singer and composer V (pseudonym of Kim Tae-hyung) and finally the singer and composer Jeon Jung-kook.
A series of records and amazing successes for the band whose debut took place in 2013 with the album “2 Cool 4 Skool”, with songs that mostly speak of prejudices towards young people, anxieties towards the future and determination to improve it. These together with many other extremely current themes are at the center of the lyrics of the songs, produced and composed mostly by themselves.
Asian masculinity has long been undermined by the canons of other cultures – infuriating most Asian men. Reddit communities such as “Asian Masculinity” deal with the anger of Asians, who suffer the prejudices of feminization, and are therefore “demascolinized” according to Western standards.
The so-called emasculation of Asian-American men dates back to the 19th century, when Asian immigrants to America were classified as effeminate by their white counterparts. In a newspaper article on the feminization of Asian-American men, they are referred to as “bizarre people in the white mind”. Asian men were shorter and leaner, wore silk tunics and were considered unusual and feminine by white men. This tells a universal story about the feminization of Asian men both within pop culture and in ideas about masculinity.
However, Asian musicians are changing the game by not only embracing the canons of Asian masculinity, but also subverting the Western definition of toxic masculinity. These artists alternate between what is considered feminine and what is considered masculine in an electrifying and liberating way. Their extraordinary global visibility provides them with a means to create a new, more organic and experimental standard of masculinity. BTS have redefined masculinity in many ways, starting with their outward appearance. Expressing oneself through fashion is considered feminine, but the septet has decided to reject the rigor of the traditional lines of men’s clothes or shapeless jeans combined with sweatshirts, outfits preferred by hip hop artists, preferring decidedly feminine cuts and models. The group is not averse to pastel colors, bright prints, glitter, sequins and fluid cuts accessorized by earrings, rings and chockers.





The mistake many companies make is to hire only young people, who don’t want to work on weekends and are very reluctant to work overtime. Companies should extend their choice to people with more adult experience and more aware of the tasks they are given. Young people think about the weekend, drinking with friends, they arrive late and they don’t want to work well. So please give a chance to adult people too. There are mothers and fathers who need a job and they should have a chance.

Happy workers make a productive and successful company. Instead, sad and dissatisfied workers make a company bankrupt. So always treat your workers well. Make them feel indispensable. Make the most of their work. Don’t think that if you change them you can raise your company. Instead, you have to treat them well and enhance them. The cause of every company closure is often the bad behavior of managers towards their workers.

when you study business economics you’re dealing with numbers. But remember that in your company work people, human beings, and you have to behave respectfully towards your workers. You have to value them and make them feel important. If you don’t do this your company is bound to close. You feel powerful and important but it is your workers who produce and make your company great. So remember that they are not numbers but people.

Entrepreneurs should ensure that employees express their opinions about what is not good about business. They should be able to make suggestions as well. They should be able to express everything anonymously and without repercussions of any kind. Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from their employees but many times they think that this is stupid and do not implement this type of management. So employees who can’t tell the company’s flaws feel unvalued and don’t work well.




I think it’s very important to have a support against violence and abuse.

So if you need some info about that read this useful article:

Resources for LGBTQ2S and non-binary survivors of violence

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