Everything has now become a struggle. Against someone, against something, against the rival, against the rich, against those who do not do, against those who do, against the beautiful, against the ugly. Against judgment that shows just as much judgment, against reason that shows just as much compulsion, against the true, against the false. I saw an advertisement for a woman who “has been fighting obesity for years”. Against. Those behind the scenes know very well what it means to animate the feeling of struggle instead of confrontation. They know that counter strengthens and expands exactly what it is believed to be fighting for. Going against a physical problem, instead of understanding it, as with everything else … gives you back tripled. Keep fighting, keep going against you.
Aren’t we also like that giant of the forest? Sometimes we survive the rare storms, the avalanches, the harsh blows of existence, and then let our hearts devour the little insects of worry, insects that one would be able to squeeze between the thumb and forefinger. Anxiety is not mine, I know. It is something that lives outside, but which I have brought inside and which has now made its home inside me. Anxiety is not mine, anxiety is not me. It is not a war against myself, it is a war against what is around me. I was too, you know, tired of fighting against life, of always having to find a shortcut, a way out, of feeling inadequate, of looking for an alternative to the future, of not knowing how to be myself because it would not have been. popular; tired of the past that slips into the chest like blades, of indecision, of the emptiness inside that seems to speak, that seems to say: “It will all end”.
I feel alone, I stare into space, I wonder how long this will last, I hug the pillow, I cry in silence. They tell me to do it alone, to pull myself up and fight, but the weight I carry is too heavy and only makes me sink lower and lower, deeper and deeper. I find myself in total darkness and no one cares, there is no one there, I only hear the sound of my breath. Memories crowd my mind, my chest hurts, now I even struggle to breathe, I feel like a body without a soul, I feel trapped in a cage. You have to fight, they said. You have to fight they say. But they don’t know, they don’t know that girl no longer exists. That girl, that I was, stayed there in that room.


( Don’t watch if you’re sensitive to violent images)

Joanne Herring is a Texan billionaire who, close to Pakistan's controversial President Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, served as Pakistan's honorary consul in Texas. As seen in Charlie Wilson's War, where she is played by Julia Roberts, Herring - whose anti-Communism was fueled by a strange Protestant zeal - had, not even so much behind the scenes, a prominent role in Operation Cyclone, namely the CIA training and armament program of the Afghan Mujahideen during the Soviet invasion of the country (1979-1989).

Herring, who is portrayed as an exuberant libertine overflowing with contacts (like her childhood friend James Bakler III, later US Secretary of State), rounded up the political force needed in Washington to get the CIA to invest billions (with Saudis, Egyptians and even Israelis) in support of the then-called Afghan "freedom fighters", of which the Taliban are a tribal ethnic-religious variant.

The Texan was an inevitable queen of events in Houston, and became famous for her husband's lavish and decadent birthday party in 1959: a large "Roman orgy" themed party that included period costumes and a fake auction. of slaves. The festoon, of dubious aesthetic-political sensitivity even for the 1950s, ended up in the then ubiquitous Life magazine. After all, talking about slavery in America, at least since after the Civil War, is really difficult ... Joking even more.

Well, this is not a joke.

Afghanistan, where more than forty years ago Herring and the US began pumping the tribal-takfiro Islam we are now seeing rising, now sees the return of slavery as a fact.

Not as a joke for a billionaire party: as the reality that Afghan women will experience for centuries to come, if everyone does as Biden did: that is, nothing.
Afghanistan is one of the most corrupt countries in the world: there will no longer be any guarantee on the control of any funds allocated by international agencies in favor of women victims of violence. The Karzai government, wanted and actively supported by the US-NATO military occupation, certainly does not stand out for its respect for human rights: in March 2009, the Karzai government signed a law intended to affect above all women of the Shiite community: according to this law , women cannot refuse to have sex with their husbands and cannot go to work, the doctor or school without his permission. In March 2007, the Karzai government had ensured amnesty for all crimes against humanity committed in Afghanistan in the past twenty years. In January 2007, journalist Parwez Kambashkh was sentenced to death by a court in Balkh after being accused of blasphemy because of his views on equal rights for women. Although Parwez was pardoned as a result of international pressure, dozens of other journalists are in the same conditions. In July 2006, the Karzai government reintroduced the "Ministry for Vice and Virtue", sadly known already under the Taleban regime. Afghan organizations fighting for human rights also denounce the government’s continued pressure to legalize the "informal" (tribal) justice system within which the stoning of women is foreseen.
It's Italy? Between 2001 and 2011, the Italian government invested hundreds of millions of euros in the reconstruction project of the Afghan justice. We ask the Italian government and the political forces that have supported and still support the military intervention in Afghanistan to explain how the funds for the reconstruction of the Afghan judicial system have been invested, as laws have been passed in recent years that heavily penalize, rather than favoring, the human rights and rights of Afghan women.


Slowly bring out this love that hurts you to breathe. Shake it a little so that it wakes up. Wash it carefully, so that not the slightest impurity remains. Clean and fragrant, fold it as many times as necessary for it to have the size of the nail of the big toe of the right foot. Wait for an ant to pass, be noble and generous, and pass the heavy load to her. It will take him to safety in some deep cave. Once this is done, go and fill your tobacco pipe in front of the eastern sea for the umpteenth time. Oblivion will come parallel to the end of the tobacco and the approach of the sea to you.
If you want to recover this love that you now forget, just write a long letter talking about unknown journeys, hydras, windmills, offices and other equally terrible monsters. When the mail returns you will find your love just as you sent it, perhaps with a bit of dust and a dream on the cover ...
Upon his death we rose up. At first there were five names that fell, one by one and together, in our memory. Then other names came to add their blood. Already we were crashing into the base of the mountain and the just-added blood of others brought us back up. In different times they zealously united all this blood with their own so that it would not get lost in the river. We kept walking without looking very far and some opened the lacquer casket to reopen our memory, and forced us to raise our sight with their blood. We always rose up on their death. And so everyone goes putting their share of blood for others to rise up, until we all stand up and put a new sun on a new earth.
Today there is a no that weakens the powerful and strengthens the weak: the no to war.
Someone will wonder if the word that summons so many around the world will be able to avoid war or, if it has already begun, to stop it.
However, the question is not whether we can change the murderous path of the powerful.
The question we must ask ourselves is: will we be able to live with the shame of not having done everything possible to avoid and stop this war? No honest man and woman can remain silent and indifferent at this time.
Everyone and everyone, each with his own tone, with his own way, with his own language, with his own action, we must say no! And if the powerful wants to universalize fear with death and destruction, we must universalize the no! Because the no to this war is also a no to fear, a no to resignation, a no to oblivion, a no to renouncing human beings.
We want this no to cross borders, to scoff at customs, to overcome differences in language and culture, and to unite the honest and noble part of humanity, which, we must not forget, will always be the majority. Because there are denials that unite and bring dignity. Because there are denials that affirm men and women in the best part of themselves, that is, in their dignity. Long live the rebellion that says no! Die death! Against death we demand life, against silence we demand speech and respect, against forgetting memory, against humiliation and contempt, dignity, against oppression, rebellion, against slavery, freedom, against imposition democracy, justice against crime. The war we started has given us the privilege of reaching attentive and generous ears and hearts and geographies near and far, what was missing and what is missing was missing but we achieved the gaze of the other and of the other, his listening and his heart. So we saw ourselves in the need to answer a decisive question; What follows? Kill or die, as the only destiny. We had to rebuild the path of life which is what they had broken and continue to break from above. The journey not only of the original peoples but also of workers, students, teachers, young people, peasants and also of all the differences that are celebrated above and below are persecuted and punished. We have had to inscribe our blood in the path that others direct towards power or we have had to turn our hearts and gaze to who we are and to those who are who we are, that is, the original peoples guardians of the earth and of memory.
Many people seem to experience “taking sides” as the need to stab someone. Others choose the easier way or the one suggested, many would like to pacify the globe and choose according to levels of consciousness. What I have put my attention on are those who do not participate, let’s call them that, because in reality even a non-choice is a choice, so on this level they make no sense. Not taking sides is not always synonymous with wisdom or liberation. In addition to the fact that the story of “Live and go your own way” has now turned towards deformations of indifference and paroxysms of the alienated. Over time it has become the paradigm of the ego first of all, which today plays the role of the ego against all. That is, separation. Thinking “it’s not my business” in front of certain community moments means getting out of it, because there is a distortion of the concept of free will and personal freedom (I believe that the former does not even exist under a certain conscience, but they are completely personal considerations ). Both thoughts are not applicable today because neutrality realizes the plans of the underhanded as much as the war against the neighbor. I quote this quote that sheds light on the destructive side of paraculism.
Injustice has many names and there are many cries it provokes. And don’t forget that while some whisper others scream. Listening must find the way to make it fertile. Just look down and raise your heart. The justice we want: the persistent and stubborn search for truth.


Thanks to my father, I have learned to screw those who think that the world should rotate as their head says, or worse it should rotate around itself. Three sentences and a few attitudes are enough to identify self-reported assholes, a few more behaviors for sneaky or victimized ones. It is not presumption, they are years of parasitization and direct experience with those who do not observe themselves, and in this life they will never do it. Get it out of your head that you can support their path by absorbing their garbage. The sooner you recognize them the sooner you take back your freedom. Nobody can help them, because 95% of the time it's not a solution they are looking for. They just want to pour the non-sense of their existence onto the neighbor (and in that non-sense there can be anything).
Precisely because they turn the root of their problems to everything but themselves, they are unable to be responsible for the harm they do to them and to those around them.
Even if you tell them. It applies to all relationships, know that.

Manzoni  ( ALESSANDRO MANZONI, a famous italian writer of XIX  century) had not seen the plague, but he had studied documents after documents. And then he describes the madness, the psychosis, the absurd theories about its origin, about the remedies. It describes the scene of a foreigner (a "tourist") in Milan who touches a wall of the cathedral and is lynched by the crowd because he is accused of spreading the disease. But there is one thing that Manzoni describes well, above all, and that he takes up from Boccaccio: the moment of trial, of discrimination, between humanity and inhumanity. Boccaccio had indeed seen the plague. He had seen friends, loved ones, relatives, even his father, die. And Boccaccio explains to us that the most terrible effect of the plague was the destruction of civilized life. Because the neighbor began to hate the neighbor, the brother began to hate the brother, and even the children abandoned their parents. The plague pitted men against each other. He replied with the Decameron, the greatest hymn to life and good civilization. Manzoni responded with faith and culture, which do not avoid trouble but, he said, taught how to deal with them. In general, they both responded in a similar way: inviting us to be human, to remain human, when the world goes mad.
Health without Freedom is what is guaranteed to Farm Animals. . This is why they define you as “Herd”. FREEDOM is not a luxury, it is not an extra, an ornament that embellishes if there is, but in short, precisely if one can afford it or else something more comes first concrete.. NO! FREEDOM is your right to live, to work, to be happy, to express yourself, to be there .. what’s more concrete than your right to be there ..? Sometimes I would like to find an arrow indicating “free life”. I don’t know, maybe in the process of some woods, where the light filters through and the heat doesn’t kill you. A kind of guarantee that you are going to meet like-minded people there. People to talk to about everything but vaccines, governments and passes. Just talk to. A place you reach to express absolutely nothing, no opinion, no point of view on hundreds of points of view by now worn and tired. The only thing that sometimes matters is the need for sharing among similar people. Vibrate in the same tribe. Simply because it feels good to be together on the road. Stay in touch with those who look like you and aren’t afraid to hug. Talking without a muzzle, talking about good things, without someone having to convince the other and the other having to defend who knows what. Talk about what seeds you planted, what bullshit you did, the music you wrote or the love at first sight that got you. Thus, without having to find that prosaic sense to the questions of living, the more you think about it the more they have nothing to do with Life.
Yes it’s true, it seems to never end. It seems that humanity is condemned to an eternal struggle just to buy bread. It seems. Lately I often answer with a phrase that I said to myself when I was working, giving exams and in the meantime I had my father in hospital for cancer. Be grateful that you can fight, because you mean you are Alive. No matter how long the fight seems, it is the purpose and the mood with which you face it that make it appear to be war or peace. Choose your path and you will no longer have any doubts that that bread tastes sublime. The whole system is made in such a way that man, without even realizing it, begins as a child to enter a mentality that prevents him from thinking anything else. It turns out that there is no longer a need for dictatorship now, because the dictatorship is that of school, of television, of what they teach you. Turn off the television and gain freedom. Even the way you dress and the haircut you wear makes you realize that you really don’t choose anything. Already becoming aware of this would show the world in other terms.
Keep walking, when you realize it you will already be with your buttocks on the ground, in that uncomfortable position that the puppets hold. Immediately after, a long and obstinate reflection begins on the convenience of staying there on the ground. But the companions are already moving away and the path is far from appearing a clear path, obvious. It is not even in question the idea of ​​staying there all life, with the mud filling the soul and the backpack, so that the time comes to get up, a difficult situation and unpredictable in its results. Perhaps it is better to continue to stay on the ground and drag yourself little by little but, in addition to being not very aesthetic, this is impractical (believe me, I have tried it): there will always be a hidden root or a thorn to hold you back, and then a new reflection on the comfort of sitting in the mud, despite the mosquitoes, flies and blue flies. Already determined to get up, which is always the most difficult thing, comes the complicated operation that consists of resting with your hands and knees where it happens and trying to place the heavy hood on your back (so simple, and heavy, is to carry the house on the shoulders: just a plastic sheet and a hammock). But the backpack insists on carrying other absurd things: some poetry books, some clothes, a mismatched sock, medicine for the world, food, a damp blanket … The load as a whole weighs tons (especially after the first hours of walking) and tends to get muddy whenever he feels like it, that is, almost always. By now tortoise face on the ground, it follows the act of putting one foot and getting up on the other, with the consequent protest of the knees; the horizon then widens and will always be foreign. With the eyes on the ground, the march is undertaken again until the next fall, which will occur just a few steps ahead. And history repeats itself …



Decluttering is not the simple elimination of superfluous objects: it is a real attitude oriented towards the essential. A liberation that opens up to the future and new possibilities. You should do a “scan” of the objects, wondering how many times you have used them in the last 12 months: if you realize you have never used them, it is time to get rid of them. The selection of objects, of course, must be made according to eco-sustainable principles. They must therefore be separated carefully to differentiate them in the garbage, while what can be “saved” instead, can be sold or bartered.
Use the ‘four boxes technique’: when you need to tidy up a room, get 4 boxes and write on them:
and you will then have to choose which box to put each item in; the procedure can be long, but it works!
Already a few years ago Ebay, one of the giants of online trading, had calculated that each family has unused objects in the house for a value of about 4 thousand dollars, a very interesting figure if you consider that you could sell them online and get a double advantage: some money in more on the current account and less things to dust, put back in place, maintain.
Take your things to the flea markets, to thrift shops, you will earn money and you will no longer have to live in a house where there are too many things.


1. Dry cleaners hangers
2. Newspapers from the day before
3. Unwanted emails
4. Remote controls that do not command anything
5. Sports gadgets
6. Worn Christmas decorations
7. Warranties and expired contracts
8. Tablecloths too large or small
9. Mismatched socks
10. Email addresses you don't know
11. Spatulas and broken tools
12. Sachets of condiments
13. Empty cans, jars and bottles
14. History on the computer
15. Planters you don't use
16. Fake friends on Facebook
17. Jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces
18. Wedding gifts you don't use
19. Unused stuffed animals
20. Bad photographs
21. Unnecessary business cards
22. Difficult and laborious recipes
23. Fax machines
24. Baggy dresses
25. Item manuals you no longer have
26. Paging
27. Vacation memories you don't like
28. Dead plants
29. Newsletter you don't read
30. Towels stained, torn or frayed
31. Dry pens and markers
32. Food leftovers
33. Old video game accessories
34. Obsolete video games
35. Duplications of digital photographs
36. Recorded TV series you will never watch
37. Notebooks that are no longer needed
38. Too much underwear ... (we understand each other!)
39. Shopping bags of paper or plastic
40. Store catalogs available online
41. E-book that you will not re-read
42. Ruined sweaters
43. Keys without locks
44. Chipped or damaged tableware
45. Sunglasses you don't use
46. ​​Old school materials
47. Dry paint cans
48. Cooler bags that are too small, large or heavy
49. Shoe boxes
50. Birthday decorations
51. Uncomfortable or broken earphones
52. Invitations to past events
53. Password no longer in use
54. Silver jewelry you no longer wear (sell them!)
55. Broken electronic appliances
56. Stationery unused in the past 3 months
57. Cable channels (choose few and pay less)
58. Discount coupons expired
59. Umbrellas that don't open or hold the wind
60. Toys for animals now unusable
61. Ugly fridge magnets
62. Garbage in the computer trash
63. Unused flower pots
64. Commitments dated on the calendar
65. Scraps of fabric
66. Cables for audio and video equipment
67. Yellow Pages
68. Paperback books you won't re-read
69. Requests for donations and charities
70. Gold jewelry you never wear (sell them!)
71. Empty candy and gift boxes
72. Mail useless
73. Trophies from your childhood
74. Cookbooks you've never used
75. Twitter contacts that communicate too much
76. Pool toys
77. Old greeting cards
78. Pajamas you don't like
79. Tourist brochures
80. Industrial foods that you do not consume
81. Stained clothes
82. App you don't use
83. Shoes that hurt you
84. Used plastic cups
85. Glass covers
86. Doubles of class photos
87. Liquids for the car that are no longer needed
88. Magazines more than three months old
89. Clotted nail polish
90. Shopping receipts
91. Shoe laces you no longer have
92. Toys broken or ignored
93. Worn doormats
94. Pins on Pinterest you don't need
95. Dishes you never use
96. Wallpaper you no longer have on the walls
97. Old pillows
98. Obsolete mobile phones
99. Bottle caps
100. Ducklings for the bath that are no longer used


Never think that we have no power. We are millions of people. Our choices greatly affect the economy and many other things. They really want to make people believe they have all the power but they don't. We have a lot of power but we don't exercise it because every day they manipulate us to make us want useless things and to enrich them. But if we become aware of our choices we can make sure they don't win again and again. We are millions of people but we have to make the right choices. They run oil companies, junk foods, poisons, pesticides, poisonous detergents, etc ... So if we don't buy what they produce then they will lose that power. Imagine if big brands like Coca Cola and Pepsi no longer sell, what would happen? There are so many things that people consume that destroy health. We must take back the power to decide for our own good. We must stop spending on useless and harmful things.










You, the people, have the power to create machines, progress and happiness. You, the people, have the power to make life beautiful and free. You who can make a splendid adventure out of this life. Let's all unite! Let us all fight for a new world, which gives everyone a job, hope for the young, serenity for the old and security for women. By promising you these things men have come to power. They lied! They have not kept those promises and never will. And they won't give anyone an account. Perhaps the dictators are free because they enslave the people. We fight to keep those promises. To break down borders and barriers. We fight to eliminate greed and hatred. A reasonable world in which science and progress give all men well-being.
I believe that this historical period should be told more well than other past ones in which we fought hard because the truth was more obvious, because then we were talking about finally having universal rights equal for everyone, now those rights, those laws that were sought , who were wondering strongly there are, yes, but perhaps only on paper. Our parents thought that getting to have laws finally fit for society was enough to make it really better, but they were wrong, for a while they were right, perhaps, but those ideas of respect, justice and democracy have not completely eliminated illegality, amorality and some negative traditions of their respective societies. Because every society, continent and nation struggles with its own problems perhaps even more difficult than before on some points of view because the power of the masses has potentially diminished, or at least their desire and search for truth and participation.


To rebel means to disobey the laws and perform a series of acts against an existing power. In this case we refer to the Italian state, a geopolitical entity in which subjects are oppressed in a legal way, in which legality is an instrument of oppression, where institutions are used to oppress the population and humiliate it. Rebelling is a duty when the law becomes an instrument of persecution, when the law becomes the alibi behind which evil against the population is justified. The ministers and presidents who follow one another in the Italian state are legalized criminals, modern executioners who use the law and their faithful dogs, to maintain a network of privileges extended to millions of people who have annuities, pensions and salaries guaranteed by their position in institutions. Two entire generations have been enslaved by a generation of gerontocrats who have everything: economic, political, information control. And as if that were not enough, they begin to cheat even rejecting electoral clashes, referendums etc….
In a situation of this kind where it is oppressed through taxation and obsessive control of life, the economy, information, it is necessary to rebel, it is necessary to fight with every means against this enslaving system.
When the abuse of legality against elementary rights is evident, such as the right to have a home, the right to eat with dignity, to have the opportunity to warm up and cover up, to be able to work while doing business, to have decent and efficient services .... When the system denies all this, when one is the victim of an apparatus which no longer guarantees this but which even demolishes it, then it is necessary to rebel and destroy this system and its protagonists.
I would like to be alone with my loneliness now. walking by the sea, at dawn, with the sound of wind and waves, and the salt that ruffles my hair, and the salt that touches my skin. I would like to stay in the evening sitting on the floor of my terrace, contemplating the moon and getting lost among the stars, and feel small, insignificant and yet finally part of something, in the harmony of the firmament. Listening to the sound of crickets and cicadas as a balm for my heart. Or, still sitting on the ground, contemplate my reflection in the mirror of my room at the house, the sea, the one that overlooks the railway, and while I look at the sky, think of a future that will never be there. I have been wandering blindly for years in a skin that does not belong to me. I would like to change it. Above all, I would love to know how to do it. And then I would like to go to Los Angeles with my usual dreams in mind, meet other artists, paint and run out of all the money, and then write, write, write, and then with music in my ears, go to Alaska and merge with the green of the earth . I’m a wild spirit, you see. In captivity for too, too long. I suffer so much, I need to breathe again, to savor the rain, to make my skin burn from the sun.
The dreamers. The crazy means. The drunks. The lost. The poets. The musicians. Draftsmen. Artists. The only ones. Those who have made peace with the darkness of the night. And thoughts. Those who keep defeats to themselves without ever begging for forgiveness. The funny ones. Clumsy. That every now and then they cry and say it. A little sociopathic and therefore fascinating. Those who have discovered what fear and even a little love is made of and have lived better since that day. And since that day they have been afraid of hurting. Those who in an ordinary morning after drinking a good coffee have decided to disappear. To live. To meet beauty. To go. Because this happens. Those who have left the handrail for some time and do not remember the way they went. Let alone that of the return. Masters and slaves of the truth. They. Who will certainly smile at you after a: hello how are you? They. Kiss them carefully. They. Hug them harder.
But was it worth it in the end? Holy God, how irremediably my life has changed, it is always the last day of summer and I was left out in the cold without a door to get back in, I admit I had a good deal of intense moments, many have great plans but their life slips out of my hands, in the course of my life I have left shreds of heart here and there, and now I have not enough left to keep myself alive, but I try to smile, knowing that my ambition has far exceeded my talent, now I no longer find white horses or beautiful women at my door. It is the people that no one imagines that they can do certain things those who do things that no one can imagine.
They always talk about democracy, progress, civilization, legality, justice etc., holy and just big words for the hierarchs, for the dominants, for the respectable, I just suck, both the first and the second, what I think is to be focused it is the condition of the “last”, of the People, the real ones, who are considered by the dominants only numbers useful for slave labor, who find themselves in unacceptable conditions of survival, who in the majority remain calm and submissive, in other cases they succumb to suicide , in others they do not accept this condition and rebel and for this reason they are “treated” with the means of democratic repression, this crap of a capitalist society should not be given signs of submission and fear, but of active rebellion


Why are you online so many hours?
Why do you always use your smartphone even with your partner or wife next to you?
What’s in your life that you don’t like?
Does your life not satisfy you?
And has your life improved by being online?
Are your kids online all day?
Do you ever do something together?
New technologies allow us to live experiences in virtual environments which then have repercussions on everyday reality. In online navigation, people experience satisfying relational situations that can lead to a lack of interest in real interactive methods. The virtual, with its real personal and interpersonal effects, replaces the real. The judgment of others is mediated. The network offers the opportunity to move away from a world where appearance and certain standards of desirability linked to the outward appearance have become too important for those who do not feel up to par. Furthermore, while the social contacts of everyday life are characterized by stable participation in the group, here there is a continuous turnover of members who can decide at any moment when to disappear and transit elsewhere. Once again, therefore, an extreme freedom of movement without consequences.
It is in this context that digital detox was born, literally digital detox. It is a kind of food diet, like the one we follow to lose weight or to change our lifestyle. Except that we do not reduce carbohydrates and fats but the use, gradually, of the various electronic devices, from smartphones to computers, through tablets and e-books. Over time it is one of the most effective methods to reduce stress and above all to control addictions to smartphones, apps or social networks. The advantages of digital detox are many, both physical and mental. The reduction in the use of electronic devices allows us to have a greater conception of the real world, a higher attention span and above all a greater ability in interpersonal relationships. From a physical point of view, a less intensive use of screens will make our eyes less tired, avoiding the onset of particular visual pathologies, and will also improve our posture, especially when tied to the shoulders and neck.
After having cut out hours without the use of smartphones, which we must slowly try to increase, the second step to take in digital detox is to establish free zones. That is particular contexts where to avoid the use of smartphones or mobile devices as much as possible. For example during outings with your partner or evenings with friends. But also while we play with our children or visit relatives. Succeeding may seem trivial but if we are addicted to notifications, messages and e-mails at first it will not be easy at all. We can use some small tricks to avoid looking at the smartphone screen. For example, we use a digital clock and when we feel the need to pick up the phone we look at the clock screen. Can we use digital detox techniques even at work? The answer is yes. Obviously everything is based on organization. To avoid being disturbed by continuous emails, we can only choose times at regular intervals to check the email inbox, during the rest of the day we silence the service and continue our operations without interruption. In addition, we try to avoid reading emails, answering calls or not disconnecting from electronic devices once working hours are over.






They are closing our mouths to prevent us from expressing our thoughts, we are convinced to express it, but it is not so. We are destroying the schools to make us ignorant, to be able to command us while we remain silent. They are giving us the “social” to make us focus on things less important than the reality of the facts. We are filling the television with “shows” (or whatever we want to call them) to convince us that that is talent, to convince us that true talent does not come from intelligence, but from beauty! They are making us read BITCH passed off as “great books”, while the great books remain closed in the house. They are making us listen to songs that no longer have a story inside them, because “history is the teacher of life” and the less stories we know, the less we can rebel against the system. They are making us believe that money makes a person perfect, when I know people without a euro in their pocket who would be able to give everything to others, without thinking twice. They are filling us with advertisements everywhere to make us all equal, to homologate, in fact we find the same advertisements everywhere, even on the radio, we almost know how to recite them by heart. They are telling us that being different is wrong, because if you are gay or a foreigner, they will be able to approve a thousand measures, but you will always and in any case be laughed at, starting with television “ICONS” that really, at times, make Nazism rise even to me. They are making us give up, they are making us homologate. They are making us alienate. But fuck, there are so many of us that we should check the system. But nobody is pissed off like me ?!
I missed breathing too much. You tried to shut my mouth, but if there is one thing you will never take away from me it is the word! I opened my mouth and started talking, breathing and feeling strong. I started talking shouting and cutting, because if you don’t use sharp words and if you don’t scream you are ignored. While I was out of breath I used words, I used the most beautiful form of a word, I wrote, in fact, I spoke in another form. The word lives in me and I will always use it, even with those who are unable to listen to it, even with those who do not want to listen to it, even with those who do not deserve to listen to it: the word is the only WEAPON I have!
The angels have fallen. They have lost their wings and can no longer fly, perhaps they just don’t know how to fly. We were those angels. Something has gone out and I can’t save you, get you, no matter how damn it is! I try with every strength I have left in my body. I try with the hope of a dead angel, smashed to earth, shattered into a thousand pieces. I try with the strength of something that shouldn’t have even set foot on earth, not because it is better than others, but because it doesn’t know how to be like others. I try with the sadness of a suffocated, time-worn, non-existent and taciturn soul. I try with these eyes that seem to be the only thing that still lives in me. I try with all the energy I have left in my body. Because I mean wars cause too many deaths and I haven’t heard any famous musicians protest wars anymore. No calviator, no influencer says anything against wars. All mute, buried under their money as people die. Why doesn’t Angelina Jolie go now to give her help? Why does Leonardo di Caprio stay comfortable in his home? There are no more loud voices, courageous voices, there is nothing but pain. And we should all be angry but instead we are talking about fashion, books, actors and actresses.

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