Is it already too late? When a victim stands up to a bully the interaction is fascinating to observe. Before the moment of resistance the bully has anticipated that his behaviour will produce his desired effect. He will threaten, then his victim will submit. When his victim resists, our bully is forced to make new decisions. If he resorts to violence there are unknown consequences.

He might get hurt or lose. Unsure of the result he raises the level of threat attempting to elevate fear levels. When the victim’s resolve is unshaken he returns to the same question. Should I fight? Unsure, the bully redirects and blames a third smaller party. If on the other hand he attacks and hurts his victim, he still loses. The victim has shown courage and will be admired even in defeat. This scene is being acted out in Ukraine at the moment.

Putin raises the rhetoric and redirects his attention towards Latvia and Lithuania. He rants about ‘serious consequences’ but the new kids have already seen the worst he can do.

They reply ‘Show me what you’ve got. We’re not frightened!’ Can Putin walk away promising dire consequences and retain some of his power?

Will he risk losing it all – or is it already too late?


“I am Sofia, a little Ukrainian. I lost my arm, my mother and my cat in Bucha. I am one of 910 children who suffered because of the neighbouring country”

This is a message from Sofia who was living in the hospital for the last three months. Although she is in safe Rome now, a girl shudders at every sound and fears planes. She feels phantom pain. When she is worried, not only her non-existent hand hurts, but also all over her body.

Before the Russian invasion, Sofia did equestrian sports, but now she is not sure if it would be possible in the future again. She dreams to have a prothesis. It will help her to reduce the pain and even be able to do routine, like dressing herself.


This decision places Assange in great danger and sends a chilling message to journalists all over the world, ”said Agnés Callamard, general secretary of Amnesty International.

"If the extradition continues, Assange will run the great risk of being placed in prolonged isolation, in violation of the prohibition of ill-treatment and torture. The diplomatic assurances provided by the US that Assange will not be held in solitary confinement cannot be taken seriously given the precedents, ”Callamard added.

"We ask the UK not to extradite Assange and the US to quash the charges so that Assange is released," Callamard concluded.

But this is exactly what happened because there is no longer freedom of speech and we are all condemned together with Assange to no longer have the freedom to be able to tell the truth and this is terrible and absurd !!!
"Prolonged solitary confinement is the norm in US maximum security prisons and constitutes torture or other ill-treatment prohibited by international law. The assurances given by the US about the fair treatment of Assange is deeply composed, given that it could be revoked at any time. moment. Extradited to the US, he would risk suffering serious human rights damage and empty diplomatic reassurances would not protect him. "

These are the words of Amnesty International but apparently no one cares about the fate of Julian, who was condemned only because he discovered the truth.






Nina Gualinga – An indigenous woman from the Kichwa people of Sarayaku in the Ecuadorian Amazon. She is an environmental activist and Indigenous Rights defender. She’s the perfect example of a strong and powerful woman. Protecting her people and their ancestral land with everything she has.




I am really very sorry to receive comments in which some people tell me that I am a Nazi just because I want peace or because I am talking about Ukrainian victims.
I ask everyone to respect ideas other than yours. 

Also, I'm sick of being considered a Nazi just because I'm Italian. These prejudices do a lot of harm and it is not right that we are accused in this way in a space that is private to me, where I put my personal things and where I have to feel free to be able to post what I want and not what others expect of me. 

It is really absurd what some people do. They write offensive comments to me and this is only because I have expressed my ideas here about Ukraine. I think we must all have the freedom to be able to talk about our ideas about war. 

Instead a division is happening, again, as has already happened for the covid. So I will not post these offensive and disrespectful comments to my person because I believe there is a different way to accept other people's ideas without insulting. If any of you don't share my ideas then don't follow me.

I don't want to repeat the same things over every post, I'm sick of always having to repeat it for those who can't accept those who have different ideas. I am Italian and I am for peace. I do not accept this Italian government. I did not choose this Italian government and therefore what the Italian government decides does not reflect my will. But I don't always have to come here to write explanations about my position on the war. I'm really tired of repeating the same thing over and over about me and my ideas. I am for peace and not for war.


In the dim light and heavy ... crumpled at the mercy of this cold wind that cuts the face and the heart.
Interpreters of a scene without a script ... which always requires the same commitment ... the strength to go forward in the pitch dark ... leaving the light of the heart on to illuminate the path of those around us.
For the solitude filled with sobs and tears that are muted ... in a forced silence wanted to be accepted ... for those who have taken away, stolen and canceled but without capturing the stubbornness of living ... our life for injustices our love to continue hoping for the our embrace to warm the world. 

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